Friday, December 14, 2007

A Tongue Morphs Into An Innapropriate Body Part!

So today, I’m crowded into a conference room with several of my coworkers, 80% of whom I’ve never officially met. I’m squished in between my stud-muffinish twin brother, Brett, and my slightly off-kilter but adorably lovable supervisor, Susan. I’m trying desperately to listen to what’s going on: HIPAA Laws are very important and strictly regulated. Protected health information cannot be left out on your desk, and please make sure to shred any evidence of PHI promptly as well as locking your computer when you leave your desk…

I take a swig of my Diet Coke and stuff a square of a Mr. Goodbar in my mouth to keep myself fully alert just as Susan leans over to me and whispers, “Brett dared me to put ten sprays of Binaca underneath my tongue. I decided to do twenty. It’s burned pretty bad. It looks like a wrinkled penis. Wanna see?”

And with that, she opens her mouth wide, lifts her tongue, and sure enough, there it is: a little ‘ol wrinkly penis lookin’ thing. I dissolve into fits of giggles, and the rest of the meeting is shot, but my day is absolutely made, for I saw a burned, wrinkly penis/tongue in my supervisor’s mouth today.

I love the people I work with, I really, really do.


alana said...

wow darling! im on britnie moon's laptop as whit pees for the millionth time and my apple pie is burning in the oven, but i am sitting here laughing and desperately trying not to pee my pants as i try to imagine you attempting to be professional while looking at your boss's tongue part that now resembles a penis! oh wow! hahah dude, i sure hope it doesn't stay that way! check with her next week and let me know, okay?! thanks mucho! we wish you were here! loves!!
ps...following my email directions? i hope so!!!!!!! :)

sav said...

This is pretty funny Brie...I always love reading your blogs. You are such an interesting individual that enlightens peoples' lives. Thank you dear. Love you!