Monday, December 28, 2009

You Scratch my Back, I'll Scratch Yours

Dear Readers,

I know there are a lot of you out there that I don't know, or have never commented.
You know so much about me. And that not be fairsies, right?

Leave me a comment, and tell me something - anything - about yourself. It could be about that one time you started your period in 6th grade and you had to stuff toilet paper in your unders cuz you didn't know what else to do, or it could be about your first kiss, or hell, even your natural hair color. Tell me anything, inane or scintillating or both.

I look forward to your comments, bitches.

With gratitude and warm regards,
Brie from Blogxygen


Alyssa said...

6th grade i lost my hair and had to start wearing glasses. Hair is back, i now have contacts, self confidence is still no where to be found. I write books and destroy them, I am way to attached to my family. I'm only 19 yet i have been in a steady relationship since i was 16. I came across your blog searching for nose piercing pictures, ever since I am fascinated by the way you write and your incredible strength.

Stacy said...

I just recently realized I am a bit OCD about things being even and in proportion. And if I can't do it the perfect way I just don't want to do it at all. Maybe I should have figured this out before. hmmm. oh well.

I like to be messed with. Like, getting a massage, getting my hair cut, braided, curled, a pedicure, getting the brows plucked NOT waxed (Waxing goes by too fast, I have one tattoo and I enjoyed the process of getting it even though it hurt and I now wish it would disappear... do you get my drift. I am weird and that's ok.

now you know a little tmi about me :o)

Cassidy said...

When I was younger I used to make clothes out of electrical tape and sharpies for my barbies with my much younger cousin.
We called them bondage barbies and it took like 3 years for me to learn what that meant.
I wouldn't trade the looks on my families faces when we told them what we called them for almost anything.

Toby said...

When I was 16 I went on a yearlong foreign exchange to Germany. I had a private tutor so my grasp of the language was pretty awesome, but near the middle of the year I asked what I thought was to borrow a friend's pen in class - I had heard my (German) father reference pens with this word before, so I assumed it just meant pen.

She and several others around her stopped what they were doing and stared at me before laughing and asking me to repeat what I had just said.

Turns out, "Pimmel" does not mean pen. It is a part of human anatomy which girls do not have. And I was asking to borrow hers.

And I'm still wondering why my dad uses this word on a regular basis.

kristin said...

Hmm.. I'm not sure about anything terribly interesting to tell you that you might not otherwise know. Hmm.. I don't know.. Well, there's been a recent blogging development for me--my blog is no longer private. Long story about that. That's about everything interesting going on that I can think of. I am so bad at this! ;)

arexisaurus said...

when i was 12, i spilled a red slushie all over my white jeans. when i stood up to clean it off, some girl shouted to the lunch room that i got my period.

what a bitch.

Suzi Q said...

So, I stumbled across your blog a few months ago. You were listed on one of my buddies blogs. I actually lived in your hubby's ward for a bit and was in YW's with his darling sister. ANYWAY! I find your blog very refreshing. It makes me look at mine and want to scream FAKE! :) I only blog the happy things in my life and you blog it all. Thank you for being so open about you trials. I find it inspiring and helpful. Thank you! :)
PS I am prego with a little girl and I am REALLY TRULY sorry for your loss.

Keely said...

Hmm... I love my cat Tucker. He's a 12 year old orange tabby and is really overweight. (like almost 16 lbs.) He needs monthly cortizone shots for bad allergies and is going blind because the owner who had him before me didn't get the shots, and he scratched his eyes raw. He is my little lamb. He is super snuggily and a complete bed hog. If he were a human, I would marry him. he he! (Well, maybe not if he was just going to be lazy and not get a job and sleep all the time and have me bring him food...) But still...

Anonymous said...

The first time I colored my hair was last summer - I put a deeper red in it that for the first couple weeks was so red it was practically purple. My mom was mad because it was "insulting" to my great-grandma by getting rid of my natural hair color (because I'm one of the few who got the red tones from her) and my dad was speechless and said it was "different" and "wild." Haha.

I first started out blogging because my ex-boyfriend's family lived out-of-state so I started it up to keep everybody updated on what [we] were up to... But when we broke up, I kept it up because I love blogging so much.

I've always been an open book. I can't keep one secret about myself to save my life. I am AWESOME at keeping secrets about other people. Seriously, I'm a vault. But a secret about me? There are none.

I've been loving reading your blog - feel free to read mine if you want. :)

sona said...


Ive read your blog for about a year and a half now, I love it, a fellow recoverer of ED (on my way but not quite there yet!)I find it truly inspiring to read your honest words and your dedication to your readers is very impressive.

so for the random tidbits...21, female, redbrown hair, 5'2", first kiss at 14 messy and forgetable last kiss was 5 years ago...damn ED!...have used the tp trick ; ) in unexpected circumstances...Im a sucker for routine, have a love/hate relationship with change, love washing my hair, tidying my room, playing the piano, am terrible at the violin!(feel your pain with the cello!), love music, reading, movies, running, art, drawing, photos, freinds, travelling, tea, pepsi max (sorry diet coke),and apples, emerging slowly but surely (please god) from the shell of ED and happy to be here and writing this comment.

Id love to start a blog, but i am terrified, because far too few people know far too little about who i really am : )

Thank you for the space you give us in your life.

All the best


Lindsay said...

Oh fine, I'll comment (I think I have before...maybe once?). You DO know me, although I regretfully say that we haven't seen each other in years.

