Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hello, goosies.  This post, I'm warning you in advance, is probably going to be all over the place, just because I have no cohesive topic, so I've picked a few randoms to talk about today.

Number one, because this is SOOOOOOOO important!  What the H-bomb is a "fart bag?"  Am I too old to know that this is what the kids are saying these days?  I took the kiddos to the park yesterday, and Cade found a pack of boys to run rampant with.  He was clearly the oldest in the group; the other boys looked like they were three, maaaaybe four.  And one of the little jerklets started calling Cade a fart bag!  And then everyone started laughing (including Cade, clearly he recovers) and then they ALL started yelling FART BAG!  FART BAG!  Like it was the funniest thing in the world.  I, however; am not amused, because I don't want my five year old saying something as disgusting and ominous, and, well, I'm still not sure what it means, and that makes it extra weird and not okay for me!  I don't have a super squeaky clean mouth, and I do curse from time to time, but I never ever curse in front of my kids, unless it just slips out on accident, and as a general rule, I swear a lot less than I used to, say, a year or two ago, and I'm still a work in progress on that one, and hope to clean up my language even more.  And while fart bag doesn't exactly offend me, it does stress me out that a three year old was yelling it.  I just hope it doesn't stick in Cade's little brain, and heaven help me, if he repeats it to our bishop or something, I'll die, and then promptly tell him that his usage of the term FART BAG was not due to poor parenting skills, but a wayward child throwing out something he probably heard his dad yell at the TV when he was watching basketball.  Fart bag didn't come from me, I swearsies!  I'm not "cool" enough or "hip" enough or whatever to come up with new slang.  Just had to declare that for the record.  :)

Photo - this "Fart Bag" clearly needs to tweeze her eyebrows.

Went out to the lot again today, and they were pouring cement.  Beautiful, glorious, amazing cement!  I also met my soon to be next door neighbor, and she was really nice.  She has 3 kids, and one of them is around Cade's age, so I'm excited he'll have a little friend right next door.  The neighborhood I live in now isn't fun for kids, because it is predominantly inhabitated by old geezers and geezettes.  (Only kidding, I love them all dearly!)  Not even kidding, the average age around here is like 75.  I'm a spring chicken around these parts, and poor C doesn't have any friends.  So this is going to be so great for him; us moving to a really family-friendly neighborhood and city is going to do wonders for him, I think.

Another question regarding Cade:
So, I know I blogged awhile ago, telling you all that I was having C repeat Kindergarten.  And we're still really confident that is the right decision.  So, in the meantime, should I pull Cade out of school?  He only has about 6 weeks left, but I'm wondering what he's going to think about going through a Kindergarten "graduation," and then in the fall, starting Kindergarten over.  We've already told him that he's so lucky he gets to start over at his new school and go to Kindergarten, and we're not really telling him that repeating Kindergarten is weird or not the norm; I want him to just assume that's the way things are supposed to happen with moving to the new house.  So I'm worried that when he finishes Kindergarten here, he'll wonder why he has to do it again, and I'm not sure how to tackle that.  And, honestly, he hates going to school, so I'm wondering if I pull him out, maybe it would be easier for both of us?  I mean I don't know?  I think I'm going to talk to his teacher about it tomorrow.  I feel loads better, just knowing he is repeating Kindergarten, but I still am unsure on how to handle the whole thing delicately, so that it doesn't upset or embarrass him.  I would be horrified if my mini-man thought that something was wrong with him - it would make me so sad.

Anyway, I'm also relieved, because I think I am pulling out of that yucky depression I was in.  I am in general feeling much more optimistic and happy and just content, so I'm really grateful for that.  I have a lot of fun things to look forward to in the near future though, and I think that is really helping.  In May, I'm going on the Supah Awesome Sister Trip, and then we're also going to Orlando.  In June we have a few trips planned, too.  And then in July it's mine and Mila's birthday, and then in August we move into the new pad.  So if I can just get through boring and bland April, then good things are ahead.  Phew.  I can doooooooo it!  Sometimes you just have to make it day to day, and to each little milestone - that's how I had to handle things during my pregnancy, or else I wouldn't have been able to handle 9 months of misery and fretful anxiety.  So, until my sister trip in a couple weeks, I can be happy and productive, right?  Yes, I think so.  And so does my kitchen, that desperately needs the dishes washed.  But I don't care how excited I am for an upcoming vacay, I will still make Brandon change the litter.  ;)  (Just kidding.)

Toldja this would be everywhere.  Bye friends.


Liz said...

According to Urban dictionary a Fart Bag is
1. Any plastic bag that one farts into and then seals it shut until it is opened in a friends unsuspecting face.

2. someone, usually female, who is exceptionally skeezy and most likely riddled with venarial disease.

3. A lame human-being(mostly male wrestlers) who was once good at wrestling but no longer is.

Keeping Cade is school or pulling him out sounds like a hard decision. I guess since he's starting over in the fall and it's hard for him now maybe it would be best just to pull him out.

That's cool that you have dates and vacations with your sisters. I wish my sisters were that cool.

brie said...

Okay, Liz, your urban dictionary definitions simultaneously made me cackle out loud and then get really grossed out! Thanks for enlightening me, ha.

brie said...

Okay, Liz, your urban dictionary definitions simultaneously made me cackle out loud and then get really grossed out! Thanks for enlightening me, ha.

Heather Lindquist said...

It's so good to have things to look forward too.....things like that keep me going as well. : )

Fart bag sounds disgusting. Maybe you should threaten C with #1 of Liz's definitions above if he ever says it! J/k.

You know C best, but having taught kindergarten myself, I'd recommend keeping him in school until it's over. He may hate school, but it's also a routine that he's used to, and messing with a kid's routine can be nasty business, lol. And I may sound like a terrible mother for asking this, but isn't it kind of nice having him in school for part of the day? My kid's not even 2 yet, and I can hardly wait for kindergarten to start! : ) I also think it's sending him a message that it's ok to quit if you pull him out early. That's just my opinion though, and like I said, you're his mama and know best! And about the graduation.......it's really about having a class party, saying goodbye to classmates, and moving on.....not really about successfully completing a school year, at least for the average 5 year old. I think it could actually be fun. What kid doesn't enjoy a celebration? Anyway, C sounds like an amazing kiddo, and I'm sure he will do just fine with moving and doing Kindy over. : )

CH said...

I fully support Cade doing Kinder over again; I think it will do a world of good for his confidence in the classroom, which can help HUGELY in the coming years... and, the more prepared he is for 1st grade, the better :)
I agree that you're his mom and you definitely know what would be best for him - but since you asked the question, my opinion would be to keep him in school. I think Heather is right about the routine thing, and even if he doesn't love school, he probably enjoys the play time and recess and seeing his Kinder friends. Since you've already told him about doing K again in his new school, he's expecting it, and knows it will happen... but he might think it's kind of strange to get to stop K at his current school early, if you're not moving til August. Just my opinion! I'm sure his teacher will offer a lot of good advice for your situation :)

Just That ZombieGrrl said...

I would definitely pull Cade out of school. If he stays in school whilst they're prepping for graduation, he might get the impression there's something terribly wrong with him because they're all going to first grade and he's not -- and that would be a shame, because he's an awesome kid and deserves to really enjoy kindergarten the second time around. However, to make sure he doesn't lose any skills, I'd do "at home kindergarten" activities with him -- I bet he'll like them better without the actual pressure of school. :)