Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend highlights included

  • Coming up with witty, sarcastic texts to my niece’s (Who is 17!! Gasp this girl is too beautiful…haha I wish I could say she got it from me but I G U E S S she got it from my sister ;) boy-toy who’s kind of a nerd – she needed my writing skills, after all…
  • Preparing (i.e. weeding, cleaning, etc) my parents home for their return after THREE YEARS…(an official post to come)
  • Going to le pool with Big B and C. Becoming even blacker.
  • Dinner with some oldies but goodies…Alana and Whit.
  • Two movies! Mama Brie never gets to see movies anymore! I saw My Sister’s Keeper (a total sob fest, don’t get me started on the fact that the ending was the exact opposite of the book, totally ruined the meaning/irony of the whole thing) and also The Proposal, which was quite the guffaw-er. Loved it!
  • Coloring with Lil C in church to keep him quiet.
  • Reading nearly a dozen Dr Seuss Books to C. Him sitting in my lap, putting his cheek to my lips so I’d kiss it, and then snuggling on my shoulder, until reaching back up with his cheek for another kiss.

  • Facebook telling me I’m “Chunkylicious” OH WAIT that wasn’t a highlight. What a lame quiz!! Facebook also informed me that I am vain, and that also if I was in a horror movie I’d die in the middle. All valuable information. All of it.

Napping with my kitties.

Discovering the magic of childrens’ books again. Did you know the book Are You My Mother? was the first book I ever read completely by myself, before I was even in Kindergarten? While reading it to C, I was totally having A Moment.

Bitching about life with my sissy, Brooke. She’s my person.

Allowing myself to journal a bit. Sometimes I need an outlet for the stuff I don’t say on my blog, you know?

Having A Realization. A good one.

Yup, it was a good weekend. After my last post about my mothering (or lack thereof) skills, I really had some good bonding moments with the mini-man. He’s still a weirdo who likes to scream and hold in his poop, but he knows I love him unconditionally, and I can see he knows he’s safe and well taken care of and loved, and really, that’s about the best you can give your child, no?

More later. I have a crazy full busy day, but totes in a good way. Be nice to people!


Cammy said...

I agree with you about the ending! Everyone around me was sobbing, and I was thinking "Suckers, wait until the twist at the end, then you'll really have a reason to cry..." And then the twist never happened, complete anticlimaticness. Sigh. Not to mention they substituted a border collie for the German shepherd!

brie said...

I know Cammy, totally! And also what about the fact that their son was much more damaged and REAL in the book than in the movie? He was darling, but I thought they should have shown the pain he was in, and how he was so affected by his sisters...

I thought the acting was good, etc, but wished they'd stuck more to the book...(even though the ending of the book pissed me off, haha)

tawny said...

wahoo! c you in one hour! But who's counting?!

and I just read "Are you my Mother" to Mace man too! (In nursery with 17 loud kids at church, but it counts.)

I loved the Proposal too!!!

and yes, our niece Ali is amazingness. is that a word? cya at the party.

lisalisa said...

I want to see "my sister's keeper" but now I am wondering if I should read the book first?

bananas said...

That's disappointing about the movie. I loved the book. And the twist at the end was great. I can't believe they changed the end. Wait, no...I can. Hollywood crapola. I do not think I will see it at all. Maybe I'll catch it on Lifetime in a few years or something.

Glad you had a good weekend! :)

Lisa said...

I'm teaching wee little ones for Teach for America, and I LOVE love love children's books all over again. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? Millons of Cats? A Pocket for Corduroy?

Telstaar said...

Wow that is one jam packed weekend you had there!!! Glad you had some fun in lots of respects, family, friends, Lil C!

I don't get to see that movie until Mid-July apparently... maybe longer seeing as its not showing up on any of hte "Coming soon" lists *sigh*


kristin said...

What a weekend! I'm glad you were able to have some fun! :)

lots of love, kristin

Savannah said...

I haven't been on in a while and I just wanted to stop and say hi :) Glad the weekend was a success.

Ali said...

ha ha ha you're so cute! Thanks for all the help with You-Know-Who. I just wish he would've gotten the sarcasm part.... lol Yep.... definitely the funniest part of my weekend! Love ya Bee!

zubeldia said...

Sounds a lovely weekend, love :)

Laura said...

I'll try...ya be nice to people. It is hard in LA, though, cause people are such idiots.

your weekend sounded good and full! glad to hear it.

Brooke said...

I had fun toilet-papering the trees with you at Mom's house and helping Ali with the comments for Timmy! Good fun! Thanks for letting me pretty much bitch about MY life the WHOLE time and you listening. Much appreciated.

Glad you had a good weekend. Love ya sis :)