Thursday, November 17, 2011

HipstaPrints From a Sickie

I'm feeling quite under the weather, so  no real post from me today.  Me muchos tired.  Instead here are a few pics I've taken, mostly with the Hipstamatic app.  If you have an Apple Toy and don't have this app downloaded, then you are a fool.  A big, giant FOOL.  I am obsessed with this app and can't stop using it.  Anyway, I used it to take a few pics.  So, enjoysies:

I love my kids, and Cade loves his quesadilla.
 Love me my man and my man-child.
 I am taking copious amounts of HipstaPrints of my cats.  It's like crack, only it doesn't kill brain cells and it's not against the WoW.  Plus, my cats are much less wiggly than my children, and Brandon is just unwilling to be my subject, so the cats luck out by default.  But I still think they're precious.
 Bobbi looks like she's posing for a glamour shot.  It's so dramatic it kind of makes me laugh.


ohgina said...

Hipstamatic basically changed my LIFE, haha. Your family is 100% beautiful. I've been reading (creeping? not commenting?) your blog for a long time and I can't believer what a little MAN Cade is now. Here's to coming out of the commenting closet.

Cheers, Brie. Feel better.


Your cat (bottom pict) really does look like it's posing for a glam. shot. Ever thought about putting it into kitty modeling? J/K... Maybe. :)