Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day #19 - Write a Love Life Limerick

Sweet Jiminy Cricket, I haven't written a limerick since I was in 4th grade!  And there's a reason for it - this sucks!  Sorry my poem is mediocre, I just composed it in .4758 seconds.  Pfffft.  I'm off to eat at Cheesecake Factory.  That's much more fun!

Write a love life limerick...

When you recover life will be so sublime
enough that you'll even stoop to a rhyme
and then you'll exclaim,
"Yeah Bitches!  Life was lame
but all this toiling and strife was so worth the climb!"


Tylaine said...

Brie you're so hillarious!!

Liz said...

I liked your limerick. It's catchy, I especially liked the 'yeah bitches' line. And I'm totally jealous that you're going to the cheesecake factory.

Dustin said...

I feel some Miley Cyrus coming on.

Krista said...

Oops sorry. That was from me. My husband is not a creeper that blog stalks and listens to Miley Cyrus.