Monday, February 9, 2009

It’s Just another Mundane Monday

Hello peepcicles! Hope you had a great weekend.

And myself? It was great! Big B and I went and saw a movie for the first time since November when I dragged him to Twilight. (Oh Edward! I want you I need you oh baby oh baby...)I was all excited and felt like we were young and dating again, and I put on gobs of makeup just to go in a dark theater, but it felt SO.GOOD! We saw Push, which tickled my fancy well enough.

I also sewed more (Yes, more. Always moremoremore!) curtains for the house, and I’m still not done, but when I will be, my house is going to rock America’s face off. The curtains will be fab and so will my self-esteem for creating things full of coolness and creativity.

Random photo:
I took this picture yesterday while Brandon was teaching primary to the CTR B’s (the seven and eight year olds). I was in there too, helping out, but Cade swam major laps around the anxiety pool in nursery when I tried to leave him, so you can see him there, parked in the chair, with the older kids. In the pic, he’s holding his Mr. Krabs and learning about Jesus as if he were 5 years older like the rest of the kids. It made my heart ache to see him want to be a big kid. I just want to hold him and squash him (by sitting on him, if necessary) and make him stay little forever!

…I took the photo because I wanted to catch B when he was kneeling, because he was doing such a cute object lesson, but my camera on my phone sucks and he started to stand right when I took it, and now in the pic he looks like an autistic person who has vertigo, and it makes me laugh. But he’s an amazing teacher. I’m in awe of his abilities. He's the most amazing MAN in the world! Love you, Lover!

Again, I’d like to thank ya’ll for your words of encouragement regarding what the H bomb I should do about therapy and the tube ‘n stuff. I’m still a ponderin’ away. I think I’ll make a more concrete decision once I talk to my D tomorrow and my T on Thursday.

Hope you allsies have a great Monday. I get to take Cade to the pediatrician (in other words, HIS FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD…HA!) to talk about his constipation issues that have turned into like this mental fear/phobia. Every time he cries and screams because he knows it’s coming, I’m like, “Oh child, NO.” I hate that he has to go through this! I’m hoping my doc can give me some magic sprinkles that will make it all go away.

…And I still am so happy with my custom blog template. Be patient while Rachel works out some kinks, but it’s so glorious and I want to make love to it!



Kyla said...

cute picture, LOVE the template, glad you make an awesome couple

Whit said...

I just about peed my pants when you said that B looked like an autistic person who has vertigo...It's totally true! You crack me up!

Whit said...
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Whit said...
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Whit said...
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HAFC said...

It's true...B does look autistic with vertigo......that made me laugh...thanks! : ) And also about sitting on Cade....wish there was a way to make them stay little forever, but alas, they grow up and learn to drive and blow everyone's minds away! Thanks for the chuckle.

Standing in the Rain said...

I'm totally and entirely offended.

I'm an autistic person with vertigo and I am BEEEAUTIFUL anyways.

Just kidding. You know, wanted to bring back the drama round here!

tawny said...

I LOVE THE NEW LOOK! Your blog is always so creative and fun to look at...good job Rachel (and Brie!)

Ohh Brandon is so dang cute teaching his primary class. You can tell he does a good job...I love lil C's face, that's priceless. I think lil C is a smart kiddo, I love chatting it up with him because he talks SO WELL for his age! Today Mason said that Caden was his favorite cousin ever! So cute.

Love the blog, it's hot!

Telstaar said...

Hi Brie,

My first comment here, I hope that's okay.

I just wanted to say, I read yr original post re treatment but hadn't read all the comments that ensued until I read the post afterwards. I do understand where you're at. I'm not in a dissimilar situation but for different reasons. It's a super hard decision to make. Even if you make one decision and then later make another, things are redeemable and changeable.

A teacher once told me, "You make the best decision you can at the time and don't look back because you don't know that the alternative would've been any better". I think that is wise advice.

Good luck and well done on your recovery thus far!!!


Krista said...

Love the new look!

brie said...

Thanks guys!

Just got back from the doc appt for C. He prescribed Miralax, which I know FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE works like a dream. A smooth, smooth dream.

I need the fear of pooping to go away for him so that I can potty train him.

Yea verily.

Shannon said...

HAHA! Can I just say that I know how poor lil man feels? Seriously. When I was on my nausea meds and all "plugged up", I would start whining and complaining to my hubby I didnt want to go when I felt the urge. Sigh...

Lots of fruits did help me though!

Kimberly W said...

I chuckled a little when you mentioned Cade's constipation issues. Not cause I think it's funny he's constipated because it is so sad watching your little ones trying to "go" and they can't. It makes a mommy feel helpless. Anyway, I laughed cause in that one sentence I knew for sure he was a true Brown. I find great amusement sitting with you girls hearing about your pooping issues!

Katherine said...

i love the new look! rachel is awesome!
i love the pic of b and the way it made me laugh!
i love you and everything that is you and the way you rock my face!
and yes,i love miralax and the way it....oh, maybe not appropriate?! yeah, recovery still hasn't cured me of that! (but its still worth it! haha)
best of luck making your decision...i know you'll do what is best for you and fully support you 100%.
much love coming your way

Katherine said...

oh, and i love the cartoon porn reminds me of that time you lived in a whale's vagina..;-)

Jackie said...

Ha ha I LOVED the picture. And I love your new blog!!! I miss you, let's plan a dinner soon. xoxo

Standing in the Rain said...

Miralax must make a load off of ed patients and treatment centers. It seems like the primary selection for consiptation type issues.

zubeldia said...

LOVE the new blog!!!! And, poor little C... Good luck to both of you with your appointments. Know that I'm here if you want to chat.

I am rooting for you in every way, my friend.

Love, Z

Starr said...


Lennon has constipation issues too. She has been on Miralax for quite a while. I worry about giving her that, but the Dr. says it's not habit forming & just makes water absorb into their poo. Every time I take her off it we get the same problem again. Maybe you guys should try that?
Just a thought, and I just love talking about poo! hah later

Pattie Cordova said...

I know exactly how you feel about Lil' C staying small forever... I feel the same way about our Bear... He's so cute and cuddly and gives a million and one hugs and "meows" on command - how can it possibly get any better?

Kara said...

I totally thought Brandon was passing out in the picture. Ha.

I lovelovelovelove Miralax!