Sunday, May 27, 2012

New House Adventure Week 13

They finished framing!  We have a legit-looking house!  It is BEAUTIFUL.  :)

This time around I forgot the camera's SD card, and so could only take EIGHT pictures on the camera's internal drive, so it won't be as hard to get through as last post's was, when I took thirty.  :/

They've also almost finished the plumbing, and this week they are going to install the windows and doors and finish the plumbing and electrical.  They have also installed the furnace and are working on the AC.

Enjoy the pics! 

My first view of the fully completed house...even the roof is done!

Peekaboo through the stairs.  :)

Our barely started kitchen island...

The kids thought they'd test out their tub.

Standing in the loft.

Mine and Brandon's tub!



Liz said...

13 weeks has just flown by, and the progress is looking so great.

Åsa said...

Looks great! Looks very big too!

Amanda P said...

I want to take a bath in your tub. Yes.