Sunday, November 27, 2011

Miss 4 Months

Mila is 4 months old today.  I can't believe how fast this time is flying.  It seems like just yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital, all teeny and red-faced and squirmy.  She is so big now!

A few things about Mila at 4 months:
Mila has started solid food and likes it alright.  She's not thrilled about it, but the other day I gave her tapioca pudding and she about died.  She's still not a huge fan of her rice cereal though, and only eats that begrudgingly.  Pretty soon I'm going to start her on sweet potatoes and pears - Cade loved both of those, and I'm hoping Mila will too.

Mila Bean still doesn't roll over or do anything really but hold up her head.  She's still not really into trying to grab toys or anything, and she's not yet hit the stage where she puts everything in her mouth.  She seriously must be so bored!  Doesn't that sound boring?

I don't know what Mila weighs, but I'm taking her in for her 4 month wellness checkup this week, so I'll find out soon.  I'd guesstimate she's probably 11 or 12 lbs though.  She has a big belly and little rolls on her thighs and they are so adorable and I want to squish them!

Mila is a pretty happy baby.  She rarely cries really hard, and almost always if she is, it's because she's hungry.  Usually she's pretty chill enough to just sit and watch Mommy and Daddy play on Mommy's iPad.  ;)  She loves to be near someone though, and she'll just sit and stare at you and smile until you feel so guilty that you're not looking back at her and interacting with her!

I'm excited for Mila to start sitting up and crawling and growing up.  Right now she's kind of in the inbetween stage between newborn and infant, but soon I think she's going to start hitting all these really fun milestones.  I can't wait, because I am just enchanted by everything this girl does.  :)

Love you Miss Mees!

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Penny said...

Your words and pics capture her perfectly. She is so adorable. i am surprised that we have not eaten her yet! And you are right, she will change so soon....