Wednesday, January 2, 2008

3 Reasons Why Today Is Weird

Why is today weird you ask? (And I'm so glad you did!) Okay, so I'll tell you:

1) My twin brother, upon asking him if he liked my outfit, (and yes, I was totally fishing for a compliment) told me that I "...kinda look like an 18th century sword-fighter. You know, like that one movie?"
To which I replied with a dull, I'm-not-really-interested stare. He snaps his fingers, then says, "Yeah, The Count Of Monte Cristo! You totally look like you should be in that movie!"

Okay, so I am wearing tight black pants with tall brown boots over them. And yeah, I am wearing a shirt that's kinda...ruffly? And then I thought, shiz-nit. I do look like a sword-fighter. And I'm kinda pissed because I bought this shirt at Nordstrom and it really wasn't that cheap.

2) I've actually been toying with the idea of getting my nose pierced. Now for those of you who know that I dress myself in a classy, somewhat preppy style, don't be shocked! I'm not going for a bar-bell through my nostrils or even a ring - definitely I am not going goth or emo! I really think that those teeny tiny studs look really cute and classy, not trashy at all. And since they're so small, you can even cover it with concealer if you don't want someone (ahem, my dad) to know. I'm praying that this ludicrous idea leaves my head immediately, though so far I can't seem to get it out of this crazy noggin 'o mine.


3) Cade got his hair cut today. Not so much weird as sad. All his sweet, soft little baby hair fluttered to the floor along with my heart. (Can you say dramatic much?) But still. I did tear up a bit. He's turning from a baby into a man. Just like that. He's a big man with a for real haircut. Why is this so hard for me to deal with? But really, I had to do it. At church last Sunday he looked like a frigtarded mad scientist or something. I was mortified. It was like a major case of bedhead that just would not, under any circumstances, go away. As a mother, it was my responsibility to shield him from future humiliation.
Well there you have it. Here's to hoping that tomorrow isn't nearly as weird.


heather said...

Sometimes I think weird can be good. Gets ya thinking. But sucks about the outfit. I see your point about the nose thing, but.....are you serious? A lady I work with (another teacher) has a nose ring and parents have commented on how unprofessional it is. I actually think it looks kinda nice, but it's one of those things that you might someday regret????? But then again, maybe not. I regret one of my tattoos, and now it's there forever. But I also do see how sometimes we have to liven up our lives a bit.....change little things here and there. It can help. But back to the beginning.....YEAH for weird days!!!!

brydelle said...

I love the picture of Cade-he seriously looks high. or something.

Laurie and Corey Kunz said...

um do your parents look at this blog? You know that I know your parents right? If I know them then I really have a hard time thinking they would be okay with you getting your nose pierced....HOWEVER, that being said, you would look stunning with that little stud in your nose. Some people can pull it off and you are one of them.
I too get emotional when I see Conner growing up. It tugs at my heart strings.

Emily said...

Your son is the cutest little boy EVER. And, hey, about the nose piercing- I have mine pierced twice with two rings (yes, I know, a little punkish, but I love them and get tons of compliments on them... what can I say... I like living on the edge) and I figure I can always take them out when I am a professional and nobody will see the holes because they are so small. So, I am incredibly biased, but I say go for it. :)

Bowles Family said...

What an adorably pic of your son! I dont think i would ever have the guts to get anything else pierced (i really am not a fan of anything painful), but i also think the tiny nose stud looks really good on some people. my friend at home has one and I've always been a little bit jealous. Good luck wrestling with that decision. ;)

Bowles Family said...

weston's real birthday is jan. 29th, so I was a little ahead of the game with the party, but it was still fun!

BryGuy said...

the picture of caden made me laugh out loud at 7:40 in the morning, when nothing should be that funny. He's the cutest kid I've ever seen