Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Severe Asthma

Saw the allergist again today. I received two allergy shots and also a freak out on his part because my asthma is still far worse than it should be, considering I’m on max doses of Advair and Singulair to help it. So, for a few weeks I have to take Prednozone (a steroid) every other day, and also he wants to start giving me injections of a new medication called Xolair (along with my other allergy shots) that is specifically used in treating people who have severe asthma who are resistant to the regular courses of treatment. He said that out of all his many patients, I'm only the 8th of his to need Xolair, because 99% of the time, the meds I'm taking "knocks the socks off asthma." I love being special.

It’s given every two to four weeks, depending on your weight and IEP or IEG or whatever levels. I’m heading to the lab to get my blood drawn soon to assess said levels, and it has to be pre-authorized by my insurance since it’s new and expensive, but I don’t think it should be a problem, seeing as in the past two or so years I’ve gone to the hospital about ten times and the insta-care a couple dozen for treatment of asthma attacks. I hear it’s a pretty amazing drug ‘n stuff, so here’s to hoping I get approved and can use it. I hear breathing is really fun.

I had to take Lil C with me to see the doc today. He was happy at first, flipping through his Spongebob book, but he started to get pretty restless after half an hour or so. When the doc came back in after leaving for a bit, C was trying to weasel past him and run out the door, and Dr R said something like, “You can’t leave yet!” and C cocked his arm back and clenched his fist, and I’m thinking, PLEASE, DEAR LORD, DON’T LET MY SON PUNCH MY ALLERGIST IN THE WIENER. But at just the last second, his fist relaxed and he, like, awkwardly patted him in the groinage region. Whew. A brief fondle is waaaaay better than a sore sack. Well, I hear that, anyway.

So I’m off to the lab and then to take C to a doctor appt.
Have a fun day!


Kyla said...

I'm the first to comment! that means that I'm special too! and, sorry hon, but I'm not jealous of your kind of special seeing as it's the severe ASTHMATIC kind. Suckfest! I hope these shots help.

HAFC said...

Has your asthma gotten worse as you've gotten older, or has it just been untreated? I didn't know that someone could just "get" it, I thought you were born w/it. Well, good luck getting all those injections, yikes, and pills,and whatnot. Sounds like you have a real cocktail going on. I hope it all helps and soon you'll be able to breath normal. But of course, I hate breathing, so I'm not one to really comment on the joys of it. Hee, hee. : )

tawny said...

OUCH, I hate shots. I hope they help....i can't believe your oxygen level is so dang awful. YOu need to figure this all out and take care of yourself!!

I laughed at your story with Lil C..why can I visualize what lil C was going to do. You should of left him today with us sis's (at lunch), we totally would of watched him.

Goodluck with all of your allergy crapo. Sorry you have to deal with it....seriously no fun.

Pattie Cordova said...

breathing is fun! can't wait for you to join us some time soon. take care of yourself ;-)

Kara said...

Lil C is so cute! I'm sorry that you have such severe asthma. I don't have any asthma problems, but I imagine it's really scary to not be able to breathe. I hope these new treatments work for you.

Laura said...

ah....breathing.........could use a deep breathe myself, this morning.

I have had to take little ones on doctors appointments before...what a nightmare!!!!

Feel good...
(hey, have you ever heard ELMO sing the song Take A Breath? It is AWFUL! I used to listen to it with Jack, and it would give me an anxiety attack!)

Brooke said...

Why can I SO see Cade doing that? It's because my little love son #1 did things that were unbelievable too...oh wait...still does! He never fails to amaze, shock, and occasionally horrify me! Love him!