I'll give a memory...Junior year of high school you let me borrow a pair of shoes for prom. You let me select from like 10 pairs of silver shoes and I wanted to wear them ALL. Unfortunately my date was a shorty so my decision was limited by heel height...anyway, its a good memory for me. :)

Heather Lindquist said...

You know me, but not so much anymore. I still can't drink out of a cup without a straw, nor can I eat lamb (those poor, poor little lovable creatures!). But as for new things: I married a man who gives amazing back rubs (that was on my list....j/k); I got a new kitten named Lily who is anorexic (poor dear thing...she's all bony and sickly, but ALL love); I'm now infatuated with Playstation, XBox, and Wii games (my hubby is a publisher and publishes many strategy guides for these games, so we have mucho amounts of games on hand); my favorite color is no longer's green (but red comes in second!); I stopped blogging cuz nobody read my blogs (most likely cuz it was set to private....or, even more likely, I'm an uber-bad writer, oh well); I'm finally looking my age instead of 2 decades younger; I'm now a Sprite fan; No more ED (although it's tempting at times); I no longer swear and scream when I want something ( tantrums for me!); I'm rekindling my relationship with my dad; and lastly, I got pregnant recently, and then lost the wee thing over Christmas. Still mourning over that one. Very difficult, but husband is being very, very supportive.

Ally Cox said...

I have commented before but you don't me. I actually went to school with your hubby! Good to see he is still as good of a guy as he was when we were young! I love your blog and I read it religiously!!!!!

About me, I have a 2 and half lil boy named Caden (just like yours), I am pregnant as well and was devastated for your loss! You are an amazingly strong woman and an inspiration to all!

I truly do enjoy life which has caused me to have an extreme fear of death. I worry about it even though I know its pointless! I am a huge family person and a major animal lover. I have a massive black cat named Milo. I think he weighs about 25 pounds! He drives me nuts but I still love him!

Anonymous said...

This 4th of July, I was at our family dinner. I got up to leave early, because I was going out with some friends, and somehow in juggling my plate and silverware and saying bye to everyone I managed to jab my (ketchup-coated) fork into the bottom part of my bra. I was wearing a padded bra so it sunk in like two inches (I need a lot of help, okay??), and of course there was the ketchup. I didn't feel it at all but looked up to all my relatives staring at me in horror, thinking I was mortally wounded. Funtimes.

ghost girl said...

I am 31. Sometimes i feel 6...sometimes 85. ED, Depression, SI, and Anxiety have been constant companions in my life.

3 days ago, this guy I was dating asked me to marry him. I literally freaked out..anxiety attack and all. I said I wasn't ready. I was being honest.
Now I just feel lost and alone and empty and freaked totally out.

Reading and writing blogs, to me, is an element of healing. We all have scars. In a way, we are all in this the inexplicable weirdness of being human!

Shawnee said...

Hey, Brie! First I'll tell you some things about my husband Richard, who also reads your blog.

Whenever Rich is cleaning his right ear with a q-tip, he gags, coughs, and nearly throws up. We don't know why...but I think it's pretty funny. Here's another one about Richard...he loves to be completely naked and surprise me with this fun little time. One time I walked out of our room and he was standing there stark naked, wearing a mexican wrestling mask. I will now post that picture for you on my worries, you will see no pee pee... :)

And about me? Well, I'm pretty boring. I am obsessed with everything musicals..and everything animal print. I can't help it, I'm just drawn to both of these things. Also, I used to stuff my bra with kleenex in elementary school, these A cups just weren't cuttin' it! But one time I wore a lower cut shirt and the tissue started poking out of it...embarrassing. But don't worry, I'm now in love with my little ta-tas :).

Love you Brie! Oh, and our blog address has changed to

Eating Alone said...

Well I'm a guy for one so no period. I've had an ED since I was in my late 20's so a little over 10 years. Never diagnosed until April 09. I've lost over 50% of my body weight in about 12 months. First I ate too much then not enought. I traded one side of it for another. . . . .

Hmmm, what else this is one you should like, I once spoke to the missionarys for like the whole the program because the missionary was so cute. Then she said that they were not allowed to go swimming and I thought that was just weird. I mean come on FL in the summer and no swimming? Oh well she was still very cute.

toctoc said...

When I was little, I was convinced I would go blind. I used to close my eyes and stumble about my house, running into things. I called it "practicing." Also, I love the smell of bergamot. That's all.

Cara said...

I was home for the festivities and we had no running dad was collecting water from the roof to flush toilets and I had to get him to fill the cistern every time I wanted to flush, and so of course I was on my period, but dad dismissed my embarrassment immediately - he's a dairy farmer, he has artificially inseminated cows, a few bloody tampons won't faze him!

Hannah said...

I'm Hannah, I'm 21. I got married at 19 and don't get along with my mother. I'm 5'1. My husband is the youngest of 7 children, and I'm pregnant with the 10th grandchild. This weekend my BIL said, "Aww, she's little tiny Hannah! Sure, she's bigger than normal Hannah, but she's still little tiny Hannah!"

Your blog gives me strength, and I love you for that.

Jenny Bay said...

Well you know me, but I haven't seen you for quite a long time! Here's a memory I have though: when we went to preschool together, you brought your "Baby Talk" doll for show-and-tell one day. I thought it was pretty much the coolest thing I'd ever seen. I thought it was so awesome that I told my mom all about it! I was so excited when I got one for my birthday!

Suzi said...

i started reading your blog because my aunt works with you and she told me that you were going to be on that one morning show a while ago in NY. Ever since then, i have been hooked. Your blog is very funny, inspiring, and just really entertaining. I hope you don't mind me blog stalking you. :)

ps: Stay strong sista!

