Wednesday, April 4, 2012

RIP at the Zoo

PaddyCake died at the zoo today.  I was using her frequently to snap pictures of us, as I finally put on my good mothering pants and decided to take the kiddos out to do something fun today.  And PaddyCake, that perfect, beautiful iPad, she slipped from my diaper bag and fell to the pavement.  When I rushed to her and picked her up, she was cracked.  In 4 different places.

Photo - My name is Cade and my eyes are closed.  Even though Mom told me repeatedly to smile big and keep my eyes open.  Woops!

Cade wanted to be in the picture too.  :)

Poor creature.  Poor, poor baby.  Poor, poor iPad.

She still worked, but she was banged up bad.  Fortunately Brandon bought the protection plan when he procured PaddyCake, so we went to the store tonight and got a new one.  I was seriously like MOURNING her, though.  As I was carrying my new baby out of the store, I seriously kept looking wistfully behind me at PaddyCake lying discarded on the counter.  We had some good times together, and I am going to miss her!

Photo - We had to stop and have a snack before seeing the giraffes, because eating is VERY important, and Miss Mila let us know she wouldn't roll another foot until she got some food in her belly!

Fortunately, I was able to restore all of my old pictures and apps and stuff to my new iPad, so it's as if I never lost her.  My new iPad's name is Hilary Faye, by the way.  As in, "Hilary Faye, I can see your (i)Pad."  If you don't know the reference, I might not be able to like you anymore, so either google it or watch the movie "Saved," and then we can be all cool again.  :)

Photo - Eyes closed and creepy alligator has his mouth wide open - he just sat there like that for like an hour.  Weeiiiirrrrdddd.

Anyway, I think Hilary Faye and I are going to be okay.  As long as she doesn't try to commit suicide and nosedive out of my diaper bag.  I don't think I could take the death of two iPads.  So devastating!

Photo - Waitin to ride the train.  Cade was very excited for this adventure!

Anyway, we had fun at the zoo.  Whit and I took the kiddos.  It was Mila's first time at the zoo, and let me tell you, she wasn't impressed!  She loved sitting in the stroller out in the sun eating her rice puffs, but was quite indifferent about the animals.  Cade had fun, even though quite a few exhibits were closed because they're doing renovations.  It was nice though - the weather was a perfect 73 degrees.  Afterward we got lunch at McDonald's and then played at the park.

Photo - Hello from the stroller!

 Anyway, interspersed on this post are the last pictures PaddyCake took before she met her untimely demise.  Cade appears to have been closing his eyes in half of them; so typical!  Oh well though.  :)

Photo - Mila measures pretty small next to a gorilla, even a baby one!

Hope everyone is having a good day.  I will admit that today hasn't been the greatest - I really did have a great time at the zoo, but after PaddyCake commited suicide, I had a dietary sesh that was less than stellar, so that kind of bummed me out too.  (More on that tomorrow.)  But now I am sitting on the sofa, curled up under a heating blanket with Hairy purring beside me, so I figure, how can life be so terrible?  Right?

Until tomorrow!  I need to go get myself properly acquainted with Hilary Faye.  Bye baby kittens.


Adam and Cassie said...

I haven't laughed that hard in forever....Hilary Faye That is awesome.

Cammy said...

Mila is so beautiful; I know it but I'm still struck by it again every time you post new pics. That second to last one of her is especially stunning. And LOVE the last one with her compared to the baby gorilla! I was at a zoo once that had a size chart like that for different species of bears, and a friend that was with me was actually as big as a couple of them.

And woot for zoo visits! Take me, take me! ;)

Liz said...

I'm so sorry about your iPad, what a smart hubby to get a protection plan though. Hillary Faye is great name for your new iPad. I absolutely love Saved! It's one of the best movies. "I crashed my van into Jesus…" haha.
Glad to hear the zoo was fun.

brie said...

Yes! "saved" is one of my all time favorites!! I love when she smacks her with the Bible then screams, "I AM FULL OF GOD'S LOVE!" oh ,an, now I gotta watch the movie again!

brie said...

Yes! "saved" is one of my all time favorites!! I love when she smacks her with the Bible then screams, "I AM FULL OF GOD'S LOVE!" oh ,an, now I gotta watch the movie again!

alriggells said...

Poor IPAD. I am glad Hilary Faye has entered into your life. I love the zoo. I am glad you got to enjoy it with your kiddos