Monday, December 31, 2007

A Worthy Resolution, I Think

Usually I'm not a fan of the resolutions that everyone sets (but rarely achieves) at the New Year. One could wonder why we don't set resolutions of some sort every month or two or six. Why do we only try to "better" ourselves once a year? And why are those goals almost always about fixing our bodies or achieving something more desirable than what we already have? It's common knowledge that gyms get a surge of new contracts at the new year when people are guilt-ridden with the turkey and egg nog and holiday cookies they consumed. And don't get me wrong. I mean, being healthy and taking care of yourself, both in body and in mind, is important and goal-worthy. But.

What if we made resolutions that really, truly meant something? What if the world (or really, just a few of us) resolved to instead of changing our bodies, change the world? Or at least the small bit of world that we inhabit? How would our lives and the lives of those around us be affected if we made a conscious effort to smile at a stranger in the parking lot or spend an hour volunteering at a homeless shelter? I believe that we could make a real difference.

So my resolution this year is to start a revolution on the way women in our society view their bodies. I think it's high time we start accepting them and loving them, no matter our size or weight. It's time we start treating ourselves with respect, instead of calling ourselves "disgusting" or "bad" for eating or having curves.

It was only a small investment, really: just the cost of some post-it notes. On them I've written various things like

Ladies, love your body! Join the revolution!

I keep them in my purse and I leave them in public restrooms or on bulletin boards or in store windows.
I want it to be known that there is a real war, here, going on. It's a war that women are fighting against themselves, against their bodies.
The unrealistic pressure to be too thin is beginning to get nauseating. I have fought my own battle for years, and I believe I have nearly won. But it's not enough. I want to help others, and this is my small way, I think, of battling the negative images and attitudes this world has on what is desirable in a woman's appearance. If enough of us joined, if we all made an effort to change the world, we could. Please join the revolution too.


KC Elaine said...

you really do inspire me. I'm ready for this revolution! sticky notes, here I come. Another idea: put notes on beauty magazines. :) I've done that before. Here I go!

brie said...

Kyla I'm so happy you've joined! Today I left a sticky note in the bathroom at the restaurant I was eating at, and I heard a woman pass me talking about it with another woman, and they both thought it was such a cool idea and loved the reminder, especially after eating. Baby steps, but we can change!

Emily said...

Brie, what an awesome idea! You are so inspiring, and I am so proud of you for all the leaps and bounds you have made in fighting ED this year. You rock!

heather said...

Yeah! I'm gonna do it too. Great idea, Brie. Thanks for sharing it!!! It really is the little things that make the difference!

KC Elaine said...

hey, how'd you make your page template wider?

brie said...

Ky, To change your template to make it wider, all you do is go to the 'change template' option, and choose one that is wider. I believe they call the wide ones "stretch" templates.