Devon said...

Um you know me.

I miss you.

I love kneaders french toast.

I (as much as it pains me to admit this) have grown attached to Utah and don't want to leave...when the hell did that happen??

I wish I could blog like you do.

Your strength and resiliency astound me.

I like the name Eleanor Brienne and plan on using it one day...because of you and your amazingness.

Hope I can see you soon :)

Gretchen said...

I am able to wiggle my nose like Samantha on "Bewitched" and whenever I was mad at my mom when I was growing up she worried I would make her disappear. (She probably still does!) Also, my only other claim to fame is that I can recite all 5o states in alphabetical order in under a minute. I know...I know....kinda lame, but it's all I've got!

Teresa said...

This was a FANTASTIC idea and I don't know why you haven't done it sooner!!
Hmmmm, story about me.....
My first kiss was with Dave Romney and in the 8th grade. It was 8 days before my 14th brithday, I was wearing a forest green GAP hoody and I was completely smitten with the boy. A group of us went to see the movie Bio-dome (so rediculous) and he kissed me during that show, or should I say attempted to swallow my head whole. I was terrified and didn't kiss him again for another 8 months and shortly after found out his friend was a much better kisser than he was. Ha!!

Steph said...

Hi Brie,
You don't know me but I've read your blog for a while now. Something about me...
I’m a klutz and random !@#$ that just shouldn’t happen to people happens to me all of the time. One of my most embarrassing moments was going out to dinner with my boyfriend’s extended family. We are talking Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. We were just barely dating so I hadn’t met all of them yet. I was trying to behave and not do anything stupid. Of course karma took a bite that I will never forget. I was leaning on my chair and before I knew it I was on the ground minus a shoe. I had kicked the table spilling drinks, water, etc. and my missing shoe had flown across the room on my way down. As I was lying on the ground waiting for someone to “please god get me up before anyone sees” the aforementioned beverages were spilling all over me. The restaurant went silent and waiters, waitresses, and managers alike came rushing over to see if I was okay. Eventually after my boyfriend had stopped laughing he helped me up and I hurried and pretended like nothing had happened. I couldn’t find my effing shoe and was frantically looking all over for it. A kind soul from another table returned it to me and I sat back down praying for the spectators to go back to eating. It was very embarrassing but I have laughed about it for many years now. Oh and because I was soaking wet from the beverages there was no question as to who brought the cool girl to dinner. I looked ridiculous!
You are a beautiful, kind, strong, and hilarious woman and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. Lots of love!

Anonymous said...

So, in ninth grade swimming was a mandatory part of our PE curriculum and any period of swimming missed you had to make up the following day at 6:00 am...even if you had your period. Having never used a tampon in my life, and being SUPER reluctant to come in at 6am...I attempted to use a tampon for the first time when I had my period on a PE day...I didn't understand the directions (Insert at a somethingdegree angle?!) So I put the entire thing up...not knowing you had to take the cardboard out and thinking that it was the most effing uncomfortable thing EVER. While swimming in the pool...I noticed the discomfort was gone...and so was the tampon! Never saw where it went...but ran out of the pool immediately to my embarrassment and have never used a tampon since. And my PE teacher TOTALLY KNEW WHAT WAS UP! haha.
Most random factoid I can think of.
Love your blog, Brie!

Angeline said... name is Angie. B and I went to Jr. H and HS together and somehow I found your blog through someone that doesn't even live in Utah...small world.

When I was in 2nd grade I think I faked sick 3 out of the 5 days of school. When I was 7 and it rained I would like to pretend I was homeless and only had one piece of bread and had to survive by hiding under my umbrella and eat tiny bites out of my one little piece of bread. When I was 10 I used to rearrange all the rooms in our apartment and all the furniture in them and would drive my family crazy. I also used to think the coolest thing in the world were crutches so when I was little I kept trying to break my own leg. In the end....I was one strange kid.

Lyndsay said...

Hey Brie!

So yeah, my embarassing story took place at prom. It was a total Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. I was dancing and OMG suddenly the strap of my dress popped off and the entire top side of the dress fell down. And due to the fit of the dress, i wasn't wearing a bra. So yeah, major flash there. I then ran to the bathroom and used a saftey pin that my friend had to reattach the strap, however the saftey pin didn't work too well and kept coming undone, but luckily i was careful and no major events happened again. Needless to say it ruined my night and i was way too scared to dance again, so yeah... 2/3 of prom sitting with my shall watching everyone else dance

Shannon said...

Hi Brie! This is Shannon. You and I didnt know each other super well...I was the freakishly shy one who didnt talk and just watched everyone have fun :). I do remember seeing you at some of the Seminary Council things though and thought you were super duper cool! I always feel cool when you comment on my facebook and say Im funny. Fun fact about me: If someone gets my humor and laughs at it, they are automatically my best friend. So, guess were BFF now!

P to the S...the comment that toctoc said about thinking she was going blind and so she would walk around with her eyes closed to practice, cracked me up! Pretty friggin hilarious.


Okay.... Here is some random information about myself...

1.) In 10th grade- I sat next to you and your brother in math class; and I developed a large crush on him during the course of the semester. :)

2.) I played Barbie, dolls, and "little people" (although I was old school and Little People brand didn't exist when I was a kid) up until the 7th grade. I liked using my G.I. Joe action figures in part of my little people play. I would play that my G.I. Joe figures were boy band singing sensations. Man I miss those times!

