Friday, January 25, 2008

I Love Learning New Things

...No, no I don’t. At least not these new things:

1) I learned our old and decrepit Jetta (which we rarely drive due to the indubitable fact you will die while driving its unstable P.O.S. self) has license plates that are expired. And not only expired, but expired by an entire year. Yes folks, that’s 365 days of illegal driving. And neither Brandon nor I knew. For real.

2) I also learned that your car can be impounded if you are caught driving a car that is more than three months expired. And, obviously, we were just a bit over the three month mark…

3) The learning continues: you can perhaps even get arrested for the aforementioned astonishing facts. I almost had to go bail my husband out of jail. He was almost taken away in handcuffs!
Holy schnikes!

4) Did you know your car insurance can apparently drop your coverage without reaching you first? Yep, learned that important little fact today, too. Which means we have been driving without car insurance for almost three months. And we didn’t know.

5) Cops aren’t really happy when you have expired plates and no insurance.
But that, now that - I already knew.

So yeah. Really ridiculous day. Here’s to hoping I learn nothing new anymore today (pleaseohpleasenomorebadnews). I can’t take any more surprises, no kidding.


Stacy said...

IUD is not a guarentee...

my friend here --- --- has an IUD and is now pregnant with numero 5!

and I know of more too... BUT very rare.

and ready I am NOT, BUT I feel like I have this kid nagging me to let him/her come.
girls are great and I am sure you will get yours whether or not you are ready... just lets hope (and work at it) we are both healthy when baby numero dos comes enters your life or mine.

how's your head?

heather said...

I've been driving without car insurance since the beginning of December. They dropped me and never told me until I called THEM and asked about my bill. I think they're into something bad along side the cops. Maybe they make a profit if we get pulled over without insurance.....hhmmmmm...something to think about!

KC Elaine said...

holy schnikes indeed!

Anonymous said...

the credit union sent us a letter five days ago. they don't like to back loans for non-insured vehicles. "we have insurance! we are in good hands!" i replied.

well, we aren't. husband got ticket in may on the way to vegas for work. paid said ticket. idiots at dmv did not mark it as paid on his driving record, but did take the money. oops! sorry, they said. why are they sorry? because he has not had a valid drivers license for months, due to minor interdepartmental retardation at the dmv.

allstate does not insure those who are without license. huh. evidently we haven't had insurance for months. hmm. question is, WHY DID NO ONE LET US KNOW THIS? I feel your pain.

said insurance has doubled in cost due to the losing of license. i am going to that gecko website right after this.

alana said...

i'm lost about this stacy friend's comment b/c i've reread your post about 12 times and it says nothing about an IUD! am i missing something??! cool stuff IUDs...but really, what contraceptive is TRULY 100% effective? well, the morning after pill is, but it'd suck to somehow have to take it after every time. and that sucker makes you SOOO sick! no fun dude. anyway. did you go do your ct scan? i forgot to ask you about it when i talked to you did it go? i guess i'll be talking to you in an hour so i could just ask you then, but if you get this before we chat, write back aiite? i loves you like a fat kid loves cake! :)

Emily said...

That really, really sucks. Big time.

Tanya said...

Oh hun I am so sorry that happened. I know about unhappy cops and I can telly you can live with never seeing those again myself. I hope everything turns out ok.

Bowles Family said...

Wow, sounds like a crappy day. It's amazing how much trust we put in people that we pay to inform us of the product we are paying for and yet so often they screw up. So annoying. Glad Brandon didn't have to go to jail! ;)