Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mila's 9 Month Stats

Miss MJ had her 9 month checkup this afternoon.  She is happy and healthy and thriving and damn near perfect.  :)

Photos - Mila chillin' on the floor, waiting for her doctor to come see her.  She is clad in nothing but the bare necessities - a diaper and a hair bow; never be seen without 'em!

Her stats are about the same...she weighed in at 16 pounds even, which is still about the 5th percentile, but I'm definitely not worried because my little girlfriend can PUT FOOD DOWN.  She eats a TON, much to my delight!  So both me and Dr. B are not worried at all.

Her head circumference and height are right at about 50%, so she's perfectly average in that respect.  And there's nothing wrong with being average, I told her, so she's all good.  :)

I told her doc that there were no teeth on the horizon, and she didn't believe me.  She wanted to get all fancy pantsy and shine a light in her mouth and see if she could detect even the smallest hint of teeth a comin'...and...she got nothin.  Yes, that's right, her teeth apparently don't even seem close to coming!  Not that I'm entirely surprised - my bebehs are late bloomers, in almost all respects.  :)

I also told her doc that Mila hasn't yet started to crawl, as that was worrying me a bit.  But after studying Mila sit on the ground for awhile, and watching her move around (butt scooching, mostly) and seeing how alert and focused she was, my doctor told me I had absolutely no reason to worry, and that I should mostly just be grateful, because as soon as she starts crawling (which she thinks will be very soon) then I'll be all over the place, trying to keep tabs on this busy body!  So maybe I should just count my little blessings right now, and be happy M is a slug.  :)

All in all it went well.  Cade was there and bored, but I gave him Oreos and he shut right up.  :)  And thankfully, at the 9 month check up, there are no shots, so I still have a happy baby.  So glad she got a clean bill of health and is doing well.  :)  The doc also mentioned today that she thought Mila looked a lot like me, and I seriously wanted to, like, CLASP her to my bosom and thank her for that comment!  No one really tells me she looks like me, but I want her to so badly!


Fight 4 Ur Lyfe said...

Bless her little heart. She is such a cutie. :)

Cammy said...

Oh she absolutely looks like you, I've though so for a while! Glad to hear her check up went so well, sounds like she is a champ!

Candice said...

I want some of her cute head bands for my lil sweetie. Did you make it?

brie said...

Candice, I buy them all at the Quilted Bear. Do you live in UT? I don't think they have them in other states.

Ash said...

She is too cute! And I always thought she was your little offspring clone. I wish Faye would wear hairbows and headbands. Around 9.5 months she refused to wear them. Now it's just goofy top ponies if I can even get her to sit still long enough for that!

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Glad she's happy and healthy. :-) My little niece is almost a year and a half and she didn't get any teeth until 1 year. Mila looks precious.

Brittney said...

She is such a cutie!