Sunday, April 29, 2012

New House Adventure Week 9

So much happened this week!  I left you with this:

And then we got to this:  (Pouring the cement)

And then here:

And now this!

The cement has been poured!  We went out to the lot yesterday and snapped some pics of our "first time" being in the basement.

Cade was a little scared to jump through the window, but there were no doors, so we had no choice - he ended up being a brave boy though, and got through just fine.  :)

I snapped a picture of this house because this is darn close to what our house is going to look like.  This is the same home we're buying, only ours will look different, in that we have a third car garage added on.  But the colors - the blue and the cream trim and the rocks...all what our house will look like!  I like it.  :)


Liz said...

It's coming along!

hardlycreative said...

oh friend!, protect yourself and blur out your license plate!!!

brie said...

Don't worry... That's not my car. :)

CH said...

it's going to be beautiful! :)

firefly said...

Yeah Brie: It's coming along!!!

emo said...

I love how it is going to look! It will be a beautiful home. So happy for you guys. :)

bri said...

So exciting! It sure is coming along!!! How gorgeous it will be love the colors etc.