Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Updating the Previously Updated

So, this post is going to re-update and explain some things about recent previous posts of mine. Ahem.

So you, ALL OF YOU – where have you freaking been all my life? All of the comments I received on my last blog post; I’ve totally been shrieking out and just LOVING all of the stories I’ve been reading. In fact, yesterday I was at the mall with a friend, and I was literally doubled over laughing in American Eagle, and embarrassment for me on her behalf was eeking out of her pores – but I couldn’t help it! The period stories, the ED stories, and the quirky things you used to do as kids…I love that I know these small pieces about you, my Anonymous Readers. We are connected in some way, however small, through Cyber Land, and it’s been total radness getting to know you more. I hope that you will come out of hiding more often, and I look forward to perusing through your blogs, too.

So I’m like A Guitarist. Ozzy Osbourne or Led Zepplin or whatever, totes get out of the way, cuz here comes BRIE! Whammo.
...And I think I’m turning into a hippie. Like, look at my right hand. Would you say the finger nail polish and ring combo is too much? (I wouldn’t.) However, I’m worried that it is making me look either 1) too emo or 2) like an eclectic sex therapist. What say ye? ...OH wait - back to the inner guitarist in me! So I’ve named her Francesca, and we are in love. Her strings are a little hard to finger, and we’ve been having some issues, but we’re working through them, and I really think our relationship is going to blossom. I’m starting lessons with a bunch of 10 year olds just after the New Year, and I look forward to the humiliation. It’ll be humbling and character building, right? ;) I can now almost play Brick without going too slowly or too awkwardly. I’m having fun. [insert happy emoticon]

So I’m trying not to be a “spoiled little princess” anymore. I’m, like, trying to clean, and though I haven’t cooked anything yet, other than my Hot Pockets in the morning, and popping open a can of Diet Coke, I’m kinda sorta counting that as making progress, haha, bahahaha. So I kinda like being a princess though, because I like fashion and clothing, and who doesn’t like a good back rub and having palm tree fronds waved near them when they are too hot? I also like being fed grapes. So what, right? ;) So I think I’ll keep some of the inner princess, but try, to, like, fire a couple of my maids and join in on the housework. Life is all about compromise, right?

I f i n a l l y got a new phone upgrade last night – I got the new Sidekick LX 2009 or some shizola like that; whatever. But she’s purplish brownish pinkish and I really really think she’s a neat broad. I have as of yet to name her. I’m thinking I’ll go with something feminine and obvious that just tickles me – like Violet. Yes, I like that. Violet and Brie, keeping up with friends; social networking; stayin’ cool, keepin’ fresh. We make a good team! Here’s a pic I took with her last night on my way home from the T-Mobile store where I adopted her. The camera phone is so much better than my previos phone's, so I may be taking a lot more, who knows, stay tuned! She has a greeeeaaaaat flash, cuz mama was seeing bright lights for about 5 minutes after said pic was taken.

I love you all! Even you lurkers out there – I don’t know you and I hope you’re not creepy, but I still like you and I hope you come out of the woods more. I like making new friends. :) Have a fun day, peeps!

PSers I'm so behind on blogs but I promise I'm getting to them. Don't be mads or sads, okay?

My name is Brie and I approve of this message.


Josie said...

I'm loving the ring/fingernail polish combo, actually. that color is pretty sweet!

and yeah so, I didn't come out of the woods in time to comment on your last post BUT you totally inspired me and instead of doing the bazillion other things I was supposed to do today, I made a blog. uhm. yeah I'm kind of really impressed with myself. you're such a bad influence! seriously, though, you're way cool. :)

Heather Lindquist said...

Brie turning into a hippie? Hmmmm.

Anyway, I'm totally infatuated with your new phone. Mine is already outdated and it's only a year old....imagine that! I like yours a lot better though. I need to look into those!

Cammy said...

I likey the new toy, what cell provider do you use (Verizon, Spring, AT&T, etc)?

Don't sell yourself short on the cooking, I have seen people commit grave and catastrophic errors in the preparation of Hot Pockets. Also, I managed to catch a piece of bread in fire in the MICROWAVE one time. There were flames and everything. Interestingly, it smelled like burnt popcorn, that must be the generic charred carbohydrate odor.

brie said...

Cammy, my cell provider is T-Mobile. They are the only line that has the Sidekicks.

Wow. Bread a'flame, huh? You might be a worse cook than me, HA!

t. said...

"an eclectic sex therapist" made me snort. :D

Alexandra Rising said...

I have t-mobile, too! But it doesnt work very well in NY :[ Makes me miss verizon.

I like your sidekick...and I covet that little peace symbol ring!

brie said...

Alex, I got my ring at Nordstrom, and it's the Lucky Brand. Perhaps look online and see if they have it? It was on sale!

Teresa said...

The rings rock. I like the colorful one that I could never have. :) And Violet is precious, I'm sure you two will have a lasting friendship, two pees in a pod.

brie said...

So, Teresa, did you really mean "two PEES in a pod," or "two PEAS in a pod?" just wonderin'. but either one work, haha.

Alexandra Rising said...

Oh, I love Lucky!
There is a Lucky store at the local mall. Hmmm...Thanks for the info! It's very nice!

jCroft(y) said...

Yeah for guitar lessons! I know how you feel on the taking-lessons-with-10-year-olds thing. My padre signed me up for basic swim lessons when I was 16. The other students in my class were ages 6 and under. Lamesticks with a side of lamesauce. (I never went, so I still can't swim.)

kelly anne said...

i lovelovelove the rings! so cute! and i like your nail polish also!

i wish i could afford a new phone right now... mine's so beat up!

sprinkledwithcinnamon said...

All girls are princesses, it's our birthright :)
You're awesome

Krista said...

I'm wondering what was written on your hand.

brie said...

Ha! Krista! You're the *only* one who noticed I had writing on my hand that was nearly washed off...see, I use my hand for my to-do list, because I'm losing my short-term memory, (long story) and so if I write things on paper, I'm likely to lose it at that moment, but if I write it on my hand...well...it's pretty hard to lose a hand, right? ;) ...That current note was telling me to get a billing statement from my therapist! Look at you, Miss Observant!

imaginenamaste said...

The rings are so fun! I'm never bold enough to wear things like that!

Have fun with your guitar lessons :)

tracy said...

"Francesca"? (i think i spelled it wrong!) Wasn't that the name of the girl in "The best Little Girl in the World"? Sorry, i hope that isn't offensive!
i l o v e the rings and nail polish...too cool! This is my first post, just found your blog and love it! Sorry if i started out "on the wrong foot".
Your birth story was hilarious!