Friday, December 25, 2009

A Romance Sparks a Remembrance of a Relapse

At Target the other day, while perusing the books, I saw this:
[Holy alliteration of fury in the title of my post! And you KNOW how much this broad luuuurves alliteration!]

...and I laughed. I scoff at smutty sex novels, and the title only affirms the scoffability factor:
Tall, Dark, and Hungry? Really? I mean really?
And then I cackled to myself as I thought that Hey, Brie, that's exactly what you used to be:

TALL, DARK, and HUNGRY. Really, really hungry.


t. said...

tall, dark, and full sounds like a very good goal. :)

merry christmas to you, brie!

kayla said...

I think they've just run out of names for the books.
I mean the used book store I go to has a full corner of the store for them.

Wish you all the luck in the world on your goals Brie :)

Also is that a hair bow in the last picture?

allegri said...

Is it bad that the only thing/person-ish? I could think of at sight of that cover was Jacob? haha... we have problems. If its any consolation, the man just told me that Twilight should be considered a "smutty novel"... men can be so dense! haha.

I agree, tall, dark & full should be your motto of 2010.

Keirelle said...

I know you have a hard time with holidays, meals and all, and I am sure this is so super extra tough because of Kendall, but I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and try to enjoy that meal and do it for Cade and Kendall, k? Not to be a pushy person-you-don't-even-know from the internet or anything, lol. Have a great one though! =)