Friday, May 4, 2012

Day #4 - Eating Disorder and Recovery Slogans

Eating disorder and recovery slogans...

Eating disorders can be alluring.  They are still, in this society, glorified.  People see the gaunt cheekbones and the ribcage, and they think...I want that, I want that...

They may see the jutting collarbone, or the skinny legs, but they don't see the pain behind it.  They don't see the misery and the anguish.  They don't see that they are no longer free.

In light of that, this is the slogan I have created for an eating disorder:

Like the call of a siren, I will lure you in,
I won't stop until you're dead, when I'll declare, I WIN.

For my recovery slogan, I think for me personally, my recovery is very much tied into my daughter.  I have to be well and get better for her.  And just like I talked about in day #2, I WILL NOT pass my anorexia onto my daughter.  Call it my new mission, if you will.  So, moving forward, this is my recovery slogan, and perhaps my new mantra:

I will tell my daughter, you are beautiful just the way you are,
This disease stops with me, it has gone too far.

Isn't the recovery mantra so much more beautiful?  The eating disorder slogan is dark and ominous and scary.  I'm glad I no longer listen to it.


Liz said...

Those are great slogans! I love how well you articulate exactly what you're thinking and feeling. And I really admire your use of words.

Whit said...

I sure do love you and your writing!

brie said...

thanks guys. :) i'm not much of a rhymer, but i guess it's good enough, especially considering i'm on vacation!!

po said...

I think your first slogan is brilliant, even though it is dark, because it is poetic and really hits home. The rhyme and the rhythm make it sound gentle until the word WIN, which really makes an impact.