Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Power of Peanut Butter Oreos

Happy weekend, special baby lovers.  Would it be fair to tell you all that you are all giant sacks of precious poop, and I mean that in the most sincere and glorious way?  ;)

Photos - me and Cade, mugging for the camera.

Yesterday I threw out my back again.  Remember back in February, when I injured it really bad, by doing almost nothing (putting Mila on the couch)?  Well, since then, it's been touch and go - it hurts a lot, and I have to be careful, but it was more or less healing okay.  And I don't know what I did to it yesterday, but I did something, and it is mega killing me.  I can't bend over or really walk well or anything like that, and I am mostly confined to lying on the couch.  I think I need a doctor's help, or physical therapy or something, but we don't have any insurance until May 1st, so it'll definitely have to wait until then, just for monetary reasons.  I'm trying to be really careful, because if I seriously injure it like I did in February, then we'd have to pay a lot of money with no insurance and that would majorly sucko.  So I am taking it easy, but it sucks, because I can't do anything.  The weather was insanely gloriously fabulously amazing today - it was 82 degrees in April IN UTAH - that's UNHEARD OF - and we were going to go on a hike, but I couldn't cuz my back hurt too much, and I was scared of injuring it further.  So I settled for lying a blanket out on the grass and basking my vitamin D deficient skin in the sun while I dozed behind my Ray Bans.  Sure, it comes in at a close second to a hike, but it was still really nice.

Does anyone have any simple exercises for strengthening a lower back, or any ideas of things I can do to help my back feel better, until I can get in to see a doctor?  Just thought I'd throw that out there and ask.  :)

And then I took a marathon nap with le kitties, and it was glorious - 3 full hours - I'm so lazy.  But it was nice!  Brandon was awesome to watch the kids for me so that I could catch up on the Zzzz's I've been missing out on since my back hurts so much.  I'm pretty lucky to have him.

And then something else amazing happened today...I found peanut butter Oreos!!!!!  (Yes, that warrants FIVE exclamation points!!!!!)  I found them a couple months ago, and on a whim, decided to try them.  And I LOVED them.  Loved is even too weak a word to describe the feelings I had for these delectable treats.  Maybe I should go so far as to say I LUSTED for them.  LUSTED.  So, after we finished off the package, (it happened quite quickly!) I went back to the same Walmart I found them at, to buy more, and...and...THEY WERE GONE.  And I've looked ever since, wherever I am, and I can never find them.  :(  But then tonight, we were doing some grocery shopping, and I saw them at the store, and seriously started shrieking out right in the middle of aisle 7, and bought 3 packages.  I'd have bought, like, 13, but I was afraid Brandon would make fun of me, but my old anorexic hoarding instincts kicked in, and I feel like I need to buy a ton before they disappear on me again!!  ;)  But hopefully they'll stay stocked on the shelves...oh my, good friends, just know that if you ever see peanut butter Oreos, you are to buy two packages - one for yourself, to try, and the other for me.  You may mail it to me.  Or hand deliver them.  Or we can meet halfway and share them.  :) 

 And...I know it sounds silly, but I just have to take a sec to acknowledge how cool it is that Oreos can even get me excited; that I let them get me excited.  The old, anorexic Brie would NEVER blog about Oreos, or about their amazingness, because I quite simply would have been too afraid of them.  I'd have been afraid of buying 3 packages, because it would have been scary to have them at my house - but now - pish!  I don't care - I want them, so I allow myself to eat them.  It's simple, but it's also monumental.  :)

What else?  Oh yeah, remember these TOMS that I wanted?  Oh, I just own them now.  Even though they are teal and don't go with many things, I wear them with everything.  I don't even care.  They are amazing, and Brandon bought them for me to cheer me up, and cheer me up they did!  I mean, how can I go wrong with peanut butter Oreos and teal TOMS?  Life is GOOD.  :)

Tomorrow the weather is going to be just as fantastic, and I don't think I'm going to go to church, because sitting for 3 long hours in a wooden pew with a bad back will be nearly impossible.  So I think I'll get comfy with a blanket and my newest Stephen King book and wear my new TOMS, all while noshing on peanut butter Oreos.  So simple, but that sounds like a pretty fabulous life to me.  :)  I hope you all have days that are filled with things you love, too!

Bye friends.


whitney said...

Heat would be good for your back. As for exercises until you know what is wrong I would take it easy. Reading and eating some yummy oreos, just what the doctor would order right now! Love the new toms!

Shannyn said...

For your back, Pain Free by Egoscue ( has done wonders for some of my friends and is super simple.

Now I want an Oreo. :)

Michelle said...

Hey Hon! Love the new Toms! I actually didn't know what they were until you said you were purchasing them. Super cute. I have ones in red now...thanks to you :)
You need a day of rest for your back, so it's a good idea to take the day off and relax.
Sending you a huge hug from up North!


Michelle said...

Hey Hon! Love the new Toms! I actually didn't know what they were until you said you were purchasing them. Super cute. I have ones in red now...thanks to you :)
You need a day of rest for your back, so it's a good idea to take the day off and relax.
Sending you a huge hug from up North!


Katie said...

Love those Toms and I'm going to have to try those Oreos!

po said...

Nooooooooo I am devastated right now. My boyfriend just got back from a work trip to the US yesterday. If I had known that such a thing as peanut butter Oreos existed I would have begged him to hunt them down. He did bring me Reese's Pieces though, which are amazing. You guys definitely have the peanut butter candy thing right!

As to the back I think until it is checked out you should not do anything at all, there are so many things that could be wrong with it, including fractures, which is highly unlikely but still, caution is needed.

Liz said...

What!! Why am I just learning about peanut butter Oreos!?
Yoga and Pilates can really help back problems.

brie said...

michelle, so glad i could convert you to TOMdom! :)

and yes, you can all thank me now for introducing you to PB Oreos. I'm going to go have one now!

C-Girl said...

How amazing it is that we get so excited about actually getting excited about peanut butter oreos…. so many people could not appreciate that, but girlfran I DO! Thank you so much for reminding me of the simple joys of recovery that can often be forgotten the the midst of life. Aisle 7 or Wal-mart sounds like a wonderful place :) I am so glad you found them… for me, it's Hershey's Drops! HELLOOOOOO, if you have not tried these please add these to your post-recovery diet, I scream when I find them :) All the best, Chloe`

brie said...

Chloe, your comment made me laugh. I will most definitely be trying Hershey's Drops!

Meagan Kemp said...

Hey Bri. I know you don't know me, I'm Amy Kemp's sister in law (I'm married to Jordan's brother, Janson.) Anywho...
My hubbs is a chiropractor who is pretty awesome at fixing backs. Sadly we're in Texas so he isn't much help. But as far as strengthening your lower back he said core strengthening. Make sure you proceed with caution until the pain subsides, but as far as strengthening it in the future, focus on your core. Good luck!

Tessa said...

Brie, thanks for your comment on my blog!! It was fun to hear from you. I have blog-stalked you a bit over the years (I guess we CARE techs really care about how you are doing!!). I love your sense of humor and it seems like life has gotten better and better for you and that makes me happy:) :) Hope your back feels better soon.