Saturday, November 19, 2011


There are no silk pajamas under $50 in the state of Anywhere.  Just ask my sore feet and cranky baby who trolled the mall for 3 hours looking for said jammies.  Sorry, Mom.

On the bright side, I bought C and M's Thanksgiving outfits today.  They are going to look perfect.

I own ZERO articles of clothing from Gap, don't much like their style for me.  However, the majority of my children's wardrobe is from Gap Kids.  Weird?

My Diet Coke consumption is increasing at a dramatic rate.  I stopped drinking it (or had caffeine-free) when I was pregnant and nursing, but now that no little parasite depends on my body for anything, I am filling it with the sweet, sweet nectar of aspartame and carbonation.  I need to tone it down!

I am mostly only posting this today because I didn't want my last blog at the top of the page anymore.  I get nervous and weird when I post about my eating disorder now.

I love my kids.  I am realzing more and more that my calling in this big 'ol world is to be a good mama to my children.  I know this sounds so incredibly after-school-television-special, but when I see them happy and safe and content, it makes me feel better.  Like all is right in the world.

I am debating on going Black Friday shopping or not.  I go every year, but now I'm wondering if the cost of staying up all night and elbowing my way past hysterical women clutching this season's hottest items is worth the benefit for saving a few bucks.  Plus, I have no one to go with.  :(  Any brave takers?

I have joined Twitter (again) with a little trepidation - last time I used it, I didn't like it much and honestly found all the tweets somewhat annoying.  But I'm more or less liking it this time around.  Find me by @briebreivik or there is a link to my profile page as well on my side-bar.

Breaking Dawn.  The broken headboard and feathers.  The bony (but obviously fake) grossness  of Kristen Stewart.  The wolves talking in robot voices to each other.  All parts of the movie that were supposed to be serious, but in which I roared so hard I was practically rolling in the aisles.

Mila is almost 4 months old.  It's so weird to think she is that old.  Kind of brings back bitter memories, too, because I left Cade to go to inpatient treatment exactly on his 4 month birthday.  It sickens me that I let my eating disorder get so severe that I literally had to leave my own child.  It serves as a good reminder to keep myself healthy at the present because I NEVER want to do that to Mila, and I don't know what Cade would do if I had to leave him again.  Nuh uh no way never.

My iPad is still awesome.


Erin said...

It's because Baby Gap clothes are cute...and regular Gap clothes are fugly! They really, really are. I mean, no wonder the Gap is struggling. They need to re-haul their entire design team or something.

You are rocking the iPad picture apps. I'm jealous. I'm struggling a lot with how to save and share mine. I can't seem to be able to email them to myself -- only post to fb. And I don't want to post them to fb! I think I want to go get a green cover for my iPad tonight. Why? I have NO idea. I've already tired of the pink. Aren't I more of a green girl anyway?

I love the picture of you with the fingers up to your mouth. Just really like it, you dark sexy beast.

Cammy said...

I have NEVER had any luck finding things that I liked or fit right at Gap.

And don't frame going into treatment as leaving your child behind--you were giving him the enormous gift of a mom that would come back healthier, wiser, and better prepared to tackle the future with him. Something to be damn proud of, in my opinion.

Hang in there girly. I know none of what you've gone through body- or emotion-wise lately can be easy, but you are incredibly capable of beating ED into the ground (you've made awesome, awesome progress the past 2 years in spite of a ton of challenges); don't doubt yourself.

Erin said...

Regarding diet coke:
YOUR body is depending on you. Maybe not someone else, but yours is, and diet coke isn't good for you. How much are you drinking?

hardlycreative said...

if you are in idaho falls for black friday i will go with you. i have never been but have a constant desire to be around crazy old ladies holding newspaper ads. also its probably a good idea to go with a seasoned veteran right?

Heather Lindquist said...

Girl, you should see how much Dr. Pepper I've been drinking lately! Ugh. And it's not even diet. I'm going to have so many cavities.........

I saw Breaking Dawn was hilarious. Still worth seeing though, but yep, pretty cheesy (but I expected that)!

I so wish I could afford clothes from Baby Gap.....they're stuff for kids is adorable. I did just recently buy a couple shirts off their sales rack though....they certainly do have great sales!

brie said...

Cammy, I love your comment; it's a much better way to look at things!

Miriam said...

Hooray for prioritizing :) I'm so happy to see that your kids are helping you with that. Keep on being awesome and kicking ed ass, and posting witty banter for us to read.

Oh, and if you are the type to respond to comments and stuff: I just started a new blog in a more recovered state of mind after deleting my old ed one. I'm not open about ed to most of my friends and family, and there is the possibility that they will read my blog. However, I want people to know that if they are struggling with things like ed or depression or anything, that they can contact me because I sure as heck know how it feels. Do you think there is any way I can do this?

Thanks if you made it through that and even more so if you feel like responding!

emo said...

Hard to believe she is almost 4 months old already!
Love all your pictures!
I've been debating the Christmas sales too. Thinking maybe I'll skip them. People get crazy! But it is tempting me, so we'll see.