Monday, December 10, 2007

The Real Meaning

The Christmas Season seems to be notorious for simultaneously being both full of joy and full of grief. This broad spectrum is leaving me feeling bipolar. One day I’m happy, excited for the upcoming holiday and all that it entails: friends, family, eggnog, gift-giving, gift-receiving, cozy fires, Christmas decorations, time off of work, etc.

And then suddenly, with little or no warning, I am left feeling bereft, lonely, and hollow. I cannot help but think of those in my family who I will not see this Christmas, or those who have passed during the Christmas holiday in the past…I think about how, in a perfect world, there would not be suffering. That some of my dearest family members and friends who I love more than I love myself would not be in pain, or that I would not be in pain.

And then my mind wanders to the true meaning of Christmas. Yes, I’m sure you’ve all already heard the requisite lecture on what Christmas really means this season, but I cannot help but ponder on it a bit more this year. Alana sent me a text message with a beautiful picture of HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS in Christmas lights hung proudly on someone’s home that she had taken as she had driven by their house. And It is because of God and His son, Jesus Christ, that we are here to be with friends and family during this time of year. Oh how I wish (myself included) that we could be content with gifts of gratitude for all that we have, rather than the physical trivialities in festively wrapped boxes that will soon be forgotten as the year progresses. We live in an amazing country – one in which we have so many freedoms that each and every one of us take for granted every single day, that many all around the world envy of us. We have troops fighting for us, for our freedom, for our country, and most of us don’t give them a passing thought at all. Our cups truly runneth over. And it is sincerely my hope that we all may be able to keep that close to our hearts this Christmas season.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Brie. I needed your words for I, too, feel those same types of feelings. But you express them so well. We get it that Christ did suffer for all of us but we probably forget that he continues to suffer because He continues to love. And tht is why we suffer, because we love too. The opposite is horrifying. What if we had no one to love at all? and I love you,

alana said...

thanks for posting that. it was just what i needed to be reminded of tonight. and what an amazing comment from PB above me. wow. i, too am so grateful to have people to love. people that i love and care about so much that it hurts sometimes. the opposite would truly be the saddest sort of loneliness we could be capable of feeling. I love you so much and i know that you will never fully accept my love or gratitude for your friendship, but it will ALWAYS be there. how are things going tonight? i just barely got your email and just wanted to say...I PROMISE IT WASN'T ME!!!!! but i love you anyway!