3.) Because you inspired me (from reading your blog)to get an additional piercing to my ears; I went to the mall on Saturday and added another piercing to each ear. I must be a baby because they hurt so bad now and I want to rip them out! :(

swedishfishing said...

Hi Brie! I'm Erika. I recently became a vegan after many years of vegetarianism, but I dream about cheese now. Like, full on daydreams about triple cream brie and nightmares where I wake up having come thisclose to gorging on gorgonzola (whether it's a nightmare because I was so close yet so far, or because I almost ate cheese and became a big terrible fraud is really hard to say.) I feel like such a failure! *cries*
I also really like nail polish. I own lots and lots of it. See why you have a blog and I don't? Ha!

Christina said...

Hi Brie,

I've read your blog for about 6 months now and this is the first time I'm commenting. I love your blog...your writing and your honesty. I'm recovering from the crappyness of anorexia/bulimia. I'm 30 and about to be married. I work at a museum with a 10,000 piece collection of clothes and accessories dating from 1800 to the present and my specialty is American women's fashion of the mid-nineteenth century. I love to obsessively put the clothes in order by date/designer/ color! I'm a weirdo and I'm ok with it!

pinkmummer said...

You're one of the only bloggers out there with an awesome sense of humour, ED or not. Reading your posts, it's clear to see that despite the shitty cards you have been dealt, you are always grateful for the wonderful things have been blessed with. Your attitude inspires me to keep smiling :)

Amber Rochelle said...

So, you don't know me, but I think we share some friends through the wonderful world of CFC! I came across your blog a few months ago while I couldn't sleep and found myself facebook/blog stalking people. I'm really not creepy...just interested in other peoples stories.

So...a little tidbit about me. I used to jump rope competitively. I was doing a performance once on a stage with a backdrop. I backed up to start a tumbling pass and fell right off the back of the stage, taking the entire backdrop with me. At least the backdrop cushioned the fall. Oops!

Hayley said...

Was at CFC 5 years ago, so we have mutual friends! I think your child is adorable.

I like making movies, cutting off split ends, picking at my acne, and writing. It's taken me a while to learn to love myself, but it is worth it. God helps me a lot. For me recovery has given my life a peculiar momentum that I keep up by living around the world. Been in London for a few years. Next stop, Cairo. Recovery, man.

You are a great writer.

Hayley said...

I mean, children, not child.

Just That ZombieGrrl said...

I have 13 ear piercings & 1 in each nipple. I have 12 tattoos. I have no idea how to insert a tampon (I'm 28 years old). I haven't seen my natural hair color since I was 13.

I love your blog -- you're an inspiration!

brie said...

YOU GUYS - yes - all of you - where have you freaking been all my life? Been reading these comments and roaring, wondering why I've never been able to "meet" you before. Can't wait to peruse new blogs! And keep 'em coming!

brie said...

Oh and seriously can I just say--? I've had a really horrible day, and this has been the best mood booster EVER. Go strangers!!!

Anonymous said... I'm Jamie, fifteen. :oP

I have commented before. And basically I guess a major thing that's taken over my life right now would be my eating disorder. I'm anorexic like you, so reading your blog actually helps me. :o) I know I don't comment often, but I always read, and it helps when I struggle so much just to read a post you written. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brie. I've commented a couple times before, but nothing that would tell you anything about me. Let's see...

-I can't touch raw meat, especially chicken! But I have no problem eating meat once it's cooked, unless it's on a bone - ribs/wings/etc, ew! If I can visually see what it used to be or where it came from (even though in my head I know perfectly well) it's a no go for me!

-I have absolutely zero interest in cooking and as a result of my lack of interest, I totally suck at it. But I can bake, I'm a Baker! (not really.. okay, really. But not professionally, no one pays me.)

-I'm neurotic about my teeth (actually I'm neurotic about A LOT of things) and the only recurring dream I've ever had always ends in my teeth crumbling and falling out of my mouth into my hand. Talk about traumatizing!

-I have two tattoos and plans for at least two more in the future.

-I talk about myself too much - can you tell? ;)

Kendra said...

I'm Kendra... I've commented a couple of times, but nothing major. I linked to your blog from a friends... I'm a bit of a blog stalker :) I don't have many great stories... but I do have my tragus (I don't think I spelled that right)pierced... I read your blog everyday, and most days you have me rolling! Although, your letters to Kendall break my heart, but in a good way. It makes me have hope that I can see my child (that I miscarried) someday. Thank you for all of your hope and great stories! You are a fabulous writer! My blog is lame... but if you ever want to read it and comment you can :)


Alexandra said...

i dated your brother in law for 3 years in high school:)
i guess its about time i let you know i read your blog. cade has grown up soo cute.

Laura said...

I dated your brother in law for 3 years in high school too.

and I'm a liar.

kelly anne said...

well. i'm kelly.

i'm ocd about how my closet is organized. all my shirts have to be organized by type (i.e. tanks, tshirts, etc) and then color (in the order of the color wheel). and red and green clothes can not be touching. ever.

Janus said...

You're right, Brie! I'm a total lurker. but really, I'm just lazy.

A few things about me:

1. I am not American
2. I'm a medical student
3. I'm currently taking time out of med classes to complete my PhD as part of a research MD program
4. Though you may find this hard to believe, I love to read your blog and I think you're amazing.
5. I also have a long and heavily involved history with an eating disorder, but nobody knows. I'm still in the closet.
6. Working in medicine is what keeps me going. Seeing and helping people sicker than I ever was makes me...indeed, forces me to be...healthy. I love clinical medicine.
7. Continue being the person you are, Brie. Don't apologize for being who you are. The world needs more people like you.

