Wednesday, January 30, 2008

That’s One Doodle That Can’t Be Undid

I’ve had my nose pierced for just about four weeks now. For the first three weeks, really, it was pretty swollen and rather disgusting looking. I hated the stud I opted to be pierced with, it was sort of this opal gem that I thought looked pretty because it changed colors in the light, but unfortunately its default colors seemed to be blue and green, which also pretty much are my least favorite colors, at least with my olive skin tone. So. I pried it out last night, and it hurt like a motha. After my thirty minute masochistic deed was finished, I stuck a glittery white diamond through, which is much easier to remove. But now, because I have a flu/really nasty cold/perhaps Strep Throat or Bronchitis and blow my nose about every .03746 seconds, and because I man-handled my nose a bit too much last night, it’s back to looking way too red and swollen and nasty and now I’m just debating on whether or not I should take it out for good.

So, what do you all think? I know what my mom thinks. She already offered me fifty US dollars to take it out, which might help buy me something decent at Nordstrom’s. But now I’m scared I’m going to have a giant crater on my face. What if my nose stays deformed? What if I got an infection at the sketchy piercing parlor which is causing all my ridiculously horrible illnesses? I’m waaaaaay sick; in fact, I had to call in sick to work again today. So much for my attempts at heroics yesterday. I’m wondering if going into work prematurely yesterday made me get worse? Oh well. I guess we all know how much regret stinks, eh?

I just reread my post, and clearly I am mentally suffering from all the medication I am doping myself up on. The writing here is hardly caliber, and I’m wondering why I titled my post about the doodle being undid again? Oh yes. My nose. Will it ever be the same again? Or is this one Etch-a-Sketch that isn’t going away with a shake or two? (If you’ve seen the movie Juno you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you should probably just leave it alone and not razz me about it since I feel sick and I’m kind of a nut job right now). In any case, it’s time to go back to bed. I’m thinking I’m going to watch Ocean’s Eleven; I can bathe in the manly auras of Brad, George, and Matt. If that can’t make me feel better, then I don’t know what can.


Laurie and Corey Kunz said...

hmm i rather like your drugged up posts they are very entertaining. You should always write posts drugged up wink wink.
I have not yet seen you in person with your nose ring, so I can't really comment, I was surprised at how cute it looked immediately after you got it from that picture at the parlor. But I should not sway you either way as I like your mom and should probably take her side of things:)
Im guessing tomorrow is a no go, let me know when you want to do it.

Emily said...

I think you should keep the piercing, but I am extremely biased, having two nose piercings myself.

Stacy said...

so the piercings I have had in my upper ear got all nastified but eventually healed and closed (and yes to my stupidity I did it more than once)
But I removed my belly ring in March of 06 and I think it might be closed now.
if you scar easily you may have a mark... either way good luck.

aLana said...

yeah we def need to play. at rr, nordy's, and i missed the last 2 weeks of crowned so i sure hope you still have them recorded!!!! call me tomorrow. actually i'm in class all freaking day, so i will call you on one of my breaks, or on two or three of them! :) good luck deciding on your nose, i can't believe your madre offered you $50. our parents really need to be friends cuz they are totally on the same page! haha i loves you lots!

Tanya said...

I think its up to you....I got newly pierced ears...about the time you got your nose done are doing just fine, but I didn't get the flu and it wouldn't effect the area I pierced in the same manner that yours will take from repeated blowing. I would venture to say that since you already took the ring out it may be better to take the money from your mom and take it out. But then again I love any reason to get free shopping money :)

Ms. Jane Jewett said...

Listen baby,
I have had my nose pierced, in the same place, over the course of four years, four separate times. The last being in the fall of 2005. My nose is entirely without scar. I am sort of an expert on nose piercing, because when I worked at blue boutique, it was mostly in the piercing studio. They are really low commitment, as long as they are not kept in for more than 1/2-1 year. They usually heal up without a trace. (I am extremely flattered to say, more than one woman came in and was inspired by my piercing to get theirs done, requested to be with the same jewelry even).
That said, it was fun and cute and all, but way more stigma and trouble than it was worth. It upset my parents and grandparents, subsequent employers, and really restricted the versitility of my fashion choices.
It will be fine, but the sooner you take it out, the better it will heal.

Ms. Jane Jewett said...

Oh p.s. this is Liz King