Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gay Pink Ponies Make My Afternoon Fun!

Yesterday Whitney and I took Caden to an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialist. Cade's had an ear infection for three months straight, and it's time to get some tubes put in his ears surgically that should help decrease the length/amount/severity of the infections.

Obviously I wasn't looking forward to taking my child to yet another doctor, and I was prepared for all sorts of freaking out and temper tantrums on his part. But he was actually surprisingly cheerful! He only kicked the doctor, like twice.

The afternoon turned really interesting when Dr. Kelly (I'm pretty sure) thought Whit and I were, you know, together. He inquired as to where we lived, etc. Maybe he was just surprised that there were two females there with Cade? Regardless, I totally didn't correct him, which sent Whit into a fit of giggles that could have been ridiculously horrifying, but she managed to pull herself together, to my utmost relief.

Cade loves Aunt Whit!
Afterward we went to Costco where Whit was able to challenge her OCD by watching Cade crawl all over the floor and suck on a pink My Little Pony he found on the floor (aka Gay Pony). She only used like half a bottle of Purel on Cade and herself, which made me so proud!

It was a really good afternoon, as you can so obviously tell. :) Much love, folks.


Whit said...

Good times. I freaking love you and your little boy. What a cute little family we would be! Oh yeah, I have a husband. BUMMER!

Kate said...

That is hilarious!!!

Tanya said...

LOL...too funny. Whit and you must have had a good time with that doctor. :)

sav said...

Love it...Haha.. I'm so happy that you and Whit are so in love, and that she was able to use less than a bottle of purel. All in all...I'm just happy with this post my dear!

Martins said...

Oh man, it is the worst when little ones have ear infections. Theyre just so miserable! Poor widdle guy. Also, I'm so glad you didn't correct the doctor! That will make for a good story for the grandchildren