Best wishes from a foreign fan, MD

Krista said...

I dated your dad in high school for like three years...JK

I know I comment all the time but want to join in on the random facts.

1. I originally found your blog through Whit's edsucks blog that she now never updates.

2. When I was in the second grade I begged my mom to get me a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt. I wore it to school once and a boy made fun of me. I never wore it to school again, but would secretly put it on when I got home.

3. As a kid I liked to play "Heidi." I would cut me a piece of cheese, pour me a glass of milk, and get a piece of bread, and then go eat it outside under the tree pretending the milk and cheese were from a goat.

4. I can quote the entire movie "Troop Beverly Hills." My lil sis and I used to make my dad rent it every weekend from Video Express. Finally my parents got smart and bought us the VHS and we wore out two copies of it.

P.S. Stacy I didn't not know about your TATT!!! Why have I not seen this?

Adam and Cassie said...

In high school I knew you as that really pretty girl who had the twin brother. After reading your blog, I've learned that you're much cooler than that. Your honesty is very refreshing and I love your sense of humor. I feel like I can relate to you. I am a recovering cutter who had a small bout with eating issues. I also had two miscarriages this last year.

As for a good story...
3 years ago I was living with my in-laws. The house was just built and was missing a few finishing touches like locks on the bedroom doors. I ran downstairs and pulled off my top with the attached bra and turned to see my father-in-law and the house appraiser who had just come through the bathroom. My father-in-law just turned to the appraiser and said, "I hope this ups the value of the house."

Eluciq said...

i find blogs fascinating...all blogs...and all reasons people blog...i have stumbled across your blog via piece of cake...

i blog...but i am not funny, witty or really worth reading unless you want to know more about my kids and our pretty lovely life in the rocky mountains...i don't really have a huge numbers comment on my sight...i blog to keep a journal of my/our life...cuz' i am getting older & my memory is fading.

i come to your blog sometimes...when i see that image on the side of laura's blog. i also find blogs interesting when there are awards & give aways...i said interesting...and a bit strange i suppose...but that doesn't stop me from reading all these oh so strangely interesting blogs.

p.e.n.n.y. said...

i started reading your blog when i recognized you (from high school) on the mike and juliet show. seems like that was forever ago...anyways, i remember being in spanish class with you senior year. i was always too intimidated to talk to you and i think the only time we spoke was when you said "my mom's name is penny too." or something like that.

i love reading your blog. your writing is so creative and i am often laughing out loud or sobbing out loud when i read it. there are many things i admire about you but it's your openness that i appreciate the most. thanks for sharing that with us.

oh yeah, i hate using capitals when i type.

wormL_h said...

so i totally don't know you but your blog is the coolest one everrrr and something random about me is that i broke my wrist in 6th grade rollerblading down a hill in good ol' benicia...and it was during the middle of basketball season and i couldn't play anymore AND my uncle was getting married so my cast was black to match their wedding colors cause i was a bridesmaid. it was sad. :(

Keirelle said...

I'm Kerri, sometimes I post as "keirelle" here though because I am lame and forgot my account once, made a new one, and now mix up the two and never know which I will end up signed in as. Incidentally, though I am rather embarrassed to admit it, keirelle is my character name in World of Warcraft (yeep- geeky gamer here, lol) but I often use it online for sites. I don't say I have an ED exactly, but I am seriously messed up about it and at one time was very closed to being hospitalized. I just go back and forth between pretty much every food issue one could have. I have major anxiety issues and social anxiety, which lead me to drop out of nursing school and have a major breakdown. left my husband and everything (back together now). Not a god time in my life and I am still terrified about it happening again if I go back to school. I am trying to find my place in the world, not unlike a 12 year old that is unsure of what she wants to be when she grows up. I am considering culinary school to be a pastry chef (love to bake!!), but no one knows that I am hesitating simply because of my food issues...

Oh, and I am the queen of "period mishaps"! I doubt anyone can top my stories, lol. I'd tell you some, but I took up enough room as it is. =)

Jinii said...

Hey Brie...well I cannot think of anything interesting to tell you. I can say that I have no idea of my natural hair color anymore because my hair color has been all over the place for the last 10 years!

Maeve said...

I have been reading your blog for nearly a year, but only post comments sporadically.

Random facts about me:

1) I like the idea of blogging, but I am so paranoid about anyone in my everyday life discovering my blog that I end up not posting.

2) When I was little I used to create these elaborate day dreams in which I was someone completely different. They were mostly weird and they involved scenarios such as living through an Ice Age.

3) I've often wished I spoke multiple languages, but usually give up attempts to learn them after about a week.

eden said...

when i'm reading, i often read character's parts out loud. i read it with the appropriate accent (if it takes place in england, i read it with a british accent, etc). no one has caught me on this yet, but i can imagine my embarrassment if that were to happen.

i went skydiving once (which became the reason i started my blog) and didn't tell anyone in my family except my older out-of-state sister until i had done it. and i absolutely loved it.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell my family about my eating disorder. I've already disappointed them enough.

I volunteered myself to recovery. But I still don't want to stop because I'm afraid that I'll never be beautiful without starving myself or purging or overexercising.

The only reason I haven't killed myself is because I have to be strong for so many people.

Anonymous said...

I too am a lurker but have been reading your blog for at least a year.

