Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy St. Patrick Fools' Day

I have many, shall we say, shortcomings.  Quirks.  Oddities. 
We all do, right?
So do not judge what I am about to admit:
Dear readers, for whatever reason, I cannot, CANNOT, differentiate between
St. Patrick's Day and April Fools' Day.
March 17th and April 1st might as well be the same day to me.
If you don't wear green on April Fools' Day, I'll pinch the crap out of you.
And on March 17th, you better watch your back, cuz I'll prank you.
April 1st seems like such a natural day a leprachaun would like, right?  And why am I supposed to prank you again?  What is the background history on this?
And on the day I'm supposed to wear green (whichever one it is...) why do I have to do this?  Are we celebrating leprachauns or just the Irish in general?  And why are we celebrating the Irish anyway?  What did they ever do for us, besides giving us some potatoes, but who cares right, because now we have Idaho?

Can someone please explain?!

PS - I'm not wearing green today and I am nervous.  I keep protecting the insides of my arms, because that is the most TENDER spot to get pinched!  Brandon is threatening he's going to pinch me...he is preying upon my holiday confusion!!!


jperry said...

You are hilarious. This made my day!! Happy April Patrick's Day! :)

brie said...

Thanks. Right back at ya! Don't forget to wear green!! :)

alriggells said...

I love it. Did you do any pranks on either of these crazy holidays? I can only imagine you are quite the prankster. :)

Liz said...

That's too funny. Maybe since they both involve tricksters, April fool people pull tricks on others and st. Patrick's day has Lepruchans who are known tricksters.

bri said...

I love it! U crack me up! Miss u!