Sunday, May 20, 2012

New House Adventure Week 12

Hi kittens,

I'm feeling all kinds of out of sorts and glum and just not myself today, so you'll get a rather unenthusiastic house update.

Things are moving along well.  They have completely framed the basement and the main floor, and in about a week we're hoping that the 2nd floor will be completed, and most everything else too, in the framing department.

Here are a bunch of pics.  You'll notice that the first set of pics and the latter set of pics were taken on different days, so it's kind of fun to notice how much more progress had been made during the 2nd day of pics.

Hello from the garage!

Walking through the front door for the first time...

Brandon looking out of our beautiful soon to be bay window/door.  I love this feature because it is going to add SO MUCH light into the house!

Standing in our pantry...heeeee-eeey....

I had to get a picture by the bay window too because I love it so much I want to take it behind the junior high school and get it pregnant!

A back view of the bay window, from the back yard.

I'm humping our garage.  I do stuff like that.

All these pics were taken a few days later, so you can see so much more has been done!

It was mutha effin freezing that day.  Soooo windy and my eyes were watering so I don't look very cute/happy/whatever.

In these last two pics you can see Cade and Brandon and my dad walking in the backyard.  They were discussing manly things like fencing and installing sprinklers.  I kind of die a little when I have to even think about stuff like that!  So, leaving it up to The Men it is.

So here it is.  I feel bummed that *I* feel so bummed that I can't properly give this post the enthusiasm it deserves.  I am just draggin today, guys.  I need some love and encouragement and maybe some good vibes and pelvic thrusts done to cheer me up.  Get going!  ;)


Liz said...

"...take it behind the jr high and get it pregnant" you're so funny. :) it's cool how much they've gotten done. Sorry you're feeling bummed.

Cammy said...

Really excited that the progress on the house is moving along for you! Sorry to hear you're not having a great day, just in case you forgot, you are a fantabulous person in many ways.

po said...

Eeek, well I am feeling some enthusiasm because your house looks so real already! I can't believe how quickly it is happening. I hope your enthusiasm comes back soon.

bri said...

I love u and I love ur Capri pants and ur sandals in the first pics where r they from?!!!!! Definitely sending good vibes ur way!!!! I adore u!

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Sending an enthusiastic pelvic thrust your way. ;-)

IJustDontKnow said...

*love* *encouragement* *good vibes* *pelvic thrusts* an' a li'l uh-uh for good measure! :*

I remember when I was pg with #3 (2005) and we were building our house. Fortuitously, it was literally a(n unfinished) block away so we could keep a constant eye on it and tour it whenever we wanted. I was 8 mos. pg when we were painting and I remember my dad taking belly pics of me in front of the newly painted walls. I was so exhausted (still working full-time with a 3 and 7 yo) but I *still* love our house and all the colors. (Our old house was the SAME eggshell color EVERYWHERE including the ceiling! Bleck!)

I remember standing in the framed version of what is now our master suite and picturing where the bed would go and how it would feel to be ensconced in it's (to be - and is) yumminess. I now I spend the majority of my time in this room and I still love it. It was so much work, choosing and arranging and deciding; but in the end, so worth it. (Heck, my master suite is literally the size of a studio apartment! Thank you, extra-space-above-the-garage!)

Your dreams lie in those 2x4s. Your family's full story is waiting to be written in those walls. And while it *is* just wood and concrete and drywall, it's the space that you will fill with your hard-fought-for happiness and zest for life. Milestones will be reached in that space. You will have ups and downs, but you will be with the most important people in your life and that will be enough.

I wish you patience, perspective, joy, fortitude and contentment in the upcoming months. I look forward to future weeks of new house adventures, 'bumminess' or not :)