Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hella Ugly Tree



Made my Christmas tree go from looking like this:(to the left)

To that depressing monstrosity above (sigh).
Cade's lovingly broken about 48,489,548,372 of my ornaments, while Hairy has taken a liking to Spiderman-ing it up the branches, massacring the poor thing so that it is absolutely, irrevocably, the ugliest piece of sadness I have ever seen. And Bobbi, well, mammoth she is, pretty much ruins it just by looking at it, I swear.
That's it. They win. They've defeated me. I've decided that I'm really, really ready for Christmas to be over.


Paige said...

LOL, I think it looks fine! And with such a cute kid and cute cats, who cares? (PS- to answer your question, "The Larsen Family" is perfect, thanks!)

T.S.T. said...

I can appreciate the charms of even the withered, pitiful tree in the "Charlie Brown Christmas" special . . . but I admit that I've never seen a Christmas tree with a hole quite like that in it before! It's got . . . character. ;)

Tanya said...

LOL...Brie, in my opinion with kids and cats who are that precious, I can't imagine that tree looking any better. Especially if you can remember how it got that way. It will be a "fun" story to tell Cade when he gets older :)

Martins said...

LOL! I love the random hole on the top of the tree! So pretty ;) Oh baby, i thought you would never ask to link us together. forever. woot!

Kate said...

Oh Brie, i can't help but laugh! Hey, at least it has character, right?
I'm def ready for Christas to be over already.....and we're just getting the tree today!
luv you!

Emily said...

Too funny! :) I don't think it looks so bad.

brie said...

OK Folks,
Apparently my photography skills are not up to par. The 'after' shot of my tree does not correctly depict it's shameful ugliness in all its glory. I will take a few more from different angles and see what I come up with.