-I want to get a tattoo on my foot with my younger sister and luckily have to wait til she is 18 because I'm scared about the permanency of it.
-I can now speak Spanish conversationally and it is one of the things I am most proud of because it has taken a hell of a lot of work and awful mishaps to get to this point.
-I am truly inspired by your courage and honesty. I am heartbroken for you and your husband after the loss of Kendall. I also believe whole-heartedly you have the strength to beat the ED.

Keep writing, you've got some mad skill!

allegri said...

I am 22 yrs old, I found your blog via "creation of a beautiful life". I read it daily. I find a lot of encouragement in your posts. I have been battling with anorexia for the past 10 years. I used to blame my ED on my lactose intolerance, celiac & chrons... but in reality, I am sure ED cause them in the first place.


rachel ramsay said...

i'm not sure that there is much that you don't know about me after spending so much time recovering together. :) oh no, an emoticon! you know all the regular... my obsession with green, not letting people touch me, my horrible fear of "pee air" (which i proudly share with you), any talk of underwear and feminine sundries, large crowds and being put on the spot.

oh and when i was five i faked a stomach ache so dramatically that the day ended with me having my appendix removed, unnecessarily.. oh and so, so much more...

ps i'm glad we gots to hang out some. i'll come back soon and figure out when you can come in feb with Big B.

wendyorozco said...

so... my name is wendy. i'm 22. i don't even remember how i stumbled across your blog, but it was about a year ago, and i thought (and still think) you were hilarious, and read parts of your blog out loud to my roomie. i have read it faithfully ever since, but have been too scared to comment. so here's my first one! i'm originally from nicaragua, in central america. i now live in ohio. people often ask me if nicaragua is in africa, and i always smile and nicely tell them, "no, it's in central america", while inside i'm laughing at them. i'm a horrible person! :)

i hated cooking until this past year, when i was asked to be the cook at a missions training center, and felt like i was supposed to do it, and LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking ever since then. i obsessively collect recipes.

anyway... i literally cried my eyes out when i first read that kendall had passed away. i'm so sorry.

i think caden is the cutest, and brandon is a great husband, and that you are beautiful, amazing, and so strong. i admire you. the end.

t. said...

when i was 8 i wanted to be a priest. i used to use the round cheesy crackers and pretend to do communion in my room. i'd chant nonsense (didn't know the words) and then i'd eat up the crackers. fun times.

i found your blog while looking for nose piercings. i liked your blog, so i stayed and read. opted not to get my nose pierced. yet, anyway. ;)

CG said...

I think you are hysterical and boundlessly creative. What a cool idea for a post. Something secret about me...I have had two cosmetic surgeries and I'm only 26. I am terrified I will begin to think I need more and that I will be an awful role model to a future daughter. xox

brie said...

i wish i wish i wish more than anything that i could respond to each and every one of you! please know that i have *thoroughly* enjoyed reading these comments - knowing small pieces of your lives, because even if we don't really know each other, we are connected in some small way in cyber land. i look forward to your future comments and my future visits to your blogs. thanks for being awesome, bitches!


Kelly S. said...

Hi Brie, I'm Kelly. I have commented a few times here before, but here's a little about me.
I use my blogger account as part of my work as an ANAD resource person. In the year since I've been with ANAD, I've had all of ONE person contact me for help, and TBH, it made be feel so good! I'm getting married in August, and I just turned 24.

A funny family story for you: The Tissue story.

My mom was walking on a bridge in Trenton, NJ during a really cold winter day. Her nose started to run, so she took one of her hands out of her gloves, got a tissue from her pocket, and gave her nose a big honk full of snot into the tissue. As she tried to turn the tissue to get to a clean piece using her one hand, she lost the tissue in a gust of wind.

In horror, she watched the tissue float in the air and into the roadway of the bridge where cars were driving by. The tissue hit the windshield of a car, and slid down into the passenger window which was cracked out for some God-forsaken reason. The tissue ended up on the face of the person in the passenager seat, and the women who got a face full of used tissue started screaming and swatting at her face as my mom watched helplessly, LOL. That is one of our favorite stories in this family.

brie said...

Kelly S - your snot story is insane! how does stuff like that happen in real life - amazing, i tell you, amazing! thanks for sharing. ;)

kayla said...

When I was four I played a game of spa that enned with my face covered in peanut butter and my hair cut a bit off...

My legs have a lot of marks and scars on them because for the first 10 years of my life I hated pants. Only dresses and skirts, and when you fall or or go play in rocks...

And I kind of wish I was like that again, young and fearless of (minor) injury.

Sarah said...

I LOVE Sarah Jessica Parker's style. I hate the Food Network. And every time that I go through an airport, I try to think about how I would beat the system if I was a terrorist. I have a few ideas but no terroristic ambitions, so don't worry, it will never come to pass.

And now I am probably being stalked by the Department of Homeland Security.

Alexandra said...

Something about me...Um...
I'm going to be a librarian after I graduate college (Major: English Lit; Minor: Library Media), and I want to be the librarian in the Children's section because those books are the bomb.

Anonymous said...

Man, I totally missed this yesterday. Hope it's not too late to humiliate myself. ;)

The summer before 4th grade, my mom (gently) broached the subject of training bras. I had an enormous hissy fit that NONE OF THE OTHER GIRLS HAD THEM AND I DIDN'T WANT ONE. So she let it go, figuring that I'd change my mind. Apparently, I came home from school the first day, hysterical, demanding that she BUY ME A BRA RIGHT NOW! When she asked me what had changed, I responded, "MOM! ARE YOU BLIND?? I LOOK LIKE DOLLY PARTON!!!!"

I actually have no memory of any of that, but I know it happened. How, you ask? Because my mom PUT IT IN THE CHRISTMAS LETTER THAT YEAR.

