Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Links 'n Tags

Hello, Friendly Folk. Just a few things for you to ruminate on:

Check out my friend Teresa’s blog -->here<-- She is my coworker but totes cool enough to be my friend, and she started a blog, and I’m kiiiiiinda in love with it. You will be too. ;)

Secondly, please go -->here<-- to join The Phenomenon. My supercool blogging buddy/phone friend/amazing human being has started this blogging sisterhood – The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pad. And I promise it’s not as gross as it sounds. You must read the blog and become a follower. Soon you will be one of us!

And now, my friends, I have been tagged by my new buddy Sara, over at Sprinkled with Cinnamon. Totally had A Moment when she loved me enough to tag me. ;)

So. Here gosies:

The instructions are to: list 10 things that make me happy, do at least one of them today, and pass it along to 10 bloggees.

1. French fries from Red Robin. In combination with their fry sauce, I practically have a ‘gasm!
2. Curling up under my heated blankie with a good book. I thought the Snuggie was the cat’s meow, but the heated throw is now soooo 2010. ;)
3. Chillin’ with good friends. I mean the ones who really get me, who I can be around with and laugh and goof off with but also fart like a cave troll around them and then cry with (not about the farts, about the sucky things in life). They are few and far between but I am a lucky girl to have them (you know who you are)!
4. Gah. my treatment team. Most of the time I am angry with them rather than happy with them, but they make me happy because they are keeping me alive and they care about me, and that’s starting to rub off on me. Go team!
5. But of course mi familia. Senor Brandon and Nino Caden are the Boooomb Diggity. ‘Das right, man.
6. The prospect of becoming something other than an anorexic – like a guitarist! Lessons start today, baby.
7. Blogging. Duh.
8. Biggest Loser. And the premier was last night! I decided I was happy I was alive solely because I was partaking of the premier and also OMG Jillian’s eyebrows nom nom I wish they were mine…
9. Walking. I can’t really do cardio, but lately I’ve been walking a lot. I bundle up in my winter gear and blast my iPod and think about Kendall and life ‘n stuff. On Sunday I walked six miles and it felt SO.GOOD.
10. My cats. They are huge. They are killing me slowly with their allergenic fur. They are needy. But I love them. Le happy sigh.

What will I do today? Well, I have guitar lessons today, and I’m blogging, and I’m going to partake of my husband’s and son’s wicked presence. Oh! And I’m going on a walk after work, and before my ED doc appt. So. Four happy things in one day. That’s legit!

Who will I tag…hrrrmm…I thought I’d tag some of my new friends, and a few old ones, oh and family for good measure:  (sorry, I'm lazy and not linking to their blogs - but most of them are set to private anyway...hrrrm...)

1. Allegri (Kate)
2. T
3. Whit
4. Stephy
5. Betsy
6. Teresa
7. David
8. Kerrie
9. Amanda P, The Cousin
10. My amazing niece Marissa, who just returned from the Middle East bearing love and fun and a sweet scarf for me.

Go. Now!
Have a good day, friends!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha you are so el awesome-o! French fries are goooooooooooood little chunks of potassiumated fried happiness. And #3 cracked me up like no other- def a surefire way to know you are real friends with someone! Lotsa love guitarist lady!

Eating Alone said...

Heated snuggie, Ahhhhh.... I'm down in FL but it's like 51 down here. So cold for a Floridian, all the shelters are open. Last night it hit 34. 4 blankets on the bed and heater set at 71!

brie said...

ooooh sara: my cave troll farts are like earthquakes, seriously. i have no idea how i produce them. it's a wonder!

brie said...

david - i feel no sadness for you - it's 23 degrees here today - and that's during THE DAY. holy freezing!

Gretchen said...


I have to share with you that every time the snuggie commercial comes on, I have made SO MUCH FUN of it for like ever. Then you were blogging about it and I thought, hmmm, wait a minute. So I got one for my birthday (sort of as a joke) and I have not taken it off! is the best thing ever! I even sleep with it on. Anyways, thanks for the great referral. Bundle up for your walk-the snow looks pretty but cold in your pic!

brie said...

Gretchen! I made fun of the Snuggie commercials, too, until Hubby bought one for me, and then I was like, "OMG, where have you been all my life?!!?" ;)

Suzi Q said...

You never fail to entertain. :) Thanks for sharing the links, I'm excited to check them out.

PS- I got a snuggie for Christmas. In fact my whole fam damily got them.

t. said...

a heated blankie? je suis jealous!

am i the T you tagged? if so, i will get cracking on my list first thing domani. if not, i might poach the idea anyway. ;)

Alyssa said...

