Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One of Those Days

So admittedly today has been a little rough with the kids.  I love them, but I want to kind of scream and dig a hole and hide in it just to get away from my children right this very second.  Cade has been extra whiny today and did naughty things like not take his bowl of cereal to the sink when he was through, and he also refused to eat his lunch and left it to go to waste at the table.  He threw a fit at the mall when I didn't want to buy him shark jammies, because they were ridiculously overpriced.  (I bought them anyway, by the way...though to be fair, he DID need them.  I just didn't think he needed $17 jammies.)

Mila is screechy and whiny too.  She hasn't really napped today either, which isn't helping either of us.  You moms out there, don't days like this just make you want to scream?  Where everything is just off, and nothing is going as planned?

So I was trying to get out all my frustration in a way that wasn't harmful to myself or to my children, because despite what I've articulated in this post, I really do love them, and I kind of want to keep them around.  Usually.  So to vent my frustrations in a kid-friendly way,  I started singing this song to Mila, that I made up off the top of my head:

You are driving me bonkers! bananas! loco! crazy!
to the psych ward your gonna send me!
Stop your screeching, stop your crying,
or mama's brain is gonna keep frying!

And she stopped.  She listened to me sing, and stopped that crying.
And then she grinned.
And then she smiled.
And then, that little brat, she started CACKLING.

Whatever works, right?  So glad my daughter can find some glee in this terrible, terrible moment.  I'm off to go dig a hole now.  You may find me there.


Heather Lindquist said...


Well, I've had one of those weeks with the little guy. I constantly envision myself hurdling off our balcony and being run over by a car down below. He's been refusing naps, so he ends up cranky and I end up with a migraine. It's rough. Can you guys go to the library? Or an indoor play place if the weather is too crappy? Good luck! : )

Laur said...
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brie said...

oh man. crying about kendall. maybe that's what this crappy day is about, after all. :(

Lindsay said...

Oh man... I just read this post http://www.motleymama.com/2012/04/03/top-ten-ways-to-distract-your-baby-from-being-a-holy-terror/ after your post. :) So funny.

Liz said...

I'm sorry it was a rough day with the kids. Hope tomorrow is better. Mila sure does look cute in those pics.

Alie said...

I'm sorry it's been a tough couple days. I hope the sun is shining today and you guys can play outside!

Ash said...

Nap times are so sacred!! It is a bad day when kids forgo their naps!

bri said...

Oh darling Brie I've had so many days like this and I only have one kid I don't know how u do it!!!! Love u.

Åsa said...

Can I come with you into the hole please? :) Rough day here too!!! Gaaaah, kids!! Can't live with them can't live without them!!

Annalisa said...

totally...sometimes we all huddle on my bed and watch a movie, crumbs in the bed and all...whateve! i sleep, they watch, after 2 hrs, we're all happy!!