Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Can't Believe I'm Showing You This

My passport picture.
We need to talk about this.
It is bad.

It was taken several years literally SEVEN years ago, and I remember I left inpatient treatment for the day on a special pass to get the pic taken and the forms filled out for my passport, as I was leaving for Brazil in a couple of months, and it needed to get done ASAP.

Did I mention that in this photo, I weigh more than I EVER have, aside from when I was pregnant?  That El Treatment Centerio decided to get me to the mid to high end of my range, and that's okay, but it's just higher than I've ever been, and mega scary?  And did I also mention that I wasn't sure what was kosher when you took a passport picture, and I didn't think it was okay to smile, that somehow looking like a serial killer was better?  And did I mention that I was probably just having an off, really un-photogenic day?


You mean you still think I look like a terrorist, that's going to get on the plane and bomb everybody?
Seriously, if I ever look like this again, with that evil look and those pursed lips, it literally does mean I'm about to kill you, or somebody.  Holy hell, I'm not even sure I can replicate that Look of Death, nor do I want to!

I'm not a terrorist.  I'm not a gangster, pulling some scary initiation rite to get into the gang.  I'm just an un-photogenic gal, trying to get to Mexico.  Do you think they'll even let me on the plane?!

...And yes.  Apparently my 1000th post is going to be about my ugly passport picture.  Dang!  I've been planning on doing something cool for my 1000th, and I post an ugly picture of me instead?  AAaahhhhh I suck!  Well, happy 1000 everybody!  Here's to 1000 more.  :)


Liz said...

Yay for your 1000th post.
Don't feel bad about your photo, I don't think anyone like's their passport photo. Mine is mega bad.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Don't worry - mine's no better. I also look like evil in my passport photo. The only good thing is, it expires this year, so I can finally get a new picture. But there's no smiling allowed, so I don't have a lot of hope that it will be any better.

Congrats on getting to 1000! :)

Kendra said...

They told me I COULDN'T smile in my passport photo... and I was freaking out that I too, would look like a terrorist... Maybe that is what they want :)

Happy 1000!

Fight 4 Ur Lyfe said...

For some reason, this cute, innocent photo reminds me of your senior year picture. Tender.

Hope you are doing well!

P.S. I am excited that you are getting to go somewhere fun to use your passport! :)

brie said...

Whaaaaat?? You honestly CAN'T smile? I didn't know that! Well no reason I look like a murderer!

CH said...

At least if it's 7 years old, it might be up for renewal in a few years! haha
But honestly, don't worry about it - you're still beautiful! :)

Laura said...

Happy 1,000, Brie!

Kendra said...

I asked them why I couldn't smile and the guy taking the picture just stared at me like I was speaking alien. It's a plot to make everyone in government issued photos to look awful... although I don't think you look bad at all! :)

t. said...

i have two passports and your photo is 1100 times better than either of my photos. in one, i actually look like a man.

po said...

Haha to me you just look cute and young. You should see mine, my eyes always look closed in photos so I opened my eyes really wide, and it looks like I am witnessing a Zombie apocalypse, or am part of a Zombie apocalypse, not sure which.