Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New House Adventure Week 12 1/2

Okay, okay, I know that I shouldn't be posting new pictures of the house yet, as I just did an update on Sunday.  ButbutBUT we went and checked the progress tonight, and they had done so much, and I took a gajillion photos, so I decided I might as well post them here and give you a little mid-week preview.  I am so stoked, it looks so good and is coming along so FAST!

This I think is the most pictures of the house I've ever posted at once, (there are 30!) so if you are bored or want to skip this post, please feel free.  I am documenting every step of this process of building this house for myself and the kids, but I don't expect everyone else to be super enthused about it - I promise, no bad feelings!

Driving up the house and seeing how much more they had already done...I got so excited, I started snapping pics before we even parked the car!  If you'll notice I blurred out the name of our street, just for privacy's sake of course; I'm so paranoid about creepers knowing our address, I'm not even letting Brandon publicly list us.  :/

My first view of the upstairs...

Daddy and Mila saying hey...

Cade playing in the master bedroom

Our jetted tub that very randomly decided to come chill at the house.

Mila checkin out her room...

Saying hey from Mila's room, checking out her view.

Standing in Cade's room, looking at the master bedroom.

Mila likes her room.  It's official.

Checkin out the view.

I took this photo from the master retreat, and am looking into our bedroom/bathroom.

The roof is a skeleton now, but hopefully next time we come, it'll be done!

Mila wanted to get down and explore so badly, but I of course couldn't let her.  This is the best I could give her!

Standing in our retreat, looking through the loft and into Cade's room.

The west side of the house - and I love our bump out!

A back view.

I love me my bay window/door!

The east side of the house.  Not very pretty because it is mostly the garage.

Another view of the front.

The view of the house, when driving north...

Hi house!  We love you! 

Sorry there were so many pics; uber proud of you, if you made it through.  :)  I mostly decided to post these pics now, because if I saved them and waited until next week, I'd probably have double the amount of pictures by then, since we'll go see the progress again in a few days, and that would have been waaaaaay too much, if I ended up posting them all at once. 

It's incredible, though, how quickly they're getting this done.  We are thinking that there's a chance we could be in there by the end of July, at the rate they're going.  And I say - YES.  Bring it on!


Liz said...

I love all the pics, it really gives me a better idea of what the house is going to look like. The progress is amazing.

po said...

Holy moly your builders are like machines!

Barbara said...

Nice! Love the mountain views. Our kitchen reno took longer than your build: one month later, the kitchen sink was still balanced on saw horses!

annamaria said...

imagine all the good times there!! so happy for you honey :)

bri said...

Yay!!! Looks great Brie!!! I will have to come check it out when its finished! Love u!

CH said...

it's going to be beautiful! the progress is really impressive; they must be really hard workers :)

PS - i missed reading your blog while i was away! i'm all caught up now :)