Friday, December 25, 2009

Time, Inevitably, Passes...

October 2007 , C at 14 months old --> December 2009, Cade 40 months old (luuuurve this new family pic, by the way. It's totally blow-upable material. Mama's gonna get on that.)


Cade and Mommy at zoo, June 2007, C Dude 11 months old --> C Man making friends with Teddy. Teddy is old and gross and like passed down by moldy generations, but C Baby is 40 months old.

Life passes quickly. Let's live it to it's fully extent, 'mkay?
Anorexia, Schmanorexia, be gone! Poof!

(still a little highwith the benzos. Insomnia blows. But the blowness
factor does not even rival the whole nightmare factor. So I prefer Door 1, as opposed
to Door 2, please and thank you.)


kayla said...

Insomnia does blow, but hey! At least unlike the insomniac's of yesteryear we have the internet to keep ourselves entertained!

Toby said...

Agaaaah! What IS it about this night?! I can't sleep either.

Glad you posted stuff. But now that I've perused them, what do I do?

allegri said...

Hell YES! Anorexia needs to kick its boney lil ass into 2007, cause it sucks as bad as that year did. Prayers to a 2010 ED free!

Oh my wow. He has gotten so big! I can't wait to see what schnanagins of photos you post from today!

I agree, insomnia sucks.. but the benzo dreams are a million times worse.

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

You really do have a precious and cute little boy. I hope you have a blessed new year. Good luck with the potty training!

Anonymous said...

I like the first family picture... with your hair down instead of pulled back.
But you have a cool little family.

Anonymous said...

So true :)
And the photos are beautifullllll! Such an adorably photogenic familia!

sona said...

yes, it really does, all the best for the new year brieXXX

Krista said...

You always have on the cutest jeans. Where do you buy them, and do they come in short people sizes?

Gena said...


You are beautiful. Your family is beautiful. And anorexia sucks a big one. And isn't it truly amazing how fast time goes? My firstborn just turned 24! How can I possibly be that old?

Here's hoping that for you (and us!) that 2010 brings health, healing, hope and happiness.

Happiest of New Years to you,

brie said...

these pictures make me want to have loooooong hair again (which i'm workin' on!) and gosh i one adorable man-child, don't i? i love even the recent pics of him, he's just so....beautiful. really. those squinty eyes and long eyelashes. oh my swoon!

Alexandra Rising said...

Begone Anorexia. Please. Brie deserves so much more.