Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trip and Life Recap

I guess I never really did a sista trip recap, did I?  I guess I've kind of been waiting for my sister to post a bunch of pics, so I could steal them from her, to go along with my post.  The ONLY picture I took was the pic I posted yesterday - of me in my bathing suit.  I love taking pictures of my kids, or WITH my kids, but other than that...keep cameras away from me!  So, you'll get an update of the vacation, sans pictures.  Sad for you, but I'll post them as soon as she does.  :)

Photo - chillin' outside in the lovely spring weather; Cade feeding the ducks.

The trip was really lovely.  There were no fights or anything, which may be a first!  We all love each other like crazy, but when you're with all sisters and sis-in-laws for three days, drama is bound to happen - but surprisingly - it didn't!  Which is GOOD, but sometimes I like to watch the meltdowns from the sidelines, bemused.  The best was one year, we all like freaked out at the same time.  Brooke was eating nachos and sobbing, "I JUST WANT MY NACHOS, LEAVE ME ALONE, I JUST WANT TO EAT MY NACHOS," and my sis-in-law was doing laps around the building, in an effort to relieve her anxiety, and I was mad at my sister because I'd said the word "damn" and offended her, which in turn made her yell at me, and by the end of the trip, no one was speaking to each other!  Good thing we laugh about it now, because we all really almost murdered each other that year.  Seriously.  There was no love, not that year.

We spent our days lying by the pool and chatting, and then we spent our evenings shopping...and chatting.  And eating frozen yogurt.  And chatting.  And shopping.  And getting tan.  That's all we did.  I'm not even kidding.  And we have a rule, that you can't talk about your kids, but I kept breaking the rule, because Brandon kept sending me adorable pictures of the kids, and I'd have to ooh and aah and fill my love bucket because I missed them so much.  Maybe I love my kids more than my sisters love theirs, because I sure seemed to miss mine more than they missed theirs! 


I bought a ton of clothes for the kids...all of their summer clothes have been bought, and Cade's school clothes for next year, as well - I got some killer deals at the Gap Kids and Childrens' Place outlets, so I kind of got it all done at once.  I love buying my kids clothes, it feels just as good to buy clothes for them as it does for me, and it's easier to justify buying stuff for them, so it was fun!  (But don't worry, I bought stuff for me, too.  :)

When I got home, Cade tackled me and gave me a big hug, and then about .2374 seconds later, asked, "WHERE'S MY PRESENT?"  So I know he missed me...right...??...but was mostly just excited for the present I always bring him back when I'm gone on vacation.  Mila was a little uncertain of me when I got home.  She wouldn't smile at me, which is weird because ALL MY CHILD DOES IS SMILE.  She kind of just kept staring at me, but it didn't take her long to warm back up, and when she finally did, the grins were plentiful!  Brandon gave me a big love, and told me things weren't the same at home without me.  And then we kissed.  And then I told him I love him, and things felt right!

So all in all, it was a great trip.  :)

Brandon and I have been spending our evenings the past few days playing tennis at the park.  Cade plays on the playground, and we set Mila up in her stroller with a bottle and some toys, all while we hit the ball around.  I like it because it's really great exercise, but it's fun, and the kids get to kind of be involved, too.  I really haven't exercised AT ALL since I've had Mila, as getting the kids to the gym daycare, or finding a babysitter, is just too hard.  So going all as a family is really easy and really nice.  I used to be an exercise freak, but I've totally relaxed about all that now.  I still LOVE to play sports, especially volleyball, basketball, golf, and tennis, and I do like to run, but I'm finally learning how to exercise for the fun of it, and not to solely burn calories or lose weight.  And, I'm finding that running miles and miles on a treadmill just isn't my thang.  That's all too tied up in my eating disorder.

Mila is SOOOOOO CLOSE to crawling.  I'd give her a week, max, before she finally really has it down.  She gets on her hands and knees and kind of rocks, and tries to scoot herself around, so she's just about there.  It looks like it's taking her about 9 1/2 months to crawl, which is about what it took Cade.  My kids are late bloomers!  But that's okay.  Me lovey the slow ones...I'm kind of slow, too, right - I mean it only took me TEN years to recover.  ;)  We all go at our own pace!

Photo - look at me, I can almost crawl!

Just registered Cade for Kindergarten at his new school in New City.  The principal came out and introduced himself and said hi, and I thought that was nice - he seems really cool and really competent.  Luckily I got C registered for A.M. classes, as I'm going to have to be going most afternoons back to Salt Lake for all my appointments.  Once this new school year starts, we are going to be busy.  Anyhow, I'm glad that I got that out of the way, and I feel better about his new school, now that I've met a few people and been inside and stuff.  I think it's going to work out swell.

So I guess that's it for an update.  I could talk a bit about how ED stuff is going, with treatment and all, but since I'm doing this blogging challenge every day, it kind of makes me not want to talk about my ED in other posts, just because I'm talking so much more about it than I normally do - so we'll see, maybe tomorrow or tonight I'll post something - if I feel up to it.


Liz said...

Glad to hear that your trip was a success.
Those are some cute pics of Mila.
I love tennis, I wish I played more. That's great that you can exercise for fun I've been having trouble with exercising compulsively lately.

brie said...

thanks liz. :) i love tennis, even though i'm terrible at it. i took tennis lessons as a kid, but i'm not any good anymore!

bri said...

I absolutely adore milas dimples!!!

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

When I say that I want to steal your children, i mean that in the most loving and un-scary way possible. :-)

brie said...

arielle, i will TOTALLY let you borrow them!! ;)