Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Today is Day Two of potty training Cade. It SUCKS it is hell get me out of here, for realsies. Wow talk about roughness. But we are finally making some progress:

Earlier today we had just had a huge drama-fest on the toilet where he fiiiiinnnnaaaallllly went (a huge) poop, and I was laughing and kissing his tears away and telling him I was so proud of him, and he was so brave, and I loved him and I loved his poop, blah blah blah yakkity schmackity.

So we then went upstairs to visit the 'rents, and were looking at the presents under the Christmas tree. (I figured since he'd just gone, he wouldn't need to go again for awhile.)

Suddenly, he says, “Mommy, my peeps hurts!” (His cue for saying I GOTTA GO NOW!)

So I grabbed him, tucked him under my arm like a football, and sprinted down the stairs, barreled into the bathroom, pulled down his pants, and plunked him on the toilet.

And he peed and peed. I was like an awed tourist at Niagra Falls.

Only, from all the lifting and running, I had given myself an asthma attack. Like, an acute one. Potty training my child gives me asthma. In what warped world is that okay?

Potty training: WIN
Asthma: LOSE

Eh. I’ll take what I can get!


brie said...

Ahahaha that picture of Cade is so classic.

allegri said...

bahahaha, totally awesome pic. haha. poor cade, he'll be so excited when all his friends hear about this photo!

I'm so sorry about your asthmas attack though! ubersuck. asthma is lame, and utah sure isn't takin one for the team with that air quality! ):

t. said...

that picture is hilarious!

sorry about the asthma attack. that sucks.

now.is.now said...

Hilarious! (not the astha attack. yes, that's definitely a lose.) But go you- you are super mom, tucking him under your arm and sprinting to the toilet!

lisalisa said...

you must save this picture and bring it out when Cade starts dating!

brie said...

Any asthma attack is worth it if I can get my kid to shit in the pot, lol. ;) AND YES I will definitely pull out this pic at a later date to humiliate him with his girlfriends, muahahaha!

(Oh and no worries, asthma is so-so today - I'm alive. :)

Laur said...

GO Cade!! Conner is training this week too, its no funzo. I was not a happy camper yesterday. I am sick so I figured while we are home all day we might as well try it. I'll send you good luck vibes and you send us yours!
Love Laurie

tawny said...

Oh boy.

Potty training.

WEll don't expect much.

But when they peep in the potty...


Then they miss, then they go, then they miss, then they go...

such a looong process for BOTH of YOU!

What I found with 3 boys...WAIT till they are old enough to GET the concept..Also wait till they can hold their gun without it flying around and so they don't miss all the time...(some mom teach sitting first..it is easier!) cheerios works too..the aiming thing. Now poop...a WHOLE other story! later..

Good luck girl AND Merry Christmas.

EVe of the Eve..wahoo!!

brie said...

Tawny, oh boy is right! ;) The doc finally gave the okay to try, and lately he's been begging to wear underwear, so I figure he's old enough and finally "getting it" to try...*fingers crossed*

McIntyre Family said...

that picture is priceless! It's amazing how scattalogical you become when you become a parent. Only a parent could truly understand the immense victory of pooping in the pot!

Brooke said...

I'm so happy Brie! I didn't think I'd see this day for a while given his condition! Definitely time for a party! Just make sure to bring your inhalers!