Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Dad's "Real Brie"

A few days ago, when I wrote the post Time to Move On, my dad sent me an email. In it he attached a poem that he had written for me seven years ago, telling me that he believed I was ready to read the poem again, to really read it. At the time, back then oh so many years ago, I read it and I appreciated it, because I knew he loved me and wanted so much to reach me, to contact any part of me, however small, into believing the words he had written. But I don’t think I did. Back then, I was too far gone in ED-Land.

So I read it again, for the first time in seven years. And it brought tears to my eyes. Because my dad is a good father. An amazing human being. He has more love for people than I’ve ever known or seen. He is a humanitarian. (Here he is, pictured in Africa, delivering aid to those in need.)  He is humble.
And he has a beautiful way with words.

The Real Brie Brown

The name, Brienne, is quite oft spoken,
For those who see her always inquire,
Who is that girl with grace and beauty
Who captures our minds as embers of fire?

She’s smart and classy – she’s quite demure,
A leader, a teacher, a friend to all.
She’s kind and caring and sensitive to others,
Dignified, loving and cute – and tall!

Those who love her know that they know her,
The Real Brie Brown who we vigorously applaud.
Not bent or broken or cast away,
But noble and good – a child of God.

Her response, of course, is to set us straight,
To convince us surely of scar and wart,
But our eyes, less judging, perceive more clearly,
The great eternal good in this young heart.

Look at the goodness – acknowledge your beauty,
Cast off the shadows that darken your way.
The Savior, Our Father, Our Friend and Redeemer
Knows of the trials, the sunshine and grey.
He understands problems, unfairness and error,
He sheds tears of sorrow for those whom he loves.
But he’ll never abandon one of His children,
Precious as angels that dwell up above.

Take time to consider the past with its problems,
Deal with frustration and tears, and with anger,
But never forget the truth our dear daughter,
Your worth is eternal forever and ever.

No matter the reason for doubt and for sorrow,
No matter the fears and the worries you feel,
Time with its healing has ways in its making
To restore in your mind the former appeal.

One may have beauty, the other compassion,
And each with his weakness plays out his day
Brie as our equal, our sister and daughter,
Eternal, forever and ever will stay.

Written by
June 2002

Love you Dad.
(Pictured in January, 2005, in Indonesia, after the major tsunami in late December 2004, delivering aid to the survivors and refugees.)


Dena said...

What a wonderful man and caring Dad. I think we all see where your stellar writing abilities stem from! I hope you read those words and know in your heart they are true.

t. said...

you are so blessed to have such an amazing father! the poem is beautiful. and spot on, too.

lisalisa said...

what a beautiful and touching poem, and true!

Laura said...

your dad needs his own blog. I will be his first follower!

Suzie said...

What a true poem from a great man! I worked with your dad at the COB for many years & have never known a more sincere & caring man.

Brooke said...

Dad writes beautiful words and has an amazing way of getting them across to you and all who reads them. Breeze, take that to heart. Listen to it. You're going in the right direction...keep going!!! Love you sis :)

Maeve said...

That poem brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad you have such a wonderful father.

You will recover, and you will get to see for yourself the wonderful and amazing Brie your father sees when he looks at you.

Lou Lou said...

this is so beautiful, what an amazing dad! family is just the most special thing. how amazing!

Lou Lou said...

this is so beautiful, what an amazing dad! family is just the most special thing. how amazing!

tawny said...

Dad is so wise.

I love and respect him so much.

He has served others his whole life. He has taught through example and service. He has blessed thousands of lives...that is a priceless gift to me.

And now, Brie, dad's poem was absolutely beautiful, the words so true. That is such a gift to you. Please believe it. We love you girl!

Tia said...

aww... i wish my dad were as expressive.

Stephanie said...

My little heart is all a pitter patter after reading this. Your dad has such pure love for you and I'm so glad that you have this poem to look to for that reminder. Hold onto this for whevere you need it. I know I say it lots but, You are all things wonderful. I love you and your beautiful family.

*ken and kendall dancing*

Amber said...

Brie - how cute is our dad! I love him so much, and you know he would do anything for you. I hope you listen to what he says, he knows what he is talking about. He lives to serve and help others. Let him help you.
When I had my car accident this week, my first thought is that I need my dad. I called him and he drove more than an hour to come help me. I am a grown woman with kids and I still need my dad. Let him be here for you. We all love you and you are doing amazing!!

Em said...

Brie- I cried when I read this poem. Your dad is so great- he has been like a father to me, and I'm so lucky to have married one of his sons. I loved his words about scars and warts- in regards to your posts about un-called for tube remarks: Everybody's relapsing or recovering from something. Yours happens to be visible right now. Everybody has both scars and beauty. Some of us (like me)just take longer to realize what we're recovering from. I think you look more beautiful and alive now, tube and all, now than I've ever seen you. Now that you're not hiding behind the ED so much, the real Brie, beautiful, candid,funny and a little imperfect is really breaking free. Imagine all the great things life has been storing up for you. Go get 'em

allegri said...

Sweet Brie, this poem couldn't be stated better. Your father is very eloquent with his words + love for you. You are amazing and every syllable of this is true, you are so utterly lucky to have such an amazing father! (I am jealous of all his humanitarianism! I wish I could be in Haiti right now, or Africa...)

brie said...

yeah, i'm lucky.

my dad's pretty amazing.

brooke & chad coon said...

Brie - I've visited your blog a few times and am glad I saw this post... I, too, think your dad is pretty great. I remember during the years of my life that I like to not remember, my parents told me I had to go to counseling. The idea made me want to throw up, but when they told me I'd be meeting with Pres. Brown all the fear went away. I'll never forget how much he helped me. You're pretty lucky to have him.

Brooke (Warner) Coon

Alexandra Rising said...


Arielle Lee Bair said...

Your dad is wonderful. I'm glad you have each other. I wish my dad was like that...

Laur said...

that is so incredible brie. You are so lucky to have so many people (especially parents and bros and sisters) care about you. That was a beautiful gift from your dad. Sometimes when it seems like there is nothing tangible you can give someone those are the things that we can give and man he must have really put a lot of thought and prayer and love into writing it. I'm sure you will cherish it always.

Lukey's Mommy said...

Hey - I'm a fan from babycenter... I've been with you since you found out you were pregnant with Kendall. I was a couple of weeks behind you. I've lost a baby, too... at 13 weeks (April 19, 2009), and it still hurts. I cried about her/him again today. I read your blog every couple of weeks (I play the catch up game) and I'm always thoroughly entertained, and I appreciate your honesty and openness. It's nice. Anyway I wanted to comment on this entry specifically because it's really neat... That when your Dad wrote this to you years ago, you couldn't possibly understand the way you do now. You are a parent now, so you know the deep love that your own parents have for you -because you have that love for your son. You're growing really strong, Brie. It's exciting. Keep it up!!! Here is a facebook fan page I made in honor of my baby who passed. Please become a fan if you don't mind!