Friday, April 27, 2012

Miss 9 Months

Mila is 9 months old today!  She has officially been outta me as long as she was inhabitating my innards.  Soooooo weird, and the time that she has been in this world rather than a tadpole inside me has gone sooooooo much faster - like, light-years faster - and I wish time would slow down.  I can't believe my teeny little newborn has turned into an infant-going-on-hormonal-adolescent.  Time flies too fast.  :/

Mila is the joy of my life.  She is SO happy.  She makes anyone feel good, because no matter who she's with, she's smiling at you; grinning like a mad fool.  And that just makes people laugh.  They look at her and just smile and laugh - she never fails to cheer anyone up, EVER.  Cade was beautiful, so when people saw him, they almost had to stop and do a double-take because of the beauty this little baby had, but he wasn't very social or happy.  It took a lot more to get a smile out of him.  He was much more serious, even then.  Mila is so different from that - they very much each have their own different little personalitites, and I love it.  Mila's like a dime store hooker with those smiles - doesn't take very much for her to "put out," so to speak.  :)

Did I really just compare my child to a hooker?  Yeah, I went there.

Mila still has no teeth, though I'm not surprised, as Cade didn't get his first teeth until about 10 1/2 months or so.  And, she still can't crawl.  Though I shouldn't be surprised again, because Cade didn't crawl until about 10 or so months, either.  She is SOOOOO close to crawling - it's almost there, but she just hasn't quite yet grasped the concept.  She's a mover though - I'll set her on the floor, and then do some cleaning or browsing the web, and I'll look back a few minutes later, and the chica is across the room, and I'll have no idea how she got there!  She pretty much uses a combination of butt scooching and rolling to get her places.  It works!  And I dig it.

Mila loves loves LOVES to eat.  It makes me so happy!  She's not picky really at all, and will eat anything you give her.  I'm still giving her baby food, though she's much preferring table food, or as we call it around these parts, "human food."  She's a pro at gumming it up, (gross) since she has no chompers to chew it.

She's a great sleeper at this point.  She sleeps really soundly, and wakes up about once for a bottle, but we give it to her in her crib, so neither Brandon nor I have to spend more than 2.5 minutes awake - just long enough to warm up the bottle and give it to her, then we can head back to bed.  So we are getting more sleep around these parts, and love that.  She also sleeps in until about 9:00, so I get a little extra time to sleep in the mornings, and I love that too, since "Brie" and "morning" were never good in the same sentence!

So she is growing up.  I'm sure by next month, I'll be talking about her crawling and jetting around the place.  I can't believe how much she changes, almost every day.  I seriously can't even begin to express how much Mila makes me happy, and how perfect and right and content I feel with these two kiddos in the house.  It sounds so lame and cliche, but it's true - my heart seriously just wasn't complete until she came along...and I mean that seriously!  I feel so much more whole; our family just feels right with her here, now.

We just need to decide if we're going to have one more... ;)


Liz said...

Wow, I can't believe she's nine months. She sure is a cutie.

emo said...

She does get rid of the grumpys when you look at her!Love Miss Mila!She is growing so fast.

Cammy said...

She is so beautiful and looks like a sweetheart. So, so glad that you have her in your life, and she's lucky to have a mom that cherishes her like you do.

One of my brothers never really crawled--he went straight from the scootch thing to walking. Whatever her method is, I'm sure she's adorable while she's doing it!