Friday, May 4, 2012

Miss You Love You

Greetings from my vacacione!  I spent all day lounging in the 87 degree weather by the pool, it was heavenly.  Everything is perfect, here, except for the fact that I DON'T HAVE MY BABY.  You guys, I've never been away from Mila for even this long, (and I still have 2 more days to go!) and my little heart is empty and aching without her!  I keep texting Brandon, asking me to tell me how she's doing, or what she's doing, or if she's pooped, and was it big or small, and what she's eating, and when she's napping, and for how long, and and and he kind of just started to ignore me.  So THEN I asked him if he'd send me pics of the kids, and he sent me these:

And I can't stop staring at them.  Yes, I'm glad I can get away, and yes I'm glad that tonight I can sleep without worrying I'll have to get up with Mila, but man...

I will be staring at these pictures all weekend.  I'll have fun without the kidlets...but...this is HARD.  I am homesick for them.  My sad little heart.  Good thing it is easily cheered up by my new yellow cardigan from Anthropologie.  ;)

Psssst!  Brandon!  Major kudos to you for getting Mila dressed today.  She's wearing matching socks, and even a headband.   This is a much better job done than last time you dressed her, when she didn't match, and her shirt was on inside out.  I am shocked!  Good boy, I have trained you well!  (And it only took 9 months; about as good as your average puppy. :)


annamaria said...

I love Anthropologie! I bet the cardigan looks stunning on you :)
your kids are so lovely, Mila's smile is priceless! have fun, girl! :)

brie said...

anna maria, the cardigan is amazing! i may have to take a picture and post it, so everyone can delight in it's beauty. :)