Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I Love Big B

In honor of Valentine’s Day…
(and In no particular order)

1. He has cute spermies:

2. He’s insanely witty, and on the spot, too. He’s not one of those people that are only funny when they have a few minutes to mull over it before cracking a joke. An example: just last night, Big B and I were chillin’ on the couch watching American Idol. Hairy, as usual, was sprawled in between us, snoozing away. We had tivo’d AI, so when a commercial came on, I said, “F.F. babe.” (meaning fast forward) And he looked at Hairy, and said, “It looks like Mom wants me to Fart on your Face. Lucky for you, though, because I’m running on empty, sweetie.” I totally BWAHAHAHAHA’d on that one. ;)
3. He’s an insanely hard worker. For months while our meth house was transforming into magnificence, he worked full-time, went to school full-time, and then, even after all that, busted his cute cherry shaped bum-bum even more by working on the house. And he did it for me and C. Even now, he’s working at a job that he may or may not have much longer due to the economy, but he stays positive, keeps working hard, and we pray that it’ll all work out – and it will – I KNOW IT WILL – because I know Big B, and I know he’ll always provide for me and my shopping addiction, haha.
4. He’s ridiculously, endlessly patient with me. And hopelessly devoted, too. And I still scratch my head on that one, but instead of wondering why, I just thank God that he is.
5. He’s a great father. I wondered about his daddy abilities, but from the moment I pushed the dude out of my vag, I knew I’d never have to worry again. He’s amazing with him, and C adores him.
6. He rolls with it when I say he looks like an autistic person with vertigo, and sometimes I tease or poke fun at him on my blog. I’m glad he’s secure enough to let me do that.
7. I truly believe I have my sense of humor because of him. Before I met him, I never laughed. I honestly didn’t. But then he came around and showed me how to laugh again, to crack jokes and find the humorous side in life. I couldn’t make ya’ll laugh if he didn’t make me laugh.
8. He devoted a blog to me. Granted, he only wrote two posts, but still. They were fabulous posts that made me cry. :)
9. He likes to try new positions: ;)
10. He’s willing to do gross things for me, and I have two excellent examples, and I’m warning you now that you can stop reading if you have a weak stomach:
a) After I had Lil C and was still in the hospital, I bent over and made him examine my bum-bum for hemorrhoids. After a good, long, face-inches-from-my-arse scrutiny, he straightened up and announced that I DEFINITELY did, indeed, have the ‘rhoids.
b) He throws out my pee for me. Before we had plumbing, sometimes (okay all the time) I’d pee in blue plastic cups, and fill up like, two, and as I’d finish with one, I’d give it to him, and then he’d dutifully throw them outside. I couldn’t even do it, because my own urine scared the hell outta me. Pee air, you see.
Isn’t that amazing?! ;)
And thus concludes (just a few) of the reasons I love my husband.
Way to be a shining star, champ.


Kara said...

I pray that some day I'll have a hubby as awesome as yours! I'm so glad that you have Big B - you deserve it because you are really awesome too.

Pattie Cordova said...

Now THAT is love! I'm way happy to hear that there are others in LUV.

By the way, I could feel myself turning red when I read some of the list. It's admirable how you put it out there. You are one gutsy girl.

HAFC said...

Wow. See, this is such an incredible and awe-inspiring post. I hope some men are reading your blog! Also, if Big B has any relatives, send them my way! He seems like the perfect mam for you and I'm so glad he entered your life and brought you laughter, which I now think is your trademark and I love it! : ) I'm sure he'll love to read this too!

takeupyourbedandwalk said...

Oh, that was great. It was especially fantastic because it was so honest. You are both so lucky to have each other! :)


Kyla said...

this is wonderful! I'm glad you found such an awesome hubby and he such a wonderful wifey. you also made me laugh :)

Penny said...

Great post. Pics and links to past blogs were great reminders of the love you two share. I loved rereading the "mothers day post". One of your best of the year! Have fun on your mini valentine vacay.

Krystle said...

What an incredible guy! :)

jana bananas said...

I love the picture of new daddy B holding little baby C and the look on C's face!

You got a keeper, that's for sure. I wish I could be so lucky.

Jackie said...

Loved the post - you are BOTH lucky to have each other. I am so glad you have that kind of support around you. YOu deserve it! xoxo

Laura said...

would he be up for a threesome?

Krista said...

I think I might have peed when you told the rhoid story. Do you think B would throw it out for me?

Keely said...

Does he have a brother? :)

Standing in the Rain said...

he's a keeper fo' sho'

and i read that blog he dedicated to you and it seriously made me CRY. no freakin' joke!

i guess it made me realize that people can love us despite our flaws, you know, in a global sense.

so Big B, YOU ROCK!

tawny said...


Love Brandon and love you! Good post. XOXOX

zubeldia said...

What a lovely ode to your lovely hubby :) You make a wonderful family, baby.

I promise to email tonight or in the morning.

Love, love, love