Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Well Hello, Beautiful

I've been MIA for the past few days because something extraordinary has happened in my life.  I have been transformed.  I have been transfixed.  I have been smitten.  I have been awed.

I have an iPad.

Brandon surprised me with it on Saturday.  I got out of the shower, walked into my bedroom to get dressed, and there she was, waiting for me on my pillow.  I did a naked happy dance that involved an irish jig and the running man and a kick or two.  Her name is PaddyCake and we are in love.  We do everything together.  We're a team.  I love her.  I'd devour her if I could.

So if I'm not around over the next few days, it's because I'm getting to know PaddyCake in every way possible.  I must explore this new iWorld that has just opened up to me!  She is so perfect, and her look is complete with an orange smart cover.  Could Brandon have done a better job picking out what I wanted - a white iPad with an orange cover?  That is SO ME.

PS - if you have any favorite apps, please share, as I am new to the Apple App World and would likey me some suggestions.

PPS - yes, that is my BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS PERFECT cat set as my wallpaper.  Everyone makes fun of me when they see it because they think it should be a picture of Mila or Cade or something.  What can I say, I guess I'm just nerdy like that!


I'm A. said...

Since I'm addicted to my iPhone...

Do iPads have a camera? If so...Instagram: YES. Hipstamatic: Yes. And Camera+.

Facebook obviously yes.

Pinterest has an AWESOME, addictive, stay-up-all night scrolling through pins like a crackie app.

Houzz is good too.

Yelp is awesome.

Pandora for music.

Netflix if you have a subscription. Awesome for watching stuff right on your iPad.

Epicurious is cool.

My favorite organization app is Agenda.

Hanging with Friends and Words With Friends because everyone has them and they are pretty fun until you get sick of them. Angry Birds of course.

My most used app...Kindle. I didn't used to read that often. Now that I have the iPhone app I read non stop. It's perfect for reading in the dark when you are feeding your baby or rocking them to sleep. If you don't have Kindle the Apple iBooks app is just as great.

And the app Audible reads your books out to you.

Lastly, Stitcher is rad if you like podcasts. They stream from the app nad you can create your own stations so I constantly have like 50 podcasts to choose from. So perfect for driving in the car.

Erin said...

You're kind of hilarious.

Marissa said...

"PPS - yes, that is my BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS PERFECT cat set as my wallpaper"

Don't you mean your "BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS PURR-FECT" cat?

dietcokefiend said...

he is SUCH a sweetheart!!!

t. said...

that is awesome. i'm getting one for christmas. well, technically, it's already here. my mom sent it early but i had strict instructions to not open till christmas.

brie said...

T, how do you have the willpower??