Monday, February 16, 2009

I’m Boring, I Suck, I’m a Nerd

I’m boring:

I’m in one of those funks again where I don’t have much to write about. I want to blog, but I also want to say more than Hi Friends! I’m bored and I’m going to bore you with this post! Yesterday I fed my cats and did A and B and Q and Z. And then I was sad, and then I was happy, and then I put extra salt on my fries and dipped them in ketchup. BYE!



Like my boring weekend posts said, V day was lame (But my sweetheart the Big Bster IS NOT) and so was the weekend and I was sick and bah ho hum. Hope your’s was better than mine. This week promises to be better. Today I’m meeting the madre for lunch, and tomorrow I have THREE doctor appts, all of which will suck. A D appt, a T appt, and an allergist appt. I’m actually looking forward to seeing my allergist because he’s going to do a bunch of lung functioning tests and see if things have improved, and if they have, I get my first allergy shot. Yay to not being slowly murdered by my furry lovers! But it’ll be a busy day fo sho. Wednesday will be a shining star of a day because Whit’s FINALLY coming back from Florida. She’s only been gone, oh I don’t know, A MONTH, and I miss her and her ability to do the dishes! (haha.) So it’ll be fun to see her and frolic with her. She’s such a floozy, and I love it! Also work is boring because our network is down and I have nada to do. Boo whine lament rent clothing want to perish cry.

I suck:

I stenciled a fun design on the cupboards you saw me painting in the prior post, but I’m concerned it looks like a GIANT blood clot. The last time I looked like a blood clot was when I was pregnant and wearing a red dress. I cried for like 3 hours before I could even make myself put it on but I'm now digressing in a painful regression so I must stop!!

…I’ll post pics and let you decide. But if you do say it looks like a blood clot, I’ll hate you forever and you’ll just ruin me. I’m kidding.

I’m a nerd:

Wanna know why? This weekend I bought the Batman Lego game for the DS. Usually I don’t like games where you punch and kill people (well, they’re technically legos, so it doesn’t count) because it gives me anxiety attacks and makes me curse like a sailor, but I just can’t get enough of this batmazingness. It’s totally wild.

You can shun me now. Shun me, I deserve it. I’m so lame. (And boring, and sucky, and nerdy.)


Zena said...

you have that amazing ability to always make me laugh...youa re a complete crack up and I wish I knew you in RT. SOrry your V day sucked but when dont they??:)

you are hysterical.

Love, Z

Standing in the Rain said...

dude you are so TOTALLY not boring, lamooo, sucky, or any other negative adverbages (nice new word, huh?). seriously. if you were boring you'd wouldn't have like the biggest hit in blogland, BLOGXYGEN to your name. and if you sucked, we wouldn't all love you so much. and cade and big b wouldn't think you are the coolest mamma/wifey ever.

so there.

deal with your coolness.

Kyla said...

seriously. deal with your coolness. ;)

HAFC said...

Even when you feel like life sucks, you make it appealing.....

Anyway, don't feel lame b/c I actually bought a new game of Trivial Pursuit the other THAT is complete NERDY-NESS, if ya ask me!

And I betcha anything I'll like the blood clot. You know me and red, we're one and the same. : )

Kara said...

I wish I was as lame, as sucky, as nerdy as you! You rock!

Whit said...

You have no idea how much I am looking forward to coming back and doing the dishes and I guess seeing you or whatever....I have missed you more than words can express. We definitely need to start living it up together again!

Love ya and I will see you in approx 48 hours.

Kara said...

You said that you've been in a writing funk lately, but when are you going to do your next Behind Bars post? I can't wait to hear about your first day in treatment. Those are always a nightmare.

jana bananas said...

Like Kyla said, you just have to deal with your coolness. Accept it OK? It is part of you and you're not fooling anyone.

By the way, in that picture you took it looks like you just took a big whiff of a fart. It's awesome.

jana bananas said...

By the way, today was a holiday for my company. Yay presidents day! Haha.

jana bananas said...

You should dip your fries in ranch. YUM.

Penny said...

I am so hopelessly out of touch, but how can Batman really be a lego and how can that be very fun? You can't be a nerd and think THAT is fun, you have to be very creative and/or desperate me thinks! Anyhow, I think it would be very fun for you to post a pic of you in; the "red dress". As i recall, you looked ravishing. Would love to see what you stenciled.... At least, tomorrow should be a very interesting day and how do we vote to make your blog an ""8" or something? I seriously would vote ten thousand times for you. We could do it like American Idol? Just text your name to "blogger"? Love you,

Laura said...

I am always bored. Sucks, doesn't it?

Pattie Cordova said...

I'm sick with a stomach bug that makes me feel like I'm preggo... reading about you being bored is like taking medicine for my brain

Brooke said...

You are such a good BOY mom! I wish I loved playing BATMAN games. Josh and Blake would adore and love me for life!