Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vacation Changes & Dessert Win

Hiya friends,

Vacation drama fo yo mama.  Brandon and I have decided against going to Orlando, because it is sooooooooooooo expensive.  And, the price would totally be worth it, but Cade isn't even tall enough to ride some of the rides he's most excited for - like the Harry Potter ride - so that's a total letdown.  And, we're thinking if we take him in a couple years, at least he'll be able to remember it all, too.  So instead, we're going to rent out a hotel room and take him to Lagoon, and honestly, I think he'll have just as much fun.  Brandon and I have decided to instead go to Playa Del Carmen, with no kids.  It's more than half off of what the cost would be to go to Orlando, and we get to go to a beautiful sunny beach in Mexico for an entire week.

Photo - Mommy and Mila, watching Cade's antics.

Do I feel slightly guilty we're taking this awesome trip without the kids?  Yeah, kind of.  I mostly just feel bad for Cade, that he doesn't get this cool Harry Potter trip anymore, but it just doesn't seem entirely realistic and feasible right now, and we'll take him in a couple years when he's older; I think he'll enjoy the experience more and be able to have some cool memories from it all, and seriously, what's the point of taking him if he can't go on the cool rides?

So I'm excited, but I'm also a little bummed, too.  Not for me - Playa Del Carmen will be amazing - but for Cade.  Sorry, buddy.  Does this make me a bad parent?  :(

I had a food win last night--
I was semi-napping during dinner; I was sooooo tired, so I told Brandon I'd eat when I woke up, I just needed a half hour to snooze.  Once I woke up, though, it was time to head to my bro-in-law's house for his birthday, and to eat some treats.  So I got there, and there were TONS of desserts.  Normally, I'd pry pick one thing, and be content with that, but because I hadn't eaten dinner, I was FAMISHED.  So I had like three different desserts. 
I honestly think the last time I did something like that, was probably in junior high school.  But I knew I hadn't eaten dinner, and my bod was begging for food.  So I ate it all, and I was okay with it.

But then I got home later that evening, and I started to overthink and get confused.  I wasn't necessarily hungry, cuz I'd consumed quite a lot of calories, but I know I hadn't eaten anything really healthy or nutritionally sound, so I decided I still needed to eat dinner - and I did!  So, a whole day of eating great, plus 3 desserts?  Pretty awesome, just because that is probably something that a normal, healthy, non-eating disordered person might do, on rare occasions that stuff like this comes up.  The fact that I handled it all and chose to eat the desserts; I think is really really cool. 

And of course I was scared that I would have suddenly gained a trillion pounds from all that, but nope.  My D assured me that my weight has stayed exactly the same, which just goes to show that your body and metabolism can certainly roll with the punches and deal with weird things that happen, like no dinner and an excess of desserts - of course, on occasion - not saying I'm going to make this a norm, here.  But cool to give my bod some more trust points, to see that stuff like this can happen on rare occasions and everything stays the same.

Anyway, just a little victory I wanted to share, because it helps me continue on the path to "normalcy," whatever the crap that is.  But whatever it is...I think I'm beginning to like it.  :)


CH said...

I think Cade will still love Lagoon (totally cheated and looked it up online, because I'd never heard of it... but it looks fun!)and it would probably be really frustrating for him to get to Orlando, see all the fun HP rides, and not be able to go on any of them - taking him in a few years when he can truly enjoy it and take it all in sounds like it would be a better experience for everyone :)

You're not a bad parent! Go forth and enjoy a well deserved vacation in Mexico with your husband :)

Cammy said...

My mom took me to Disney (actually Euro Disney since we were living in Europe) when I was 7, and it was a little disappointing for the reasons you cited: I was too short for the cool rides, and now that I'm grown up I have just a few vague memories of it. So I'd say you made a good call with saving your money to do it in a couplefew years. And I know parenting is a 24/7 job, so you shouldn't feel guilty at all about taking some time in the sun with your man, I think that's awesome. :)

Also, MAJOR congrats for the eating win! It reinforced the discussion a few posts ago about the evolution shown throughout this blog. An achievement like that is such an awesome mark of progress and I'm so glad you've gotten yourself to the point at which you can "have your cake and eat it too", because you deserve a life where you can roll with the punches and enjoy a birthday party without the ED getting in the way. You rock, Brie.

Maeve said...

You never fail to inspire me with your recovery process. Three desserts sounds so delicious and I'm so happy for you!!!

Liz said...

Yay for little victories!
I wouldn't feel bad about the change in vaca. You're just being practical.

brie said...

thanks, guys. :)

Katie said...

A week in Playa de Carmen?? Amazing!!

Laura said...

YAYAYAYA!!! THAT IS SOOOOOO NORMAL!!! It is sooooo NORMAL to want and to eat a dinner after those desserts. And our bodies can TOTALLY handle doing that too, which is very cool :) Go you!

magenta miles said...

To to xel ha!!! It's my favorite place to go in playa de Carmen!!

magenta miles said...

Go to xel ha! It's the most fun thing to do in playa del Carmen!!
It's good to take time with the hubby. Having a great relationship and loving your hubby is the best thing you can do for your kids!

magenta miles said...

To to xel ha!!! It's my favorite place to go in playa de Carmen!!

bri said...

Love this! U are amazing and I think its great for u to acknowledging how far uve come! Be proud of yourself....I know I am:)!!!!!