For serious. All of it. And I believe the phrase "two beans on a board" was included. I'm now 32 years old, and people I barely know STILL mention it.

Luckily for my mom, when I grew up I developed a sense of humor as warped as hers. I think it's hilarious now. Back then? Not so much. (Things like this might explain why I'm not right in the head.)


Amy said...

Creepy lurker here! I found your blog via BabyCenter, and I've enjoyed your humor and willingness to write about anything. Never read (or followed) a blog before, so I must admit I feel kinda stalkerish! But being married myself with a little boy and tired of (but addicted to) trying to please a damn ED was enough to keep me checking your page.

Random: when I was little I used to eat Ramen noodles dry (not cooked), with the seasoning packet as my "dip." Can't say my culinary skills have improved much since then!

bran. said...

Hmmm.... I once overshot a high jump mat in high school, rolled off the mat and into a puddle, earning the nickname Swamp Thing for a while.

My husband hung himself from a tree when he was a little kid. He was playing explorer - he tied rope around a single belt loop and attempted to scale the tree. Needless to say, the belt loop broke and my hubby broke his collarbone.

bran. said...

Oh, and I eat foods "evenly". I organize even amounts of food on my plate.

I also eat m&m's evenly - by color.

Samantha said...

*I'm sixteen.
*I've lived in the same town my whole life.
*I spend way too much time on apartmenttherapy.

Laurel said...

Way late here, but wanted to join in. I am an old fart with an ED. ha ha... I'm 36 and working into year three of this crap. I enjoy your blog and my hard hearted self was very moved by your loss but think your ability to go on is amazing.

To add a funny, I grew up being "picked on" about not being well endowed... so one year my nutty mom placed, in a birthday gift, a pack of doublemint gum on each respective breast of a shirt to which I opened (in front of everyone) and pulled out of the box... ha ha... won't ever forget that one. I use the padded ones now. LOL

Anonymous said...

so i tried writing a comment last night, but couldn't really think of anything good to say...then it came to me to share the story of my (embarrassing) naivety as a kid...I remember playing across the street w/ my friend and a boy in the neighborhood met us outside while bike riding. somehow we all were in some sort of discussion and all I remember is being told that if i put some of those cheap, multi colored fish aquarium rocks in a shoebox overnight, I'd have my very own bunny rabbit in the morning.

??? what? (hey, i don't even know the logic...)

so i do remember waking up many times that night and checking my box. and it didn't help the matter that our heating vents were creaky in the house so every little sound jolted me upright...hehe...

i'm not that naive anymore. thank god. lol.
am 29, don't remember how i came across your blog, but admire your raw courage in facing your ED and greatly appreciate your humor in facing each day... ;) inspiring! keep fighting! :)

Anonymous said...

One time at Lagoon (actually 3 or 4 times...) my friends and I cheated on one of the games that gives you a giant prize. I highly recommend it.

Emily said...

Sorry i'm a couple days behind on this. hmm. I am from and currently attend college in Alabama. We aren't all conservative racists, promise. But, during high school I went to a boarding school in Utah. My senior year I was put in an intensive outpatient program about 10 minutes from my house. I spent my 18th birthday (over spring break) in treatment. Super de duper suck. But i plan on celebrating my 18th and 19th at the same time this year. :D
Last thing, while in treatment I perfected the "realistic -fake-fart" noise to be performed during the quietest moments of Yoga/meditation. I am eternally 12.
Love your blog,

Anonymous said...

Im Jessica, I'm 24. I am a recovered anorexic (everyday is an effort, but hey- BMI says recovered). Im a proud nurse & I'm married to a nurse.
I always wanted to model but I'm only 5'6.
My husband is from west Africa and I am white as bread. I love showing people our pictures and seeing there reactions.
We have a teeny tiny poodle.
I love your blog. I discovered it from one of my long-time (ED recovered) live journal friends. I think your a beautiful person inside & out. Your family is amazing. Your relationship with your husband is incredible. You are my hero!!! Stay strong!!

tania said...

Im a very VERY regular reader of ur blog, in a stalking way yes.. bwaha..? **.. k,no. here's somthing about me:
- Mexican 20 yr old 'adult' in denial
- Ive been following you for waay more than a year *staring creepy look*
- I got over 6 different blog accounts (not very consistent self)
- ED demons really like me, Im sure im a feast to them.
- I lost my hair due lack of nutrients and hairpulling (OCB) no worries is back in short now :)
- i over use smiles and pauses (...)when no needed =)

I love evrything about ur blog, i dont even know how i found it, all i know is i loved it since the very begining and the feeling is the samee.. u got great support brie take care of u and ur lovely family, ure lucky u got so many people by ur side.

<3 love, tania.

alana.rachelle said...

i haven't commented in forevvvs but wanted to send you some love on this delightful little ditty of a post! you know lots, so let me think of some random shit to post...

*i lurrrv ellipses... but i'm sure you know this...!

*i'm all for "going green" but have yet to figure out what it is about arrowhead water's newer "less plastic" bottles that sets my ocd off like no other. i simply cannot handle it!

*this week n told me that my dietary plan sucks and that boost will have to come up with their product in the size of a keg in order to get it all down during my 30 minutes of hell with the d.

*you're my favorite person to go shopping with because you seem to be the only who truly understands how much better you feel after blowing ridiculous amounts of money on yet ANOTHER pair of designer denim(let's be realistic, i'll buy anything that resembles something i don't truly need) in an attempt to fix a bad day.

