Saturday, May 12, 2012


Today's HFC topic is writer's choice.  I didn't know what to write about; was having a hard time coming up with a topic.  But I'm in a really good mood today, (perhaps due in part to the emotional outpouring from yesterday's post - sometimes you just need a good mental purge) and I really wanted to celebrate, today, the simple things, the little victories.  So I give you:


Today's little victories:

I woke up this morning, and the mantra "I'm going to eat today" was not a question, but a statement.
I put on today's outift, and instead of scrutinizing myself, or changing my outift 3847 times, I just thought, Okay.  I look nice.  :)  No judgement, no picking it apart, nothing.
I woke up today feeling great.  I am healthy.  I am strong.  Since I have been weight restored, I haven't had to go to the hospital ONCE for lung-related issues.  This is HUGE for me.  GIGANTIC.  When I was restricting and underweight, my lungs were severely compromised, and I was always needing medical intervention.  And, because my lungs were only functioning at 40%, I was so TIRED.  I was lethargic, listless, and had no energy to play with my kids.  Today I can chase Cade around the house and swing Mila around in the air.  These things seem so small, so menial, but I don't take them for granted, as not long ago, I couldn't do these things.
I went out to lunch with a good friend.  (Biscuits.)  I was able to eat lunch with her with no eating disorder thoughts creeping up, making me worry about my food.  And not only did I order a pizza - but I ordered a SIDE OF FRIES.  Might as well have ordered a SIDE OF HAPPINESS.  Heaven!  (The food and the company.  :)
I am smiling.  :D

And that's enough.  It's perfectly enough.  And the day isn't even halfway over!

Photo - Mommy and MJ, very happy in their spring outfits today.


Liz said...

I'm so glad that you're having a happy day. Yay for the little victories!

Anonymous said...

you made me smile so much with this post. little steps that have HUGE meaning. and you're looking radiant! thanks for putting a smile on my face I guess =)

agoraphob said...

That steak I had SUCKED....LOL. The mozzarella cheese was good. Those fries were yum.

I had a good time! Thanks!

agoraphob said...

That steak I had SUCKED....LOL. The mozzarella cheese was good. Those fries were yum.

I had a good time! Thanks!

Laur said...

beautiful happy healthy ladies!

CH said...

I love the simplicity of the things that a lot of people would deem "mundane", but that are SO huge in recovery. I think this post speaks volumes about how well you're doing! I think a LOT of women, even ones who have not had EDs, try on 3083476 outfits in the morning... so I think that's a big one!
As Liz said... the little victories :)

Arielle Lee Bair said...


Fight 4 Ur Lyfe said...

Oh my goodness. Where did u get these pants. I've been starring at your picture for like, forever. I'm drooling over these freakishly cute pants of urs. Do tell. Ps... You look like a hotter version of pocahontas is this photo! U go girl!

Sarah Hope said...

Gorgeous picture of you and Mila---because of the smiles. You guys have such similar grins, where your whole faces smile!

Loved this post. I love this series, it's incredibly inspirational. I was grinning by the end of it too! :)