Sunday, February 15, 2009

Worst V Day Ever

Total grossness friends and people I don’t know who read this blog alike. Yesterday, Valentine’s Day, was anything but romantic.

We woke up, ready to go to Bear Lake. Everything was packed, ready in suitcases. But then we looked out the window and it was snowing. Hardcore. And it was snowing everywhere, and our beautiful car, Stella, just wouldn’t be able to make it through the snowy canyons in all her 2-wheel drive amazingness. So, great. We decided to stay home instead and work on the house.

So Big B and C and I headed to Home Depot, and bought a whole bunch ‘o stuff we still needed to make our little house on the prairie perfect. One of them was a mirror. A LARGE mirror that was going to be mounted in the master bathroom.

Brandon started by putting up a cupboard in the master bath, and I went to paint some storage cupboards we’ve got in our kitchen. (Blue collar work seems to suit me, by the way. Well, in 3 minute increments anyway, but whatevs.) After B had finished putting up the cupboard, he asked me to help him hold the mirror while he put it up. So at the same time, I was talking to the twin, trying to explain to him over bad reception (Bear Lake’s kind of in the middle of nowhere) that we weren’t going to be able to make it, when Brett hears


Yeah, our really expensive mirror we’d just bought broke.

So we decided to head back to Home Depot to purchase another one, and on our way we were going to go grab some lunch at the Rio and just chill. But then B got a phonecall, a lame phone call, and unfortunate phone call, and that was just the catalyst of, like, the whole worst v day ever thing.

So then there was a bunch of family drama.
And then some more.
And more.
And, yeah, a titch more.

We finally make it home Depot, but instead of a good lunch at the Rio I settle for cold, rubbery chicken nuggets from Wendy’s.

We put up mirror sans shatterage.

I take a nap because v day blows and I need to chill and recuperate from the suckage of it all.

Wake up.
More family drama.

We decide to forget about that all and head to (finally!) the rio for a nice romantic dinner.
(Well, as romantic a dinner can be with your two year old on VALENTINE’S DAY.)

We head home in a slightly better mood, full of Mexican food goodness.

Yay, time to put C to bed so we can do romantic valentine things.

He’s in bed.

Time to get to the romantic part: watching recorded shows on our Tivo. (Woo woo!)

Cade wakes up.


We put him back to bed.
Wakes up again.

We decide to watch Snapped (recorded since Thursday, great show guys) with him anyway.

Put him back to bed. (Third times got to be the charm, right?)
No, that’s just a fable. A lame, lame, fable.

He comes out, climbs on my lap, and promptly falls asleep on me.

By now, the headache I have is monumental.

I’ve decided romance sucks and sleeping rocks.

So that’s what I do.

And then I wake up this morning to this:
Who is in this picture that shouldn’t be? (look closely)

Yup, my cat. Soiling my jeans. But I can't even be mad at her because I have no idea how she got all the way up there. That's amazing!
Life rocks.


licketysplit said...

wow. that is one SUCKY V-day for sure! Though I must say you manage to look super cute amidst your blue collar duties.

Telstaar said...

Oh my gosh! I don't regret not having a V day now!!! I put my hand up for mythological babysitting next year!! If i was really there and knew you, I really would too :(. Sorry it sucked so much! Thanks for writing, you make me feel a bit more connected!!


jana bananas said...

Well, I think you still managed to have a better day than me. You were certainly more productive and that's not all bad, right?

Sorry you didn't get to make your trip though. Poopies!

Kara said...

That does sound like a lousy V Day. Suckfest. I'm sorry. I hope the rest of the weekend makes up for it.

Standing in the Rain said...

Bummers. Sounds like we all had crappy Vday's. And some of us should (us singles), but you, my friend, you should be getting a lotta ass for all of us who aren't! Hope today is less family dramaish and more family funness!

HAFC said...

Oh Brie, I'm sorry your v-day sucked so bad. What about changing the "date" and do it again sometime and just pretend it's v-day??? By the way, I'm totally envious of your closer. And I too have no idea how your cat got up there,..remarkable. Well, I'm sorry to about the family drama....I used to crave drama (don't ask why, cuz I don't know), but now I despise it!

I can't believe how nice your house is coming along? Do you ever get bored of doing only house stuff? I just rented "The Secret Life of Bees" you remember that book? Well they made it into a movie and it's pretty much the same as the book, so go rent it and relax with your hubby for a'll do your souls some good!!! Love ya, me

jana bananas said...

When I first read that your cat was soiling your jeans, I thought you meant that she pissed all over your jeans. That would suck!

tawny said...

omg you broke your mirror??? That would suuuuuuuck! I would have cried....lots of glass to clean up, no fun at all.

Sorry about the Cadesters and no romance. Sad but true. ry and I with 4 kids have to wait till like 2:00 A.M to ever get peace...I swear it is hard to come by!

Happy Love Day...we missed you at all the fam stuff!

kathy with a k said...

Cats are amazing.
By "soil" you mean pee? poop? or just fur?

Say a prayer for my cat. He has a blockage, can't really pee a whole lot, which can be fatal. He's at the vet and he just has to get better quickly (and cheaply!)

brie said...

Yeah K with a K and soil I just meant with her plethora of fur that adores clinging to my expensive jeans.

And K - I'm so sorry! I'll be thinking of your sweet kitty lover and hope she comes home soon... it's good to hear from you! I miss you.


Laura said...

my friends husband just dropped a mirror while hanging it...and cut through major arteries in his hand and he is a SURGEON!!!!!!!


Brooke said...

Valentines isn't all it is "supposed" to be once you have kids. It's too un-predictable. Even John and I thought we had our plans in place...but nothing turned out near to what I had imagined. But not as annoying as babies waking up 3 times! ahhhh. I agree. That is the worst!

Oh wait..the worst is the sicko kitty on your jeans.