Since i love your blog, i decided to befriend you on facebook. Doing so, i started doing that whole creepy facebook stalking (what else is facebook for) and clicked on your mom's facebook.... climax of the story.... your mom and I have a mutual friend?! Small world right, not sure how its possible but it got me all excited! Apparently I live in a small town and this is probably going to be the highlight of my week

Erica said...

Hi Brie,

You do not know me, but I've been reading your blog for a little over a year now. I was going to comment the other day on your "you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours" post, but I never got a chance. After reading your latest post I figured that I could share my fart story with you. :)

One of my boyfriends, which I had dated for 3 years, spent the night at my apartment. I just have to start by saying that I'm a really gassy girl. I used to have farting contests at night with my brother, and of course I always won! Anyway...I woke up the next morning and let out a HUGE "cave troll" fart and rolled over and saw him lying next to me. I totally forgot that he had spent the night. I freaked out and hurried and shut my eyes and pretended like I was sleeping. I figured that he was asleep and didn't hear it. I had never, ever farted in front of him...EVER! A year later we were talking and I thought I should tell him about me farting...basically ON him. I start telling him my story and he starts laughing really hard. He was totally awake when I did it and never said anything to me about it!!

Thank you for updating us and letting us be a part of your life. I seriously look forward to reading your blog every morning. You're such a strong girl!

brie said...

yes t - i meant you!

erica - loved the fart story - i can totally kick husband's trash when it comes to length and volume in any given fart. :)

i feel SICK. pukage. :(

Laura said...

thanks for the shout out...
could have done without the fart info
but it's all good

Kerri said...

Hmm, I am not sure you meant me. Actually I am pretty sure you didn't, and I would normally be embarrassed to reply given I am likely not the one being asked, but I am having the worst week ever and I think forcing myself to try and come up with ten things that make me happy might help me out a little. So here goes:

1)Caden. Sure, 5 year olds can be a pain in the arse, since they are just learning how to REALLY talk back, but he is hilarious and he knows how to make me feel better when I am obviously having a bad day. Maybe it isn't the greatest in parenting that my child has to comfort ME so much, but at least I know he is compassionate! :)

2) My pug George. Because he just loves me. No matter what I do, he is just there to give me big slobbery puppy kisses and curl up in my lap.

3) My family. My parents have saved my butt so many times it isn't even funny. If I need anything, I know my mom and dad will do all they can.

Now for the not sappy stuff ;)

4)Really good books- especially a series of them!

5)My backpack. (huge giant backpack for traveling that is) because even if I haven't gotten to go anywhere in several years, I like knowing it is still there for the day when I get a chance to pack it up again and go who knows where in the world. It's been around, I went to Australia for a year and it was all I had with me, but it hasn't gotten nearly enough use in my opinion.

6)The fact that I just (literally) found a good psychiatrist. I need her. I know I do, and for once I finally feel like have one that isn't going to just stare at me or patronize me the entire time. Yay! This is uber important!

7)The lake. Not just any lake- THE Lake. We have been 'camping' there since I was 11 [by camping I mean with giant fancy camper trailers that just get more elaborate as I get older. We now have a huge flat screen tv and a full indoor and outdoor shower and it has a separate bedroom for my parents. Insanity I tell you, but camping without a shower would not work for me, lol. I have essentially grown up there. My first (huge) crush camped there with his family, and he asked me on my first date there, as well as gave me my first kiss there. It's a very important place and the only place I can go and know that i WILL be happy.

8)Swimming. Especially in "the lake". Because there are no icky creatures in view in the water, but also, no chlorine. Because chlorinated water to swim in is just wrong to me. And no people (other than my family) to make me feel awful in a swimsuit, which is always a huge bonus.

9)Kind of lame, but... I have both an ancient strawberry shortcake blanket that I love to bits (had it since I was 5) and a rainbow brite one, that I got at a vintage store a few years ago. I sleep with them both though I have partially retired the strawberry shortcake one, since my grandmother gave it to me and I don't wanna completely wear it out! Oh, and I just turned 29 in December.. and yes I still use these blankets anyway.

10) Finally, that despite all the stuff going on right now, I still have a small part of me that is telling myself it WILL be okay and that I can get across to the other side someday. Also, your blog totally rocks my socks. It's nice to know I am not the only one out there that has, ahem, 'issues'.

Now I am just embarrassed at how long this reply was. Sorry for clogging up your blog space! =)

brie said...

Kerri - I spelled your name wrong, but yes, I totes meant you. Thanks for sharing! I love my Caden, too. :)

allegri said...

Brie! Thanks for tagging me! Here is my post.

David - I am in FL right now too, its far too cold to be legal in the South.... ughsies.