*the only time i go to panda express is with you. it is also the only time i will EVER be seen standing in line at chick-fil-a. you and those fake strawberry shakes.

*i don't know why i just thought of that photo shoot when we decided it would be fun to tie a scarf around you and somehow make it look like a shirt... good times!

ummm, it's 4am and i'm trying to stay awake through my grave shift so my brain's pretty fried at this point, but i heart you mucho!

and YES, i would adore getting together to play soon!


eMiLy said...

Hey Brie... haven't commented in a while! But... a memory has struck me...
prom night
you and Jonny, Stebes and Beth, and Me and Austin.
I don't know where the pooh we were but it was some club house watching a movie in a theatre room.
Beth and I were being rather obnoxious (knowing us probably really obnoxious).
Talking and laughing during the movie.
All of a sudden "Ok Big Girls...It's getting old"
you remember this?
We were scared... Beth and I were literally scared of sweet Brie (a Jr.) calling us (Seniors) Big Girls and to pretty much zip it.
(not that Jr. and Sr.'s matter but you know High School)
You had balls my friend... you still do!
Keep going strong girl!

Jodie Salagaras said...

Hi Brie,

I read your blog all the time and lough out loud. I am however a virgin commenter, so please be nice. I too am recovering from ED. So... a story... I was in year 5 and I was a member of the Student Representative Committee. The class had to elect another member to go to the meetings with me. The teacher asked me if I had anyone who I would like to choose, and I blurted out "Anyone but Kris Ross" in front of the whole class, teacher, and Kris Ross. Granted, Kris was this annoying, snotty nosed boy, but could I have been more of a b*tch! I'm so ashamed.
Anyway, thanks for the blog!

Genny said...

Hey Ms. Thang,
I have enjoyed reading your blog and creeping--you crack me up and make me cry in turns.
So I don't really have a story, but a situation: I just got fired (again!) by an ED therapist...apparently I was "not wanting it (recovery? I hope...) badly enough." Whuddufuh? And I got this info in a LETTER, from a therapist I saw 2-3 x a week! And I got fired by my GP, too. Love those "medical professionals."
Anyway, keep on keepin' me entertained, please ma'am!

Penny said...

One crazy thing about me is that I am old and I had no idea I would enjoy so much reading about people that I have no idea who they are! You all are living in a new world so much different from what I have lived through. i love it however and I could tell some stories but I am too embarrassed to put stuff out there. That is how the generations are different! Here's to you!

Shannon said...

I'm playing catch up since the holidays and I can't believe I am missing out on the sharing fun! I have oh so many embarrassing moments, but let's just go with simple: I don't even remember the name of the first boy I kissed. He was tall, and, in my 14 year old mind, hot. We kissed outside a Denny's. The end. No more virgin lips for me.
PS-When I told my mom she gave me a super long lecture that involved the phrase "playing with fire." Yikes.

The Deranged Housewife said...

I'm a lurker too. Hope it's not too late to share with you...

When I think back on it, it's totally cringe-worthy but funny and sweet too. After I graduated from college, I was going off to England for the year and in typical fashion, was in denial about the fact that I needed a year's supply of birth control pills. I was WAY too embarrassed to ask my pediatrician, who (YES!!!) I was still seeing at the ripe old age of 21. So right before I left, I asked my mom to ask my dad to get some for me (my mom had been going thru my drawers for years, so she knew I was on the pill). She said, no, you have to ask him yourself. So I did. And a few days later, he threw a big box at me and said, "Here's a year's supply of birth control pills."

No one ever mentioned it again. I can't believe I was too embarrassed to ask my doctor for the pill and was able to ask my DAD. ALthough maybe that's how I was able to turn into The Deranged Housewife.

My dad was an MD, by the way. He didn't have to buy the pills on the street.

You are a beautiful, bright, shining woman who has a way with words and a core of steel. I love reading what you have to say and how you say it, and I look forward to reading about your full recovery.


Lou Lou said...

When I was staying at mum and dads for a stint a while back dad asked me for my car keys to go to the shops, dad returned with whatever dad-stuff he had gone to get. I spent a bit of time getting ready to head out and messing around on the computer till I was officially running late. I grabbed my keys, which Dad had kindly returned next to my bed where he had round them, and next to my vibrator.
Oh. The. Shame.

love your blog. i just started one too. it helps a lot!

Shawna Wilson said...

I just started reading your blog tonight because my mom and sister mentioned it to me and we are avid blog stalkers. :) I have been laughing so hard reading all these comments as well as your following post about yourself... pulsating balls! bwahahahaha!!! Anyway, I thought of a good story (and I know I'm totally behind the crowd with leaving a comment, but I luff any comments on my own blog...) so here goes...

Last summer I was at our neighborhood pool (seriously is just like Sandlot style) and I was changing my daughter into a clean diaper and clothes. All I had on was my swim suit and I kept thinking, ewe I'm bending over and I don't even have a towel wrapped around me or shorts on! Then I felt this insane needle/sting right on my crotch! I didn't want to start a scene, but it kept getting worse and started burning, then I realized there was a freakin bee in my swim bottoms and I was 2 seconds away from ripping them off when I decided I would just grab my daughter and jump into the pool! My sisters were across the way, so I was yelling like a crazy lady telling them to come get her and I swear they all the sudden went deaf because it took them like 10 years to process what I was saying. Anyway, after checking out my crotch and getting some ice from the lifeguard, the stinging finally went away.

Good thing I'm not allergic to bee's ;)

hehe... sorry for the novel.

but you have a new friend now :)