Sunday, April 1, 2012

New House Adventure Week 5

This week we met with the VP of Construction to go over our floor plans and upgrades and choices.  They made up blueprints of our home with everything we've chosen for it, and we basically check, double check, then triple check everything to make sure it's all in there, because once we signed off on the floor plan, making changes is extremely difficult and costly.

So, nothing too new to report - we didn't add or change anything, just basically confirmed what we chose.  However, I'm kinda bummed, because they gave us a date for when they would start framing our house, and he said they probably wouldn't start framing until the second or third week of May. MAY.  As in, more than a month from now.  :(  They're going to break ground in about 2 weeks, after they get all the permits, so they'll dig a big ol' hole and pour cement, but the framing won't happen for so long because I guess their framing crews are way backed up right now and are kind of scrambling to get it all done.  The VP said that they've sold more homes this month of March than they've ever before sold in a month, EVER.  So of course we happen to buy a home from this particular builder when they're busier than they've ever been, which basically means that we're getting shafted on the whole framing thing, because they're so busy and there are so many homes ahead of us that need to get framed too. 

And I don't mean to rag on our builder, because we love them, and we'd recommend them to another person for sure, but I'm just disappointed.  I want to MOVE, dangit, and NOW!  So, instead of our home being built at the end of July like we originally thought, he said that we'd be there by the end of August.  BUT, he did say that there was a fairly decent chance we'd be in there before then, he didn't say more and wouldn't commit to anything, he was just really elusive and wouldn't definitively say anything, just to cover his butt.  So I am kind of hoping maybe we'll be in there in early August, but who knows?

And I know that in the grand scheme of things, waiting one more month isn't a big was just disappointing to hear that.  But to look on the bright side, it gives us one more month to save up for furniture, because we have to furnish an entire house, and that is going to be EXPENSIVE.  So I guess maybe it's a blessing in disguise...tryin to look on the bright side here...

We also bought a dining room table this week like I already mentioned, but I'm not going to post pics until next week, because it currently has a bunch of crap on it (my diaper bag and like 5 cans of Diet Coke) and I'm too lazy to clean it off to take a proper pic.  But it is beautiful and will look awesome in our new house!

We also heard what our new address will be, and at first they gave us the wrong number, and told us our house number was going to be 8642.  How feeeereaking awesome is that?  Not only are they all even numbers, but they go down in increments of two!  It's beautiful and concise and perfect!  But then of course they messed up, and now our REAL house number is full of odd numbers and atrocities.  Sigh.  I guess I'll deal!  ;)

So...who has an anecdote to help me get through this waiting game?  Who has any ideas of who I can grease and how I can do it to get our house framed sooner?  Should I whip out a bare, long leg and flaunt?  Learn to pole dance?  Do a pelvic thrust or two?  Hellllppppp!!!


Whit said...

I'm secretly excited that it is going to take a little longer to get your house framed. For selfish reasons, I want you to stay closer to me!

brie said...

Whit, no matter where I live, you'll always be a permanent presence there! I wouldn't have it any other way. ;)

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