Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Biggest Loser Blurb

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for this post. But I have to do it.

You know I do.

So it’s no secret I love Jillian and her eyebrows. (Collective, yeah, yeah, we know!)

What might be more of a bit of a secret is that Husband does, too. I mean not that it’s a secret that a heterosexual (or, even, a metrosexual) man-species would have a giant celeb crush on Jill, cuz she’s hottt, but I’ve never mentioned specifically that he does, usually because I’m too preoccupied with my own love of J and her facial hair. (Er, her eyebrows.)

So last night, we were watching, of course, Biggest Loser. And they cut to a scene where they were interviewing Jillian about something that was going on, and she was much more gussied up than usual; she had some shiny eye-shadow totes goin’ on, and lip gloss, and uber curly hair, and suddenly Husband and I had a convo that went something like this:

Bran: Jillian! Why you lookin’ so hot? Are you waiting for me to pick you up for the ball? Don’t worry Babe, I’m coming!
Me: (Pouts.) Dooooon’t!
Bran: Why?
Me: I’m jealous. I wanna go to the ball!
Bran: I’m glad you’re jealous. That means you love me.
Me: Yes it does and don’t ever go to a ball with Jillian because I can’t compete with her. She’s too perfect and too gorgeous!
Bran: Compete with her? Breezy, I can’t even compete with her, and you’re not even a lesbian!

Teeheehee. SO.TRUE.

BTW, Jill and I are like in a tight circle of friends on Facebook.
With approximately 300,000 other people. And I guess I’m not technically a friend, I’m a fan.

But at least Big B still wants to take me to the ball, right? There will be no ballage between Husband and J. Just Husband and ME.

Oh my ♥ her eyebrows!


Åsa said...

Do you really think it's a good idea to watch "Biggest Loser" a show about weightloss when you're trying to recover from anorexia?

Keely said...

Yay!!! I am her facebook fan too. I think biggest loser is just like CFC (challenges are experiential groups, food challenges, etc.) Only you have to pay money in the end instead of winning money for being healthy. :)

Will said...

I can fully admit my love of her as well. She's hot but also I'm a little scared of her. She gets so mad! BUT she was on the Dog Whisperer and I am a sucker for a girl that cries about her old dog or love of a new dog.

brie said...

I actually think BL is a really inspirational show, its all about getting healthy, after all.
And besides, how can you resist Jillian?!:)

Kara said...

It's funny, I never noticed Jillian's eyebrows until you started blogging about them - and usually I don't care about stuff like that - but damn, they are perfect!!

Kara said...

Another thought: Biggest Loser can be inspirational I'll admit (from the few episodes that I have watched), but I also think that it is really unhealthy to lose that much weight that fast even if you are bigger to start with. If you lose that fast not only is it not good for your body, but it's harder to maintain after the show (because lets face it, they aren't going to go to the gym 6 hours a day after the show ends). Just my two cents.

Suzi Q said...

I love Jillian too. I have done some of her work out videos and now I feel like I have some kind of personal connection with her (ha ha). It's like she is MY trainer. PS-I love that she didn't hold back last night! I HATE the red team this season. :)

allegri said...

Good save Brandon! Haha. I love watching the biggest loser! Jillian is totally my celeb crush! I agree those eyebrows are to kill for!!!

Kerri said...

Um, just a little comment from me about the watching TBL and recovering from anorexia: You have to eat to live. You have to see scrawny models everywhere no matter what. You have to hear about every celeb and the weight bashing they get nor matter what size they are. This is our world today. So watching a show where they really are trying to take these sick people and make them better isn't technically that different from Brie's recovery, it's just backwards. And the truth is, she and every other person out there who is fighting the ED demons are going to live in the same world we do, with all the same crap staring them in the face. I don't think watching this show is going to really make or break the fight for Brie. It's a show and part of recovery is learning to accept that you need to stop under eating to be healthy, the same as larger people need to learn to stop over eating to be healthy. Both are a life or death fight over food. Both are ways food has taken over someone's life. And this show is just showing these people letting that obsession go. Recovery.

brie said...

thanks kerri, i appreciate the comment. :)

yeah, the red teams are MONSTERS, but the green team is SCARY

holy crap they'd kick my ass then eat me alive haha!

bananas said...

Brie lover, how do you feel about Jillian now hocking diet pills and cleanses and things though?

brie said...

bananas, i'll totally admit that that really pisses me off that jill does that now. truthfully it really did make me lost a little respect for her.


i still appreciate that she really cares about the contestants and truly tries to help them - not just lose weight, but with their emotional stuff, too. a contestant on jillian's team is almost always the biggest loser because she pushes them to work through their shit so that they'll really keep the weight off - they have an ED just as much as we do.

so yes, in the end, it really bugs me. but i still do like her. and that is why.

Will said...

AND if someone was offering you $490858 to push a product...pretty sure you'd get on the gravy train as well so you could laugh all the way to the bank. I'm sure she knows that this is her "now" moment and it will eventually stop...along with the paycheck.
I can't blame the girl- it's just like rock stars doing Gap ads. Sell outs? sure...but whose going to pass up easy honest money like that!?!

brie said...

very, very good point will! i couldn't have put it more perfectly. :)

brie said...




Sheryl said...

I totally thought the same thing when I watched BL last night she did get all done up and I was like - WHOA!!! Yeah, she's pretty much hot!

Sheryl said...

Oh, and I want to strangle the red team - that chicks a total B-OTCH!!