Thursday, April 12, 2012

What Snow in the Spring Does to Me

Okay, so I know I posted earlier today saying that I was too grumpy to post anything, but I've decided that's not the case at all - yes, I'm grumpy, so I'm afraid to post because I don't want it to be this negative whiner post, but but but it's my blog, right?  And I can be as pissy as I want!  And besides, writing almost always makes me feel better, so I might as well take advantage of that positive coping skill, right?  (Thank you DBT!)

So I decided to go to Costco today.  The weather was kind of glum; it was overcast and only like 45 degrees, which is a far (and terrible!) cry from the 79 degrees and sunny skies we had on Monday.  But, the weatherman last night said it wouldn't rain, so I didn't worry about it.  I walk into Costco, and buy only about a jillion things I wasn't planning to, and come out...and it's POURING rain.  Now, Mila and I were both ill-equipped for this storm, and neither of us were dressed for this, and nevermind me actually having an umbrella.  So I start pushing the cart and booking it as fast as I can across the parking lot that is roughly the size of a small country; just getting plastered in the face with rain, not to mention all of my boxes of food were getting soaked.  I got Mila into the car as fast as I could, and then I had to make about 7 trips to the cart and back again to my car to get all my crap in.  And the whole time I'm just MAD.  I hate nothing more than rain, except maybe snow, but I'm not sure.  Anything wet and cold SUCKS.  So I finally get in my car and I am sopping wet.  Like SOPPING wet.  And I am singing church hymns to myself to keep the slew of swear words from spewing out of my mouth.  Being a good person in a rain storm is HARD.

And I start driving home.  And the storm is raging, and I notice that as I get closer and closer to the mountains (we live in the mountains, not in the valley) that the rain is turning to sleet.  And the higher I get, the more and more the sleet turns to snow, until, by the time I pull into our driveway, it is full on snowing.  And I'm wearing flip flops and a light sweater!  And my car says it's now 30 degrees.  And I hate my life.  And I am DREADING having to make another jillion trips from the car to my house to unpack all the (mostly needless) stuff I bought at Costco.  Do dried apples count as needless?  I can't decide!  But now I'm wishing I had only bought the necessities (Diet Coke and diapers) so that I didn't have to keep hauling my big butt to and from the car over and over again, in the snow, sliding in my flip flops, all so Cade can have his Gogurt and airplane jammies and Daddy can have his Oreos.   I am SUCH an angel for doing this, seriously, I decide.  Like I should win some sort of Nobel prize for going out in the snow to Costco on a day like this.  Seriously!

And this may surprise you, after this sordid tale, but, dear friends, I DID make it.  I somehow survived.  Until I had to leave 5 minutes later in the raging blizzard to pick up Cade from school.  But I'll spare you that frightful story, and just skip to the end, where I tell you that we finally made it home safe and sound (if really wet) and I guess that's all that really matters.

Remind me to kill whoever decided that having a snowstorm like this in mid-April is an okay thing.  I mean it.  I will verbally thrash and then kill whoever decided this was okay.  I'm already having a mean case of the grumpies, and this crappy weather is not helping my mood!  And neither is the fact that Mila is crying in her crib because she won't go down for her afternoon nap!  And neither is the Hot Pocket in my tummy that made for (part of) a sub-par lunch!  And neither is the hole in my sock on my right foot on my mother toe!  Rah!

But...remind me to LOVE whoever invented these dried fuji apples with cinnamon, because they are NOT needless.  They are heavenly.  Like me, for being such a saint to buy food for my family on a day like this. 

What's up on the agenda?  Curling up under the heating blanket with a book while Mila naps, and drying off, and refusing to go outside until the snow has melted and it is sunny.  Being a food angel is hard work, and I need a break.  :)

And and...I have no idea how me blogging about a crappy day morphed into me being a saint, but I'll take it.  Just because my life sucks and I need something to cheer me up!


The Millers said...

I'm not going to lie...this dang april snow storm is depressing me! I need the sunshine and warm weather, dangit! Love your cute blog. xo

CH said...

Does it make you feel better that the chicken I was planning to roast for dinner wasn't completely thawed and I was so annoyed I almost threw it away? ... luckily my rational side realized we could just have a bit of a later dinner and it wouldn't be the end of the world

I hope your day tomorrow is better! And that it stops snowing!

... on the bright side, your children are beautiful! :)

IJustDontKnow said...

Don't hate me because I'm jealous of the snow! I'm in Iowa and we totally got cheated out of winter! But I applaud your "mom-erly" duty to go to Costco and pick up Cade. ;) Thanks for the pic even if it wasn't legit.

I DO love the dried apple snacks! And the pineapple ones, too.

And church hymns? You ARE a saint compared to me. I would totally have let the 4-letter words fly.... but I'm .... not-so-great-a-parent. ;)

IJustDontKnow said...

I often wonder what it must be like for your lungs. I'm in no great shape but I have no lung problems. On the rare occasion I have congestion I think, "This is probably a mild version of what Brie feels like everyday!"

Anonymous said...

I don't know what part of Utah you're in, but I am positively going to CRY if I get out there in a week and a half for treatment and it is snowing.
Mad props on not using any four-letter words; I certainly couldn't have done it!

(I've been reading for a while, but am just now de-lurking. I love your blog!)

Penny said...

Nomatter what you are thinking or going through you have a lovely and great caacity to make e laugh. Thanks for the way you write. I needed your humor today too. Loves

Sarah @ Bearing, Eating, Being said...

I also pretty routinely think I should be considered a saint for feeding my family. I go to the store on a weekly (sometimes bi or triweekly) basis, darn it, and then I actually MAKE something with the food! My husband would (er, happily) be eating a bowl of cereal every night if I didn't sacrifice myself so much. Saint indeed! So live up your halo, girl!