Saturday, April 7, 2012

New House Adventure Week 6

Well, as far as the progression of building the new house goes, this week has sucked, because there is nothing new to report.  I debated even posting something, but what small amount of OCD that eeks out of my pores insisted I post something for cohesiveness, because skipping week 6 and going to week 7 next week would be messy and abysmal.  I might be a little dramatic, but I'm not sure, so someone might want to check me on that.  :)

So.  We have a house plan.  We have a lot. 
We have nothing else.  No hole being dug.  No cement being poured.  No beautiful house being constructed. 

I can tell you though, that our HOA is really gonna be some giant a-holes to work with.  They are SO strict.  Like, really, we can only plant certain shrubs/trees/flowers/plants they approve, and they rejected the color of our columns.  Our columns!  We wanted them a certain way, and they said no way no hay.  And...I'm mad!  Is this their house or ours?  Are we not paying a gazillion dollars for this home?  Should the decisions not be left up to us?  I mean, I may not have the greatest eye for interior (or exterior) decorating, but I'm not blind, so it's not like I could really make something THAT ugly.  I want to paint my columns the color they rejected just to spite them, but they seem to hold so much power around there, they'd probably lynch me.  Or worse, not let us move in.   So I guess I bite my tongue and bow down to the HOA Gods.  I'm pretty sure my priorities are straght on this one.

So there you have it.  An entire post about my new house that really said basically nothing.  If anyone can think of a way I can stick it to The Man (aka our HOA) please ever do comment.  If I'm goin' down, I'm gonna go down making a ruckus!

I so, so, SO fervently hope that next week I'll have a real update.  Break some ground!  Dig a hole!  Woo hoo!


Telstaar said...

Gah! So very frustrating when other people have such a strong say across what is and isn't allowed in a neighbourhood. I can understand a place for them but seriously, it can so easily get a bit out of control. I hope that you were able to adjust things to a really good alternate that you'll all love just as much - and more than that, I hope that neighbours are actually really friendly xo

Krista said...

I heard of someone once who planted fake flowers and bushes just to piss off their HOA. They were the specified kind, just not real.

Liz said...

ugh! I'm sorry. I was reading up on HOA's and there have sure been some horror stories. one website focused on Top 7 insane HOA rules ( another highlighted 10 things that HOA's won't tell you ( even referred to them as being more secretive than the CIA. So whatever you do be careful, cause HOA's sound like the wrong people to piss off

Åsa said...

Yeah you have to really comply with the HOA or you'¨ll get in trouble, for real. They can fine you or even take legal action. We put up a jungle gym in OUR backyard, in a hood full of KIDS, and we didnt apply first so we got a nasty gram in the mail, had to pay a fee to APPLY, and then yes, they okay:ed it :). Shhhesh. Read all that stuff before you commit because they may have funky rules that you dont agree with but they will win every time. I want to plant some trees in our backyard but again, I have to apply to do it. They will probably approve my tress but it's a pain in the butt for sure!

April said...

We are home searching right now and one of the main requirements we have in the house/neighborhood we'll eventually choose is that it not have an HOA. We live in a condo right now and have dealt with an HOA for the past few years and can't stand it! It's like you pay to own your home, but you have to follow someone else's rules on how to live in it. It's ridiculous. So many new neighborhoods have HOA's now and if we find out there is one, we just walk away! I can't believe they won't let you choose the color of your columns - that would make me SO ANGRY!