Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My New Obsession

I have become OBSESSED with Pinterest.  I've only been on the site for 3 days, and already I have accrued several hours dedicated to dissecting the site. But it is worth it because I have so many new ideas of things to try! I don't normally consider myself a very crafty person, and I'm not much into creating, like, things, but I dunno, this site might make me a believer in all things home-maker-ey and stuff.

So far, I've learned several new ways to braid my hair, a new way (and super easy) to curl my hair, and I've got several ideas on how to make hair bows for Mila, which I'm going to attempt tonight.  This might really come in handy, as in the last month or so, I've spent about $60 on headbands for my chica - I can save a ton of $$ if I make bows, as opposed to buying them when they've been ridiculously priced to make a whopping profit.

Anyone else love Pinterest?  What have been some fun things you've learned/pinned?  Share with me!  Here are a few of the fun things I've found, so far:

Attempting to make these fabric rosettes for headbands for Mila - heading to Michael's tonight to buy supplies.
I learned how to curl my hair in really wavy, relaxed curls.  This tutorial changed my life!
My hair is in a waterfall braid, even as I post this - it looks so cool, and it was so easy!

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Cammy said...

What exactly is Pinterest? It sounds like something I should definitely stay away from until I finish my thesis, lol...curious though.

Amanda said...

Let me know if the flowers don't work well for you. I am teaching a class on how to make the rolled ones and several others in two weeks that you are welcome to attend. It would be fun to see you!

brie said...

cammy, pinterest is an site for people to share ideas. so, basically, you can search for how to do anything: recipes, hair, makeup, crafts, and a ton more. you "pin" ideas you like onto a virtual pinboard. there are tutorials on how to do everything, so you have all the help you need. you can have "friends" on the site to see what they are pinning on their pinboard too. it's so fun! if you want an invite to the site, let me know. :)

Marissa said...

I haven't gotten too into Pinterest yet--not for lack of trying, just for lack of time. Here's one that doesn't teach you anything, but it always has something that makes me laugh hysterically:

brie said...

missa, loved some of that stuff - i'll have to come back in the morning when i'm not high on ambien so i can actually REMEMBER what i'm laughing about. annnnd...don't forget we are playing this weekend! i think we need to make something from pinterest - that is our goal! wub you, see you soon.

Maggie said...

I love Pinterest! The Food & Drink section is great, I use the pictures and descriptions as more of a guideline than an actual recipe and so far the food from there has been lovely!Enjoy, I'm going to try to follow you!