Thursday, November 24, 2011

The first and last time will EVER see me dance.

Somehow my sister (which one was it, it had to have been Misty...?) convinced the rest of us to dance in the talent show today.  I am many things, but a dancer is not one of them.  So watch and laugh.  (I'm the one in gray, all the rest of those tall, hot, beautiful women are all my sissies (minus Tawny).  Enjoysies!


tawny said...







I so wish I was there :)

that just made my day.

LOVE miss YOU from CO!


Erin said...

Brie you are my brave muffin lover. I adore you! (But you should email me back sometime!) Your family cracks me up!!!!

Misty said...

It won't let me watch it! It says an error has occurred! I am in a panic bc I haven't seen it yet. Crap!

Misty said...

I haven't watched it yet bc it says an error has occurred. I am in a panic!.....and it was SO not me who persuaded! It was Amber.

Penny said...

I can just say that I loved your dance and know that it was not your DAD's dna that got you up there...but not mine either as i have never danced a step in my life. I'll bet it was Jan or Brooke that madae you all dance? Love you all and Cade is a super dancer too!

ania said...

(See comment on Cade's video and apply.)

I'm proud of you chica!