Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

We had a great Halloween!  We went to my sister's house before trick o' treating and had an awesomely spicy dinner of chili verde.  My mouth was saying NO but my mind was saying yes...my lips and throat were burning from the spice, but it was so good I couldn't stop catapulting it down my throat.  Definitely a great way to start out the night.

Afterward Brandon and I took Cade out trick o' treating with his cousins.  Brandon wore his Batman costume, and I DID NOT wear my Avatar costume, because it was made for a much shorter person than me, (girlfriend is a tall glass of water) and so it rode up my butt and you could literally see my ass cheeks.  Also, I don't have the best body in the world, so it wasn't flattering.  Oh wellsies, maybe I'll dress up next year in something that doesn't make me look like a science fiction stripper.

Here are a few pics documenting the holiday.

 Cade with Daddy and his twin cousins, T and D, dressed as Spongebob.  :)
 Cade in his ninja (aka NOT Harry Potter) costume.  Sigh.

 My niece, Baby Penny, in her adorable peacock costume.
 This pic got out of order, but this is us post-trick o' treating.
 Me and Batman.

Mila, dressed up as Really Cute.  I made the leg-warmers and bought the adorable cat onesie at Baby Gap.

Hope everyone else had a great Halloween too.  I used to feel kind of meh about the holiday, but now that I have kids, I love it.  It's fun to see their excitement, and I love the spooky feel of it all. Autumn is such a beautiful season in Utah, and it was so warm - we barely had to wear our jackets - definitely really uncharacteristic for this time of year.

Oh, and lastly, here is a picture of the fam that was taken at Brandon's work.  We had a fun Halloween party there on Friday night:


Erin said...

Negative body talk = nonsense talk.

Cammy said...

I missed Cade at first in the first photo because he blends in with his dad! I love how solemn B. looks under his mask in the photo with you two, lol.

And Mila is in her Really Cute mode every day. ;)

And you, girlfriend, are beautiful and awesome for a million other reasons besides that as well. I am not sure whether it's okay to say this since I really don't want to imply that body size/shape should even matter, but I would never have guessed you'd recently had a baby from the photos. Sorry your costume didn't work out, but you are impressive no matter what you're wearing.

Erin said...

Oh, but you look totally adorable in all your pics, as does the fam!

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